Men’s Fashion: Leo

A man who dresses for Leo has one thing that will cause him to have a bad day and that is if his hair is not working right! Leo men care about their hair more than any other sign and their day is ruined if they need a haircut and their hair looks bad. The idea is to find the perfect cut that shows their face in the best light, no matter how outrageous, and keep it perfect to keep them functioning well! You know that Leos take their hair seriously, but a Leo man plans his cut well and sooner or later will find a cut that suits them the best and keep their hair groomed even if it means hogging the mirror in the morning! You have to hand it to the Leo man because he will search all his life for a flattering cut until he finds it.

Leo men look best in hairstyles that show their style and face well. Each Leo man has an image that he projects and his hair is a part of this image. Getting into product is great for Leo men because often they have a great cut but have not got into product to keep their hair looking shiny and excellent. Grooming products that condition are great for them and also hair products that hold hair even when they sleep! Usually a man who dresses for Leo will groom his hair upon waking so having the right product can cut down on time and finding a great comb and brush is a good idea too! Using a boar’s hair brush is great for hair and keeps it soft, looking smooth and healthy. I recommend they educate themselves on product and get the gear they need to keep feeling great about their hair! A Leo man will design his own hair most of the time and knows a hairdresser will advise him well. It’s best for him to visit a hairdresser early in his life to find his style and when he wants to change his hair another visit to a hairstylist would be in order!

Leo men aren’t afraid of color when they dress and are a bit of a peacock! They are fun to watch because they dress well and creatively while giving a spin to their outfits each day. Leos love jackets and blazers as well as coats! Jackets, blazers and coats frame the face and hair for Leo men so having a collection of different frames of this sort is a great idea for them. If they have not collected these sorts of coverups they should because it will bring their look up to par for them and give them the look they love.

A Leo also loves the look of the intelligent man so often they will costume themselves, if you will, to look like a man that is an educator, or when they are young if they don’t go to college they may dress as if they are. The idea for a Leo man is to look like the image they have of themselves, so often there is a bit of costuming that goes on. If the man is of a certain career he will dress at the top of that career and one will often tell what they do by what they wear. They love to project an image of who they are by what they wear so if they have a profession that they are very serious about they will love to collect clothes that portray that image!

Many Leos will show their creative side by wearing jackets that are unique or one of a kind if they are artists or even borrow from women’s wear if the item appears asexual. They can pull off a few things from a woman’s wardrobe if they are the creative type so don’t be surprised if the covet something you have and you are a woman! A Leo man has a very male energy and does not get flipped out by wearing color and things that are often attributed to a woman. Flashy jackets make him happy and blazers that look like a professor might wear them please him.

Often color is a big part of his wardrobe and if it isn’t he should buy some colorful shirts to cheer himself. A Leo needs color to feel good about life so getting him into color is job well worth having. Shirts that button look great and having them not tucked in the pants is fine but wearing a jacket or coat over it is a great idea for Leo. A Leo can wear white, red, yellow and other colors that some men are turned off by. One can always tell a Leo man by his wardrobe because it has attention grabbing pieces and if he wears a suit or a tux he likes to have the trims on it to make it complete! A Leo man should collect statement pieces that frame his face and hair and keep the attention on the top of him. Pants often are creative for Leo men so thinking about the new thinner cut slacks are an idea and having pants in a few different colors would be nice for him. Leo men pop with color and again, wear color well while it cheers them so color is big. Finding blazers that they can throw over their clothes is a good idea and rolling the sleeves of the blazer can actually be pulled off by Leo men as well as Leo women. A bit of a character, every Leo man has a signature piece or two that defines them even if they haven’t found it yet. I recommend that anyone who shops for a Leo man or any man who dresses for Leo look for a few pieces that “shout” a bit and grab the attention that they handle so well!

Leo men look great in boots and can pull of cowboy boots with their jeans and look like a rock star. They can wear any style of boot and look smashing and they need to make a statement with their shoes as much as with their clothing. A slight heel is nice to give them more height and boots usually have a sort of heel to do this. If they like oxfords they can pull them off with the rest of the look that goes with the oxford style. The idea is to get a “type” of shoe and dress around it or buy the shoe that fits their style to complete their “look.” Most Leo men have a “look” going already and need to match their shoes to their look. I once knew a Leo man who waited forever to buy his beloved croc boots with real skin because he was a dancer and always wanted a pain of croc boots! It is very common for a Leo man to covet a certain expensive shoe and to wait until they can afford to buy them. If you want to do something wonderful for a Leo man help them buy their dream shoe!

Other things Leo men love are waves in their hair if it’s curly, leather jackets and real leather shoes. Showing up is their real objective and anything that helps them do that and that has a dramatic edge is perfect for them. Often a Leo man will wear the ethnic clothing that matches his own race or idolize a certain people and dress in that fashion. A Leo man is not afraid of being seen so give him the most daring clothing and watch him try to fit it into his wardrobe! If clothing is well made and eye catching he will not be shy! His facial hair should be neatly trimmed and again, in the style he intends to project!


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  1. Oh, no, I meant the Taurus that I know, and have vented about on here. πŸ˜‰ he has a Leo asc. I think you chose the pictures well – he has that look, and when he was doing some sort of sleep experiment, he would check his face in the morning, making notes. My mother thought he sounded vain, and that was before I knew his ascendant. πŸ˜‰

    I saw the Taurus picture you posted, and knew that it was about Taurus, just looking at the picture. πŸ™‚ When I was upset with him, she saw his picture (that was on a social networking page) and said, “He is cute, though.” My response was: “not helping!”

  2. Do leo men do belts? Like, are they big on belts and accessorizing like that?
    I’m trying to figure out a man’s ascendant here… πŸ™‚

  3. The Man, a Leo stellium, has exactly the same hair style as he had when I met him in 1987. It does suit him, even though he now has half the hair so his ‘widow’s peak’ has vanished. He’s always had great haircuts and must spend a fortune on them.

    He wears the same style clothes too – just sticks to what he does best: mostly black, and always a fine balancing act between formal, dressed down, trad and individual.

  4. I went out with a Leo for a while a couple of years ago… the first time I met him he looked exactly like that photo up there lol

  5. Haha thanks Annalisa! I am a leo so I’m trying to scope out if that’s the reason for this person’s attraction to me (Leo asc!). Thanks πŸ™‚

  6. YAY! I’ve been waiting for this:D

    My guy has a Leo Stellium and you are dead on about bad hair days–just today he was all morose because his hair is too wild. I tell him, lots of men would love to have such thick hair. He gets crazier the longer it gets–we call it the Samson effect, LOL

    “they will wear women’s belts if the belt looks good with their outfit”

    Too funny!! He just gave up his old belt…which he got from an ex. Ha ha ha.

    He wears almost all black, though–Scorpio Moon/ASC.

    I love my man. I could gush about him all day so I’ll stfu.

  7. I swear the only thing about him that is Leo is his hair. White man’s fro, will only cut it twice a year and that takes pushing. I think before me it was about every 9 months or so.

    Otherwise the sloppiest jeans, same jeans and witty or trouble-making t-shirts, some in the worst repair ever. I’ve not got his asc. I sort of want to guess Taurus based upon other things about him. But he does pull off the bright orange t-shirt without blinking an eye and definitely looks like a big ole’ putty tat most days.

  8. That guy SEEMS like a Leo, he looks like a lot of the Leo’s I’ve met. (And where has he been all my life :p)

    We should put NDB on here. (Nick Dagan Best) Leo par excellence. πŸ™‚

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