Men’s Fashion: Gemini

Men dress with their charts as well as women. Men have their particular style but often wear “uniforms” because it is safe and men don’t have the choices women have when it comes to clothing. Men, like women, dress for their Venus, Mars, Rising or Sun but most of the time the rising has a say in how they present because they tend to live their lives with their rising in mind.

Layering primary colors is a great idea for a Gemini man. Gemini loves color and most Geminis love to mix it up so having striped shirts and solids is important for their wardrobe. Basics include striped and solid shirts and T.’s in interesting colors as well as T.’s with something on them that jumps out at you for your casual days. A Gemini can’t resist a bit of costume in their wardrobe and many “dandies” are Gemini men!

Colorful dressers, they even can make women’s clothing work on them if they’d like! I love to see scarves that are colorful and striped or patterned on Gemini men in the winter . Shirts that mix colors are great for Gemini men and have interest which matches their personality. Look for prints that are subtle but that include up to three colors are possible if you are Gemini and top that with a solid blazer or jacket. Of course wear your shirt out unless you are attending a ball and keep things laid back the way you like them.

Costuming can include shirts from different cultures that are men’s shirts and mixing them up with American jeans. Every Gemini should have well-fitting jeans, and if possible try a thinner leg on your jean to update the look! Men’s jeans are as varied as women’s now and a narrow leg looks quick and fun on Gemini men if they can pull them off. Try not to wear tight things on top around the waist area because this is the fastest way to look sloppy and not well turned out! If you are thin as a rail you can pull off the tight top and thin legged pant look but be sure your body can do it before you try it!

A Gemini man should have many different styles of pants from khakis to jeans all the way to pants with details on them if they are subtle. A Gemini can get away with more on their clothing in the way of embellishment than many signs so think about the written word on your T.s. Gemini’s often find themselves needing to dress for an event and in that case a suit that is slim and has slim jacket and pants looks new and fresh on men these days.

A colored shirt will make the suit pop and a tie is important. Yes, you can get away without a tie unless it’s a formal affair but why skip it? Wearing a tie gives a man another chance to dress up his look and give it color so I recommend Gemini men having a tie wardrobe to wear in case he’s wearing a button down shirt. Ties have gone the way of boxy suits in some cases but a truly dressed man still wears a tie with a suit and Geminis are such dandies that some of them can pull of a bow tie! Bow ties should be real and not “clip on” to give them the class they deserve, and wearing them with a more modern suit is important.

Lastly a sweater vest is great on a Gemini because it gives them an interesting look and can give them the added boost to their look to give it interest. Argyle works believe it or not or a vest of another color than the shirt. Tucking in the shirt is not important unless the event is formal these days and wearing a vest does not mean that you need to wear your shirt tucked in. Embrace the new casual look but keep up your “dandy” look while doing so! Message your T. shirts to keep the Gemini tradition of communicating when you are dressed down and take care to keep those college T.’s because some of them are down right fun! A Gemini man can dress younger than some of his counterparts because of his young attitude and ability to stay relevant in the face of changing culture.

Shoes for Gemini men are often of color. A Gemini man is not afraid of a subtle color in his shoe and often plays with matching colored shoes and pants that are more classic. Espadrilles in the summer and while traveling look great on Gemini-type men who dress so they should not be overlooked. Although a Gemini man might like the look of boots they tend to be too heavy for him to feel comfortable, and light soles are right for him. Those shoes that are crosses between a tennis shoe and a real shoe look fab on Gemini men because they are interesting and often have thin soles which keep them light on their feet. No real Gemini-dressing man likes his feet weighted down by heavy shoes. Match your socks well enough with your pants to keep things looking right on your leg and to add height not to mention class. Although Gemini men are attracted to wacky shoes they should curb their appetite and find those shoes that have basic colors like blue and some brown/green mixtures. I love a colored shoe on a Gemini man and they can pull them off without much effort.

Gemini men like their hair to make a statement and the hairstyles that have product to keep them up and in place appeal to a Gemini man. He likes his hair to be interesting and will use product to achieve his look. A paste is good for them because it holds bangs up or even a few points here and there. An interesting cut is found by using a hairdresser unless it is very trendy in which case a barber probably knows it. Look for cuts that leave your eyes open because the eye of a Gemini is interesting and often fun to look at! Accenting the eyes is a great idea by lifting the hair up in front so it shows the eyes wide open on Gemini.

A Gemini will often color their hair if they go gray early or use a product that tames gray. This works for them because they are so young minded, but there comes a time to welcome your gray hair even if you have a younger style to it. Decide when you feel comfortable letting your gray out because so many men gray early in their twenties and feel shy about it. Tinting your hair should be subtle and not “in your face” for Gemini men because their clothing is colorful enough!

Men you know show some of these habits when it comes to dressing. You can also help by showing your best friend, S.O. or anybody who is needing some help in the style department by suggesting something that may appeal to them!


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