Men’s Fashion: Capricorn

A man who dresses for Capricorn is a man who knows how to dress! Usually dressing for the next position he is looking to achieve in his career, the Capricorn man dresses well and does not mind spending money on his clothing if his career calls for a nice wardrobe. He will also dress well in his personal life whenever he feels the need to look nice and present well. Always aware of how he presents, a Capricorn dresser is a proper dresser that will even take things down to a science if he has a job that requires him to dress well. He is the classic dresser, that man who has a fresh T. every day and who has his shirts pressed and maybe his pants! He often has a career that calls for him to be well dressed and he loves this because it gives him a chance to affect the way people see him by his clothing!

Cappy men or men who dress for Capricorn can often teach their S.O.’s something about dressing and some must be careful not to out dress their partners! The classic suit man, a Capricorn dresser who must wear a suit to work or a tie is one that will collect the proper style tie and stay up with the trends that affect those that wear more formal clothing for work. Here we focus on the Capricorn man who is upwardly mobile in his work and is always looking for the next position! The Capricorn dresser should stay with classic shirt colors that suit his coloring. Pastels work fine for Capricorn dressers with a focus on earth colors and those colors found in nature. Greens, blues, browns and beige all look nice on Capricorn men.

Shirts that are tailored to the body look best when dressing for work and one should try shirts on to see how they fit in the body and not just the neck. If one has to wear a shirt to work every day he should find one or two brands that fit him well and buy them in multiple colors to keep things organized and a Capricorn dresser wants to be organized! Find those shirts that fit at the neck well so when you wear a tie it looks nice and well fit while not too big or too tight. A shirt should fit at the shoulders to the point where the seams hit the shoulders where they should. The neck should fit well and have room to move but not too much room that they look like your big brother’s shirts!

Ties are often required for a Capricorn type dresser so think about ties in classic colors and try to mix from one to three colors in your ties. A thin tie looks right with body-fitting shirts so don’t go too wide in your ties and don’t make a silly statement with your tie if you are dressing for Capricorn. Capricorn sometimes makes an example of themselves in the work place as to how to dress and takes great pride in their presentation of themselves. Ties should not be too showy or joke ties and they should be classic but not so worn as they are what everyone else is wearing. Shop for ties at better stores to find those that work for a tie can be like a woman’s jewelry in that it sets the clothing off that you are wearing. A Capricorn man is usually picky about his ties and has a place or two that he likes shopping for them. If you want to gift a Capricorn man who wears a tie to work you should shop the better stores and ask for assistance if you are not aware of what sort of tie is worn these days. Again, a thinner tie looks best now because clothes are more fitted. There are many careers where a tie is not needed but a Capricorn dresser may wear a tie anyway because he loves to dress well and be seen as a good dresser. If he is the type that loves ties he should indulge that love and set a great example while enjoying himself while he dresses.

Pants should be classic-colored and fitted in the leg while not being too baggy at the thigh. These days pants are cut to the body for men by many companies so the Capricorn man can find pants that suit his body very easily and again should find companies that make pants that suit his body and buy them in multiple colors. A certain formula can emerge for the man who dresses for Capricorn that consists of pants, shirt, tie and blazer if he does not have to wear a full suit for his work. A Capricorn dresser should think in terms of classic colors for pants like navy, black, brown and deep greens. He can mix and match is shirts with these fitted pants by wearing khaki colored pants with beige shirt or navy pants with a pastel blue shirt that takes its color from the sky, for example. Add a tie that does not completely match the pants and shirt and throw on a classic cut blazer with lapels that are not too wide. Thin lapels look more classic and better these days with the more formal career wear so keep that in mind when buying jackets.

Wearing a bomber with your shirt and tie is a “no no” these days and staying with the classic cut blazer is the best way to go. One can get away with about four blazers for work if they are different colors so again, go with natural colors that are found in nature to ground yourself. A Capricorn dresser never quite feels dressed if he is in a color that does not ground him so he should keep nature in mind when choosing colors. A Capricorn wants to be seen and not blend in but not in a way that is wild so he needs to feed that need to feel comfortable and so he can forget about what he is wearing and focus on doing the best job he can so he can keep moving up in his career which is his real love! If you work at a job that you must wear a suit for you want to choose the very best suit you can afford to keep yourself well dressed and as upwardly mobile as you love to be. You also love to be dressed for anything thing comes your way and make an impression so choose the very best suit your budget allows and try to invest in at least four if you must budget to do so.

Buying quality suits is very important because they will take you far and take you anywhere you need to go! Fabric is number one when choosing a suit and even before cut! The fabric of your suits should be quality and a blend of real fabric or as much natural fabric that you can afford! The Cappy dresser should, if he must wear a suit, choose wool that does not scratch and silk and cotton mixes that don’t crinkle for spring and summer. The Capricorn man usually does not like linen suits because they are made to wrinkle and a Cappy does not like wrinkles! The fit of the suit should be slim and the jacket well-fitting. Try on many different styles to find your suit type and take the time to shop around if you don’t find the right one immediately. You may have to have it tailored a bit so don’t balk at tailoring and go ahead and let them take it in where you need it to make it fit just so! If you must live in a suit make it a classic color and don’t go out on any limbs that could mark you as an attention seeker or the like! Navy and black are classic colors for suits and I know plenty of Capricorn dressing men who are Armani wearers for their suits, although very expensive, fit very, very well and are relaxed. There are “knock off’s” of Armani’s style suits that aren’t bad in every price point so if there is a designer of men’s suits that you love don’t be afraid to shop the lower numbers for what you like! Try to stay with a couple of suit cuts to vary your wardrobe and remember to mix up those shirts and ties if that is your work uniform!

If a Capricorn dresser does not need to dress for work in a suit or a tie he will be well-dressed at work or at play while having a casual wardrobe that is very well-planned as well! Some Cappy men can get away with shirts and pants at work and if that is the case they should stick with the rules above regarding shapes, fabrics and colors! Wearing a shirt that buttons instead of a T. shirt is just as easy and can be just as comfortable at casual jobs so if you are a Capricorn man and dress like on don’t give in to the T. shirt ordeal and go ahead and pack your closet with shirts with buttons on them! Leave your shirt tail out if the job calls for it but think in terms of classy colors for your shirts like jewel tones and nature colors. If you wear just a shirt and pants with a casual blazer you can go a bit wild with color and wear a few crayon colors to pick things up because dressing up casual dressing is about adding bold color to your look! Think in terms of red with khaki and gold with green khaki. Think about adding bright green to beige pants. There are ways to dress nicely while in a casual work place and Cappy men are the type to do it. Men who dress for Capricorn also dress well for their chosen sport if they are the sporting type. Having a working wardrobe for their sport is important so they “look the part” when doing what they do for recreation. Lastly, if a man is Capricorn and does not dress well he is dressing for another part of his chart!

As much a Capricorn-dressing men know that “clothes make the man” they also know that men are judged by their shoes! Shoes that are well made and in the right style for the way he dresses are important to the man who dresses for Capricorn. He usually has a wardrobe of shoes for every occasion including well made shoes that work with a suit and shoes that work well for his daily job. If he wears a tie to work he would do well with a shoe that ties and is made with a wider toe to keep him grounded and comfortable but not too casual as to not work with his ties and shirts. Well made shoes that tie are made of soft leather and should be one tone, one color and have a sort of sheen to them to help them dress up the look. If one is wearing not so dressy pants but wears a better shoe the whole look is elevated so Capricorn dressing men should think about investing in shoes so that they look very professional in them. Better made shoes cost a bit of money but they pay off in spades as they make your whole look classy and a Capricorn man loves looking classy and classic. Classic cuts of shoes are best so one that ties and is an oxford type shape but not embellished is best. Having a pair of boat shoes or slip on shoes is also a good idea because he can wear them when he is toning down his look. Taking care of shoes is important when dressing on this level so knowing a cobbler is important for a Capricorn dresser.

Having shoes cleaned every now and again is good and if you decide to do them yourself make sure you stock up on professional product to clean them with. It’s best to treat a new pair of shoes with a leather protector before wearing them so prepare them by spraying them with protector or rubbing some one. Polishing shoes can get hard for some people so the Cappy man can drop his off at the cobbler and have them polished especially if he has two pairs of each kind of shoe! Stocking up on shoes is so important to dressing classy and forgetting to wear a good shoe is a fashion accident for a well dressed man! A pair of tennis shoes will also be needed for visits to clubs and Capricorn men often have occasion to visit a club here and there. Again, if he is a sporting man, for example, a golfer, he should have all the trappings of the sport on hand to make a good impression. The Capricorn man loves to be ready for whatever occasion should come up so he probably has all he needs to enjoy himself at whatever he does for fun.

The Capricorn dresser has his hair in a practical cut that is fashionable and easy to care for. Usually a short cut that might have a slight lift at the front, a Capricorn man wants his hair to look professional and have it work every morning no matter what! He knows his hair products and usually has a hair stylist cut his hair and has it cut on a regular basis by the same person. He knows that hair says a lot about a man’s life so he has a cut that says he is professional and able to do his job very well.

Not a peacock, he will not go for a trend until it is a regular cut and very, very popular! He is not one to have hair that stands out because he wants to be known for his work and may even have an old fashioned type cut that parts on the side that he has worn all his life. Being traditional is what it’s all about for this man so he is not taking any chances with his hair. Keeping his hair looking healthy is important for him so using a conditioning product is a good idea for Capricorn dressers. Finding a product that keeps hair in it’s place but adds a bit of shine is a good idea but stay away from the oil slick that can happen when using hair oil!

If the Capricorn man has facial hair it is rare and if he does it is very well groomed in a very classic fashion. Using his facial hair to cover a flaw is the only reason this type of man grows facial hair so he most often shaves his face clean. When one shaves his face often he needs facial products to care for his skin so if you know this type of man you might turn him on to skin care that will keep his skin glowing if he shaves daily! A moisturizer is important to use on the beard area of the face and wherever he shaves. A Capricorn man usually does away with using scent but if he works in an upper end area he will use a very classic scent that is very slight and does not enter the room before him! Always clean and classic, this type of man could do an ad for men’s wear and keeps himself up!

There is one type of Capricorn-dressing man we cannot forget. This man is so earthy and makes his living dealing with the earth. He may be a farmer or a logger or anything that lets him work outdoors and keep his head calm. This type of Capricorn man will turn his back on anything to do with fashion and wear just about anything! This Capricorn-type dresser usually works for himself and loves being his own boss and dressing however he wants. He is usually very successful at his own business which does not require him to dress but is very earthy in it’s inclusion and lets him commune with nature every day. If he is this type of Capricorn that turns his back on working for another and works for himself we can count on him to wear just about anything and never feel he has to dress! This Capricorn man bears mentioning because he appears now and again. The self employed Capricorn man’s style is his own and anything goes for him while he remains quite proud of himself!


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  1. Yes, yes, yes. I can do little about the libra part of me usually but business attire I can definitely do 🙂

  2. l’ve never been with a capricorn..uhm but my tai-chi teacher is one and he was really into me somehow when l was his student..don’t know the rest of his chart but as a tai-chi master he was THE ONE for me!…l just love elegant looking men 🙂 not the boring office type though…

  3. I will wear the hell out of all black(Different fabric/look combo within Black)

    I am very fond of Italian and British designs in regard to corporate attire. Brioni or Savile Row or Mayfair or Tom Ford for the win 🙂

  4. @sunny my brother(taurus) did the same: ironing 🙂

    @annalisa not cool!! hmmm they live me it’s not nice being like a nice umbrella or a nice car…
    look at my new woman she is spanking!! let’s go out dear 🙂 have to show you around l might get a promotion lol
    that never happend to me but l might be to ugly…for that! or l have a big mouth..

  5. thanks annalisa! funny when l was little l had a period when l would fold all my clothes before going to bed..everyone would be waiting for me l took my time… drove them mad! You’re son sounds super!

  6. Yes, thats my brother ironing and making sure his clothes are perfect! He also has a special way in laundry as well. Our joke for him growing up was mister traditionalist!

  7. thanks again A l feel the same :). cappy romace hmmm never seen a romatic cappy not really… l didn’t have to do anything at home as a child l just did things because l wanted to, my older brother he was thought everything by my mom, he is the one who still does all this things being a Taurus and all he is superrr neat and oh please do not touch my car just float in it if you can please :)not touching!
    ..the clothes it’s weird l still don’t udnerstand why l did that, what was happening to me at that time ..l was 5 or 6…crazy!

  8. l’m not kidding :)! he is serious about his cars!! when we were young he had l frisbee as a wheel and l would be on the road (next to the couch)hitchhiking and he would pick me up in his ‘car’ and we would drive, nice! yep car obsessed Taurus do not touch the car! but this was the cappy section l’m going places here….the only cap l know is the tai-chi teacher and l’ve only seen him in a tai-chi outfit that looked very good on him 🙂

  9. Yes l am glad you are not with the Cap man!!!! :-)l am glad you didn’t make a mistake in the end!!
    …my tai-chi teacher was in love with me l did feel love for him and he really grounded me and made me feel safe but l could not respond to his love l just respected him too much and l knew l needed him in other ways, he is still in my mind l haven’t seen him in a long time. He is one of those people that could heal you with their energy. He did lot’s of good things for me. l felt something special with him not the romantic love though. He used to say that when he was meditating he would look at me to see if l was ok….l love teachers!!!
    The only Cap l have is uhmm my Eros 🙂 yay! and Capricorn 5th house cusp! l’m so much fun you wouldn’t belive it 😉

  10. oh my god, the shoes and the shave are what my capricorn man is all about. (when i met him though he was the total opposite of what you describe, ie overly concerned with what others think. maybe chalk that up to venus in aquarius. he resisted caring about his appearance because he thought people should see what’s within. well i swayed him eventually and i’ve created a monster. jk! i think he’s at a good level now).

    but back to my original point. he sure loves his shoes. he also really likes fancy shave stuff, and getting a professional shave. mostly jeans to work though – professor. lucky duck!

  11. Unlike most people, I have a vintage tailcoat. I look great in it. I rarely get a chance to wear the thing, but I sometimes just take it out and admire the quality fabric and the outstanding workmanship. All my clothes are made of quality wool, cotton or leather. Ties are mainly silk. I could dress for a royal wedding, or a war if I needed to. Mostly, however, I dress casually. My favourite garment is a brown leather jacket, about 16 years old and very worn, but still wearable thanks to the first class material and the timeless cut.

    Since I’m a bit of a scrooge, everything I wear except for the underwear and shoes comes from various flea markets. Saturn rewards those who are frugal by throwing bargains at them, as I’ve discovered time and again. I even got a Givenchy coat for a tenner. Really, the rich will throw away the most incredible things.

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