Men’s Fashion: Cancer

A Cancer man thinks about cozy when he loves his clothing. They often dress well if their mothers dressed them well or dress for their mother or their wives and girlfriends or S.O.’s. Sweaters that are soft are something they love and they often wear something underneath them to look “respectable” which is important to them. One would not think a Cancer man thinks about his clothing but he does, because he thinks in terms of whom he is attracted to when he dresses. A Cancer man often has a blue or green sweater or soft shirt that he loves when he goes out because he thinks it looks fab on him and will be attractive! A Cancer man wears pastels well and pairing them is always a good look. Beige with a pastel green or blue shirt looks nice if he’s wearing a T. and a shirt over it and jackets of beige, off white and light brown make him look nice.

He will be comfortable in sweaters of cotton that is soft or wool that is quality and if the wool is scratchy he may want to wear something under the sweater. If the weather is cool enough he looks striking in cool-toned sweaters of loose, cotton weave against his skin without a shirt under them. A Cancer man is sensitive to what is against his chest and often has a fondness for showing off the chest and muscles if he has them there. He is not a peacock but is aware of how he looks when he is around others he wants to impress. Dressing to impress is something he knows a thing or two about and often wears long sleeve, soft silk and cotton T.’s over his muscles if he works out. A Cancer man will often work out to keep his chest taut and if he does he will want to show that. Think about body hugging clothing if he works out and you will find something he loves. Not one to wear tight clothes he prefers his clothing to hang against his skin and show his body in fabrics that drape. If he is past the point of working out he will still like to dress in sweaters that show class so think about argyle and classic V neck sweaters for him.

If he wears a collared shirt he should keep it out of his belt to stay with the trends now and to feel comfortable because he is often sensitive around the stomach. For collared shirts I recommend soft blue, green, beige and other soft colors in cotton shirts that have collars that are classic. He should leave these shirts hanging out and wear them with pants that have classic lines and boot cuts. A Cancer man looks best in classic clothing but has a taste, most of the time, for showing his shape a bit. I don’t recommend skinny pants for Cancer men unless they are dressing for some other part of their chart, but flat front pants with a waist that fits well is important around the stomach.

Shoes for Cancer men can take on many styles but they like classic styles even if they wear cowboy boots. They are likely to spend a bit of money on their shoes knowing that how their shoes look affect the way they are perceived Good leather walking shoes work great for Cancer and tennis shoes are not something they find themselves wearing unless they are working out.

A Cancer man often works out because he is connected to his body so he should have decent workout clothing for the sport he calls his own. He often is committed to working out at least for his younger life and so will need whatever is used for what he does. Choose the right gear for him because that is important to him and remember to think about how it feels against his skin and if it reminds him of his childhood in some way it makes him feel best. If you can find out how his mother dressed him this will give you a clue as to how he chooses his clothes even today and some habits may have to be broken. A Cancer man has his own mind when it comes to his clothing and he may be stuck in a rut that started in childhood and needs to be updated. Soft bendable shoes are best that are made of nice leather and at least medium priced.

Date night is important to Cancer men as they value their families and if they are still close to their family of origin they also have family gatherings that they are serious about. If you have one of these Cancer men in your life or you are a Cancer-dressing man you will want to have some nice clothing for your date nights and your times you spend with your parents and siblings. Often close to their siblings as well, there will be many times that Cancer men will venture out of the home and most of these times involve eating and going to dinner.

Dressing for restaurants is what is needed for this type of dresser so think of a few ties as well for him to wear to nicer events and places. A tie is not his favorite thing to wear but he will wear them if the occasion calls for them. A wider tie looks great on Cancer men and has a retro look that benefits them. Retro clothing in general look good on Cancer-dressing men so think about those retro shirts that you can find in thrift shops or those that are knocked off and made new to work for him. The tried and true is a security thing for him but he will surprise you and want to venture out in newer fabrics if he feels they work on his body and compliment it. Body is important, again, to Cancer men and they, like the women of the sign, will want to show theirs if they are in shape.

If you are a Cancer man who likes tucking in his shirts or must for work try to show some volume on top and bottom with a good waist to give a modern look that is a bit casual but classy. You can buy a shirt with some volume in the body that is made of quality fabric and pair it with pants that fit but have enough room to show a bit of a baggy look in the leg. Again, boot cuts work well for you and your shoes should not show scuffs so as to not take away from your presentation. Often looking to advance in the world, a Cancer man should dress well if he is shopping for a new job or raise or starting his own business. Often Cancer men are those who start or run businesses and confidence is what they should present to those they work with.

Another one for hair that reminds him of his youth, Cancer men will often keep their hair a bit long and even be those types to wear a ponytail. It’s important that they update their hairstyle for now, and wearing it a bit long is very boyish and like them but keeping it neat is important as well. Using a bit of product and running it through the hair is a good idea for grooming and keeping the hair in place when it is damp. Drying naturally is best for Cancer men to keep them from looking too much the dandy so go ahead and use a product for body but stop short of blow drying your hair, Cancer men!

If you dress for Cancer you might have the same hairstyle you had in college or in your early twenties and a visit to a hairstylist will cure this and give you a look that will last you many years to come. Men don’t need to change their hairstyles often but if you are losing hair the best thing to do is to keep your hair very short because it looks best that way. If you have a full head of hair go ahead and go for that look you love from your youth but modernize it to stay in the professional game. It’s like pulling teeth to get a Cancer man to change his style at all but it’s worth it in the end!


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  1. The guy in the picture is pretty hot (says my Venus opposition Mars in Capricorn)

    To quote Jared Padalecki, “I’m a little self-conscious about my body. I love to wear hoodies because you can get cozy and eat some food and your belly doesn’t show!”

    and (He’s like the human Crab cookie monster)

    “I love cookies baking. During the winter, they have these candles that smell like cookies, and I always buy like a hundred of them.”

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