Men’s Fashion: Aries

Men dress with their charts as well as women. Men have their particular style but often wear “uniforms” because it is safe and men don’t have the choices women have when it comes to clothing. Men, like women, dress for their Venus, Mars, Rising or Sun but most of the time the rising has a say in how they present because they tend to live their lives with their rising in mind.

Aries men are the hardest to convince to dress in any way other than their favorite jeans, T. shirts and hoodies on their days off! Not liking to primp and seeing primping as a bit feminine, they often wear what they see as “guy” stuff which can include the hated baseball cap! Getting an Aries man to think about his wardrobe can be a battle and any Aries man who has decided to dress has his work cut out for him!

The Aries man should find a pair of jeans that is boot cut and designer made. The butt should fit right and not hang and the legs should be boot cut and not flared or pencil-legged because that is just not for the non-fashion-forward Aries guy. The right pair of jeans says a lot though and does a lot for the body. Updating the jeans is number one for Aries men!

Wearing the shirt not tucked is right up to date for men these days so take those belts off and wear your shirttails out and your T. shirts out as well. Shirts that are cotton and plaid look great on Aries men because they have a masculine feel that Aries loves and are a take off on the old grunge wool plaid shirts. Rolling up the sleeves to three quarter length works very well with this look. Wearing strong colors works for Aries type men so red, bright blues and greens are good choices.

Pants in all colors of khaki work well for Aries men and I suggest greens and browns for the pants which should have a looser fit, a boot cut and be worn loosely on the waist. If a belt is worn it should be of average width. To dress up a bit a blazer can be added and what looks right on Aries men is casual blazers made of cotton that are brown or khaki green but not worn with the same color of pant!

Every Aries man should own at least one red shirt for his “power days,” so if he does not have one it’s a good gift to give him! If you are an Aries man and love primary colors and T. shirts you might try layering T.’s under your button shirts which you can leave open to stay casual. Just a bit more creative dressing says so much! Aries men are one of the few signs that can pull off the “lumberjack” look in shirts so if you love the older look of plaid wool shirts go ahead and sport them because you can support that look.

Masculine design that has been tried and true works for Aries men and some of them are sports dressers who should tame down the ball caps and move toward a bit more mature dressing! If you know an Aries man who is still stuck in his sports team shirts and ball caps help him out and introduce him to some ideas that will appeal to him and take him out of that age old childlike look that comes from wearing your favorite team’s jersey with a ball cap turned any which way! Casual is fine but a bit of class is needed for the Aries man or he will keep wearing what he’s always worn without giving it much thought. A bit of intervention is often needed for the Aries dresser!

Aries men should wear shoes of good leather or tennis shoes that have lighter soles because they are often on the move! A quality shoe shows that you take care of your appearance and this causes some Aries men to collect a certain type of shoe that becomes part of their “uniform.” Choosing a shoe that is made for walking is great for Aries men because they are often on the move. Shopping at a store that sells shoes that are quality is important and they often let their shoes wear out long before they replace them. An Aries man should take care to replace his shoes when they show wear and not wear them down to nothing because shoes say so much about a man!

Aries men look great in haircuts that are like “little boy” cuts. If they are blessed with hair keeping it a bit long in the front is a good idea because any cut that looks young looks right on the ever-young Aries man. I don’t recommend a ponytail on an Aries man but I do like the bangs a bit long in front to give the idea of a carefree lifestyle which matches their attitude. A classic cut suits them if it is left a bit long and Aries men don’t like to bother with their hair much so a barber is a great idea for them. Finding a haircut that is easy to cut is important so they can get their hair done in a rush when they need trimming. No man dressing for Aries is going to take the time to bother with his hair to much on any given day.


Men’s Fashion: Aries — 10 Comments

  1. Hmmm…. interesting & quite informative. I’ll have to look at my closet and see what it says.

    Me: “Attention! Report!!”

    Pants: “We need triage!! Joey got mauled down at the park and Ryan’s nearly ripped in two!!

    Shirts: “What did you try to clean us with last time…. a rock & pistle?”

    Socks: “Do we look like the Pope? How holy do we have to be to get relief?”

    Me: /Facepalm.

  2. This was amazingly accurate for my Aqua sun husband who has venus and rising in Aries. I’ve helped him dress better (and banished the baseball caps he used to wear) but his favourite weekend “uniform” is still his great-fitting 501 Levis in a dark wash teamed with a navy t-shirt and a heavy cotton khaki brown “soldier-style” jacket. His favourite windjacket, one he’s had for 20 years (!) is red. I’m going to replace it this weekend with a new jacket…also in red just to keep him happy. LOL

  3. it kinda suites me, on the simplicity… as my venus conjuncts my mars… so the Aries influence is there.

  4. haha a lot of this works for me, too. the colors, the styles, yes, the grunge plaids and the lightweight shoes! (i love my vibrams!)
    i even do that thing with the T shirt under the button up shirt… part of my casual work uniform, some days… 😉

  5. I once had an Aries boyfriend who cut off his ponytail about a month before we started dating. Great improvement indeed! He was short en rather skinny and had small feet, which made finding the right shoes really difficult for him. Every year he got a new pair of the same black suede shoes that fitted him. When he wanted cowboy boots he couldn’t find any men’s boots in his size, so he bought a pair of women’s boots instead. He didn’t give a crap. Gotta love that Aries!

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