Meeting Someone Who Triggers You

bearers of the burden -1881Recently someone new came into my life. I knew immediately, there was tension on a number of levels… along with significant affinity.  This is someone I cannot dismiss.

As fate would have it, his birth data was also revealed to me, right away. I came home and threw the chart up.

The man has his Sun in Cancer conjunct Saturn, opposing my Capricorn. Oh jeez! Who is going to parent who?

There is the male/female thing.
He’s got me on the age front. He’s older.
We’ve got totally different backgrounds; both are extreme.
Ditto, our life experience.

So you’d think we’d just stand opposite each other in some kind of face-off. No such luck!

Instead his Mars is (exactly) conjunct my sun. Piss me off, much? Agitate me? Challenge me?

His Venus is (exactly) conjunct my Pluto. Ugh! Do I degrade him or is it the other way around?  What about the stupid vortex that’s created?

Can you see the problem here?  We can never come together. We also can’t separate and unfortunately. there’s more.

My Mars is (exactly) conjunct his Chiron. I’d like to apologize for this, considering these planets are in Libra. How would you like someone sticking a knife in your unhealable wound, just by being there?  Not that it’s any fun on my end. I’d like to disappear.

But I can’t! I’m held fast by the Saturn connection which will do nothing but intensify.

I don’t think situations like this are that common. I wonder what the point is. I’m carrying a decent load as it is. Here comes a few more bricks.

Have you ever had to deal with someone who over-stimulates you?  How long did it go on and what did you learn?


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