Meeting Someone Over Many Lifetimes

I wrote this in regards to family members who ignore each other for decades…

“I’m old enough and I’ve been separated from my family long enough, I tend to think there might be more than one lifetime. Some of these people you’re not going to see again, particularly if you did them no harm.

It may be that, if you want to hang on to someone, then do it. If you let go long enough, then don’t be surprised if they drift away forever…”

I think if you did someone harm, you may very well meet them again and have to make it up to them. This is why I tend to leave people be. I don’t want to carry on and on and on.

What do you think about this kind of thing?


Meeting Someone Over Many Lifetimes — 16 Comments

  1. Strange subject. Reminds me of my first thought exchange with my brother. We were both just little bitty kids and mad that we had to leave where we were (in some happier place, together) to come here, to earth. We had been fine where we were and did not like it here. To this day, we’re tight and trust each other with our souls. We both still know we were somewhere else (we were not adopted).

  2. I agree. But if you meet someone in the street, in your neighborhood, at work, in school or wherever and you develope an isntant good relationship it would mean you met them in another life? Like If you got a connection But in the good way, is still karma inbetween?

  3. I’ve met people on occasion who I would swear I already knew from somewhere. My thoughts go something like, “Well hi. Fancy meeting you here.” Funny thing is that none of these instant kinships have ever worked out. *sigh*

  4. I just met a karmic person! My first thought when I saw them was “I KNOW YOU!” I told myself it must be because she has a similar voice to an old friend of mine, but now I don’t think that’s the case. I immediately started looking up her work schedule to see when she would work with me and she told me she did the same haha she said she doesnt know why but she really likes working with me and I really like working with her too which is weird because we’ve only worked together 3 times and we didn’t really work *together* then because we were in different departments. But anyways I found out her birthday (no time) and her moon could definitely be conjunct my NN 🙂 Exciting. I’ve never had a NN conjunction with anyone before! I like it. We must have had a good relationship back in the life bc I was REALLY happy to see her when I first met her!

    But on topic! I usually focus on karma in this life. Which still means I’m not a douchebag to people 😛 And I don’t think we stop seeing people in different lives when we fix our karma with them. I believe in soul groups, where you travel from life to life with pretty much the same people. Maybe there are some souls that come and go throughout your lives but I think there is a core group that stays with you forever. Its just more comforting to believe in that than to believe eventually they’ll all be gone.

  5. I was wondering if anyone had insight, astrologically speaking, of what to look for/indicators that you have a karmic connection with another person. I have been fascinated by this concept my whole life and am now studying regressive hypnotherapy (which I suppose makes sense being my Scorpio sun & north node in 8H, w/ Pisces rising and neptune conjunct MC in Sag/9H.)

    I know that south node and anti-vertex connections are key and I have read that sun or angles in contact w/ the moon are also telling. Does anyone have any other aspects to consider?

    • Definitely in synastry a Scorpio Moon / Neptune conjunction, every deep love relationship I had it became routine! I have stayed lifelong friends with almost all of them. So it made sense when I read this indicates soul family rather than soul romantic love. Am now happy with a Sag moon man!

  6. I have no doubt I will be seeing my grandmother again. The connection was so strong and even though she has been gone for 18 years I still feel her. I thought I was going to die with her. Losing her took me to my knees. I had two very vivid dreams about her after she passed. The first was within a month of her passing and it was as real as if I were awake. All I could see was her face. It seemed to be in a bright light and she said she was fine, and told me that she loved me and I was going to be okay. Then, she was gone. The second came a few years later…. and in this dream she was sitting in her chair me kneeling down with my head in her lap, she stroking my hair …. and she said I promise you everything will be okay. It’s all going to turn out alright. Both profound, woke me up from a dead sleep and have stayed with me all these years later.

    If there is any way its true and we get to share another lifetime with someone I pray to god I get to see her again. She was my true north. She was certainly here to be with me. I never doubt it. I have often wondered if Scorpio moon isn’t her disguised as a 5 year old. Little Miss Moon has said some fantastic things that have raised a few eyebrows. Like when we thought we were going to move and she told me she stayed with me till I grew up, so I had to stay with her till she grew up. Imagine being able to be your grandmothers grandmother. Isn’t that an amazing thought?

    I have met many people that I have felt I have known all my life. And, I have met many people that I have been repulsed by immediately. Like as if I already know they are bad news after a hand-shake….

    I would never harm a soul. I am not and never have been here for that. I have never been a bully nor a person that is looking for a fight. In fact, I would much rather avoid confrontation altogether. (just don’t touch my kids) I am certain that we do cause others harm/pain indirectly though. And, I often wonder if that counts too. I have repeatedly told my children that what they send out there they will get back and however they make someone feel…. they will be made to feel the exact same way so be careful in how you treat others….. I think they do a pretty good job of treating others well (with the exception of the high school years)

    I sure hope I get to see some of these characters in my life again. I’d go another round with them. I would love it. To think this is all there is and when its over…..that’s it…. I just don’t like those limits! Whatever happens…. I just have to see my grandmother one more time. I still mourn her and miss her… especially at this time of year. She was the most important person in my life during my childhood. I could have never made it through this journey without her.

  7. I definitely believe in this. I have met some people that it was a holy shit, I KNOW you sort of thing and I had never met them before in my life. They always play a significant role in my life, I can always count on that happening when that sense of familiar takes over.

  8. Great philosophy: leave people be. It ties in with the Golden Rule: Do unto others…
    I definitely believe in this. Soup, I’ve had dreams like you’ve had with your grandmother. But they’re with my parents. But I never remember what they say. I’m having a great time with one or the other and they are so darn alive and active that when I wake up I just deflate. At times over there is more vivid and real than here. But I do remember that they are happy and healthy. But I digress. Super post!

  9. Have had that vibe with a number of men. Looking back, it seems that the common denominator feeling is that we’d been through something intense together before. Something that we know on some level but that we cannot touch this time around. Of course, my venus square neptune, was curious about these characters for some time, wondering if the intense attraction was that thing called love. I even tried one out. We could not get there or maybe I should say could not get here. For me, they were a handshake, not a kiss.

  10. As far as family members goes, I think you’re bound through all lifetimes because you have the same DNA. You might have a distant relationship with some people in your family now, but I think you’re stuck with them. You can live far from them, but “they’ll be back”. Maybe in your next lifetime, if not now. They’re yours to keep and you’re not getting away.

    Most people don’t want to physically harm, but its important to think about emotional harms, as well. In karmic terms, I think they hurt the most and they can be everlasting.

        • I’ve always thought about a person’s chart as a stamp. IMO, DNA goes beyond the physical. Its a bond, but its mental also. The mental part gives you inherent qualities and the DNA cements it. You can’t ever get away from your heritage. You can change it some, but the fundamentals are always there.

  11. l also try to finish things with people (if it needs to be done) in a nice way. Always leaving a door open here and now. The idea of separating from someone on bad terms it almost never happens if l can help it.
    l find that in time l get the feeling that things are closed and are good the way they are.
    For me it’s important to be able to let go and close things in a good way. That enables me to be able to let go in the end.
    yet other people l can not let go of somehow and who knows l might meet them again, which would be great!

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