How To Interpret A Planet’s Sign, House & Aspects

How granular should you get with quality of a sign in combo with a planet/angle and the house? How do you weigh all that stuff in your interpretation?

Really good question. First, never lose sight of the sign a planet is placed in, even if you’ve got some problem with the sign. This is very common. “Hey! I don’t want to be a Virgo. I’ve got Pluto in Virgo  and blah, blah, blah, so really I am not a Virgo, I am a….”

That’s incorrect. If your Sun is in Virgo, you are going to have to serve, make others look good, fix messes and so forth. This sign a planet is placed in is the first thing to consider.

Next take the house. If the Virgo Sun is in the 1st house, the person is a leader. The Sun in Virgo in the 1st, is a do-gooding leader, see? A person who can rally the troops, organize a blood drive and so forth.

Put the Virgo sun in the 8th house and you have psych or a trauma nurse. 11th house, Virgo? Maybe this person does the books for their astrology club or the like. In all cases note that service is involved.

Next, consider the aspects. If Jupiter trines that Virgo Sun, the ego (Sun) is expanded (Jupiter).  This would give you a confident Virgo, working in whatever arena shown by the house.

If Pluto is conjunct the Virgo Sun? Intense Virgo. Powerful Virgo.
If Mars squares the Virgo Sun? Angry, energized Virgo.

You get the idea.

Now tell us about your Sun, it’s sign, it’s house and it’s aspects…

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How To Interpret A Planet’s Sign, House & Aspects — 78 Comments

  1. I have Sun in Taurus in the 10th house opposite Jupiter

    I am determined to make a contribution to the worl by folowing my vocation. Jupiter expands my desire and offers me both faith and good luck.

  2. Virgo Sun in 10th house square Uranus.

    I serve a corporation (10th house) in my day job, and I serve my ambition (10th house) through my music (Virgo ruler Mercury is in Libra). Sun square Uranus means I serve with detachment and lofty hopes for the greater good, along with a streak of rebelliousness. I’m a rebel *with* a cause.

  3. Interesting, I just read my 2010 response. My latest response is the same overall but with less anger about having to please others. Sounds like Saturn in Libra has been doing its job 🙂

  4. Sun in Capricorn in the 1st house. I’m described as very hard working. I sometimes have to relate others circumstances to my own before I can comment or help them. Very ambitious too. also self centered at times 🙁

  5. Sorry, forgot to mention Capricorn sun is conjunct mars and moon. Determination and quick to anger and in the first house, it shows!

  6. Sun in the 3rd house Sag – I like to learn/teach things and my mind is constantly at work. I have a pretty easy time swaying others to my way of thinking. Of course maybe that’s my Aries moon or Mars in the first steamrolling them, lol.

  7. Sun in Aries in the 9th trine Uranus rising. Have always been ahead of the curve in the careers I’ve chosen, or a pioneer (Aries) of sorts. Became a massage Therapist back in the 80s when it was still considered ‘alternative’….people looked at me like I was from outer space or something, or thought I was a hooker. Definitely ahead of the game, but then the spa boom hit and now I’m just one of a million others and its considered completely normal. I never really enjoyed it though, and I wish I had done something more intellectual or stayed in university longer…something more 9th housey. I’ve fulfilled that 9th house itch through spiritual and energetic healing studies.

    Sun squares Moon in the 12th in Cancer. That’s the part that doesn’t like to be ‘out there’ too much. I do my pioneering and adventuring (energy and spiritual studies) from my couch!

  8. Three aspects to my 4th house Aquarius sun that form a T-square.

    Opposite Uranus- Need/want to be unusual and it shows in my home atmosphere(4th house sun) and is obvious to others (Uranus 10th).
    Square Moon in Scorpio in the 1st-My moods and feelings are deep and can be unpredictable.
    Square Neptune loose conjunct to Moon- I have trouble getting a handle on how I feel.

  9. Aquarius Sun/Moon/Jupiter(Cap) conjunction, 9th house, square Pluto. I think it fits. I am very into traveling and having a sense of humor in real life, yet there is a touchy side, and I have depth.

  10. Leo Sun in 8th – This is probably why I’m such a “deep thinker” and my mind is constantly on what makes the world function the way it does

    Sun sextile Libra MC – being put to work is important to me, and I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to do in life for a long time

    Sun Square Scorpio Pluto in 10th – yeah, I can be a pretty controlling person, but the worst part is that I don’t realize what I’m doing. I’m kind of a taskmaster when I work in groups on projects that are very important to my success

    Sun trine Sag Moon in 12th – I think this is honestly my saving grace. Yeah sometimes people get sunburn from me being so forward and happy, but this is only for people I consider close to me and worth the effort to show myself to

  11. My sun is in Taurus in the 4th house. My sun is close to chiron and mercury is also in the 4th house. That’s about it. What does this mean? I have 3 planets in Virgo (Saturn, Mars and Jupiter are conjunct at 0 degrees Virgo/Leo cusp) in my 8th house. This must mean something unusual to have to planets conjuct especially when Mars and Jupiter are concerned and also on the cusp of two planets. I just don’t know what this means.

  12. What about a Virgo Sun that is conjunct Pluto (exact) but in the 10th house? I would guess “Powerful” “Career” person.

    Although it doesn’t fit me. If it just means “ambitious” like Dorchid said before than maybe but I honestly hate looking for jobs and I hate interviewing. I am very good at the job once I get it but I don’t like the stuff I have to do to get in there. I don’t want to brown nose like an air sign to get a job – I should be hired being I am an awesome Virgo. But it is true that I don’t like a bossy boss. Most of the time I am the only one who knows how to do it right and yes, I end up fixing stuff others screw up. They shoulda just did it my way first.

    I think I am not true to the 10th house interpret because I have aspects to that Sun/Pluto (and Sun/Uranus) to my first house Neptune.

    I still think Virgo is a “background” sign and I don’t think many Virgo Suns want to be leaders.

    I don’t care to make anyone else “look good” – I want ME to look good when I do it right above everyone else (since no one else can do it right anyhow – and they just don’t want to admit it). I can’t tell you how often I have to bit my tongue to say “I told you so”. Listen to the Virgos of this world my friends and do it right the first time around – Virgos are very good at this.

  13. Aquarius sun, in the 7th house. A people person, rebelling against relationships, destroying partnerships (sq. pluto) or creating strong ties…so I’m gonna marry a friend, that I enjoy having sex with… And opp. jupiter, Perhaps I am a bit too confident 🙁 lol.

  14. I would really appreciate if someone shares his/her opinion on my interpretations.

    I have a (long…) story here… I couldn’t get to the Present, before not looking into the Past.
    The story of how this Libra sun was made, and what energies are inherited here. I think it can be useful or interesting to some of you.

    > > >
    Sun in Libra in 7th.
    Sun conjucnt Mars in Libra in 7th.
    My sun-mars conjunction is the apex of the cardinal t-square: stelium of Goats (Neptune, Saturn, Uranus) in 9th-10th (depends of the house system) and Jupiter in Cancer- Chiron conjuction in 4th house.
    Asc in Aries opposites my Libra sun.

    Well… I’m Libra. I think I was made into the “scales” throught my childood.
    I was born into big family, eight of us were living in the house.
    Many fights, many compromises, many opositions, and many conflits. Desire for harmony where there is none.

    I was born with partner – my twin brother. Till age of 4-5 there was no: You me between me and him. Only “we”. I consider him to be part of me.
    But, then, around the age of five, my twin brother almost! drowned… And smth “strange” happend in my little world: “I” can be and live without my brother! When he was drowning, in front of me, I stayed alive. I was fine, and that was strange. We are not One! From that point on – „we“ were not “we” anymore. We are really seperated.
    I think that’s how my Ascendent was made (Aries, “I”)

    Big family (Jupiter in Cancer?) means that nobody can get enough of good attention needed for growth. And then I got asthma, which can be a psychosomatic disease, when one is feeling that love is not equally shared.
    I wanted, and I needed more attention and my body created an asthma.

    But, my asthma grow so bad that my parents put me into hospital when I was six 🙁 I think there my Asc grew kinda stronger (aries… independent, brave, alone and, symbolicaly, “first” child of three – I have older brother, too – to “leave” home)
    For me, it was really big thing, so small and so early seperated from the family.

    I think that was how my Jupiter-Chiron conjuction was made. Hospital nurture (chiron, pain from childhood) and Jupiter in Cancer squaring my Libra sun (I’m psychologicaly seperated from my twin-partner, and again, in my chidhood perspective, I was being seperated from family, too)
    That really made my life philosophy to be… caring and nurturing >family, childern, animals, little and hurt ones Libra is gainin its balance by pure martian action. Libra will be with other only if learns how to be on its own.
    In this case 😀

    And in order to be me, I need to know how to defend myself ( mars in libra )…cuz every true Libra knows that conflicts are integral part of relationships… and only then i can fullfill the 7th house Sun’s dream – to be in relationship fully.

    This post really helped me. Therapeutic…
    I’m finding myself best when I’m sharing myself with others (1th-7th deal) 😉


  15. here we go…

    “That really made my life philosophy to be… caring and nurturing >family, childern, animals, little and hurt ones< oriented."

    and it continues here…

    9-10th… this one is complicated.

    Goats of MC…
    -Neptune-Sun square: I think that I will always have that feeling that my feelings, and "who am I" will be hard to be seen by others.Not impossible, , but not easy. And i think that this represents my father, really.
    I love him very much, he loves me, that's the fact, but he is really not effective. Our relationship was always… foggy. Full of love, yet foggy. When I needed him, he wasn't there. When boundaries should be set up, he's not effective to set them up and when he finally does, he's not effective to sustain them. Foggy.

    – Saturn in Capricorn square sun… Heh. Discipline is not a problem for me when i like the authority figure, really, because, I really love boundaries to be set up. It gives me the esence of safety. But, this astro-composition also reminds me of my older brother.
    He is Capricorn. Very difficult energies we both have, with him I fought many battles (wake up my Libran mars!)
    I think that interaction with him really created my mars-libra stuff in 7th. Fighting in relationships. He has mars in scorpio, so our fights were really…I mean REALLY intense. Our relationship was a true blood-sucking, nerve-wracking chaos. I had to go the psychologist beacuse of living with him.
    – Uranus in capricorn is a part of the stellium, but it doesn't square sun directly… I think that, with Uranus involved (and its in conjuct with my moon in sagg) – things do not need to be so… squarey 😉

    For me, my interpretation of my chart and life ends up in 1th house – where it started. I think of the first house as house of The Present…beacuse, only in the Now I can change and direct my inherent energy.

    I think that solution for my Sun in this God-given cardinal T-square (or cross) is the First house.
    Everyday life. "I" house, "my" surroudings, the house of the body, of the head ,house of my present moment, from where I stand from where I can "lead" (Asc) my life (Sun).
    Aries (that was always the thing in their love relationship) should help Libra: the decisions should be made, not left to the destiny. And Aries is here to put some light on the past:
    I am myself, not the other person.
    Learn to value childhood experiences
    Learn from the inefectivnes of father: set up boundaries.
    Learn from blind crulelty of older brother: be compassionate.

    Libra is gaining its balance by pure martian action. Libra will be with other only if learns how to be on its own.
    In this case

    And in order to be me, I need to know how to defend myself ( mars in libra )…cuz every true Libra knows that conflicts are integral part of relationships… and only then i can fullfill the 7th house Sun’s dream – to be in relationship fully.

    This post really helped me. Therapeutic…
    I’m finding myself best when I’m sharing myself with others (1th-7th deal)


  16. Gemini Sun in the first house, majors aspects would be conjunct my asc, moon, and Venus, square mars & Saturn (conjunct) in Virgo 4th, opposing Neptune in the 7th (conjunct my descendant), and trining Pluto in my 5th. Actually, my Sun makes some sort of aspect with everything but Mercury and Chiron in my chart lol

  17. Sun in Virgo in the 2nd house, square Saturn. Work hard serving clients through writing (Mercury ruler also in Virgo) and creative work (Saturn in 5th).

  18. Sun in Sag: happy go lucky, positive, cheerful.

    Sun in Sag 8 H: Deep, tuned in, intuitive, sensitive, intensity.

    Sun sextile Saturn: work within structures.

    Sun square Pluto/uranus: chaotic, spontaneous, future oriented, intensity.

    Sun trine Jupiter: explorer, life long learner, postive, love of people, enthusiastic, honesty.

    Sun sextile MC: Clear headed, goal oriented, works well with Authority, non threatenting, compromise.

    Wow. great exercise. My Sun stuff is excellent…I guess it provides some strength and positivity to the more tricky/difficult parts of the chart .

  19. Nice delineation exercise.

    Sun in Cancer in the 8th house…

    Trine Scorpio Moon and Uranus in the 12th…

    Sextile Saturn in Virgo in the 9th

    Square Pluto in the 10th

    With minor aspects to Venus and Jupiter.

    3 stories:

    1. I was born 3 months premature because my mom developed life-threatening toxemia. Life-threatening for her. I was the healthiest baby in the hospital (who they tested the latest technology on). Through her pregnancy, my mom discovered that her body doesn’t respond well to meat. She became a vegan before it was the “cool” thing to do, which saved her life.

    2. As a baby, I slept with my parents in their bed. My feet in my father’s ears and hands in my mom’s hair. Tranquil until they talked, disturbing my sleep. I fussed until they put me in a crib of my own. Then I threw empty bottles out of the crib and used my toys to build a ladder to hop out of my crib to rejoin them.

    3. At 3 years old, I was afraid to play outside with my friends because of the neighborhood bullies. My chore was to throw away the trash in the big dumpster (I used a crate to climb high enough to hoist the trash in). To win the bullies over (& gain my freedom from home-imprisonment), I invited the bullies into my room to play with my toys. When they broke my them, I kicked them out of my house but still didn’t go outside. I hosted private parties for my closest friends who respected my stuff. Missing the access to my private sanctuary and stuff, two of the bullies became more sensitive to their victims and our allies against other bullies…

    Intense sharer who likes to control my environment, uses spontaneously creates personal boundaries to maintain my inner peace, transforms others through intimate bonding or abrupt emotional disconnection.

    I fight to be free to join others on my own terms.

  20. Sun in Libra in the 8th conj Uranus, trine Moon, ASC and Saturn.

    I have to remain balanced (Libra) in relationships through extreme circumstances with others(8th house) using empathy(Pisces Moon) and various disciplines(Gemini Saturn).There is the use of insight, detachment, innovation and unique methods involved with the connection to Uranus.

  21. Sun in the 2nd house, Scorpio
    Conjunct Scorpio Mercury Rx
    Conjunct Scorpio Venus Rx
    Square Aquarius Mars
    Trine Pisces Jupiter
    Conjunct Scorpio Pluto
    Trine Cancer MC

    A money and asset person, although it doesn’t last long. However money is a big factor in what I can and can’t do but for some reason I seem to just fall into some form of money or another that keeps me safe. I just realised that the job I’m doing at the moment isn’t where I want to be or have to be. Having Sagittarius in Saturn in the same 2nd house tells me that I need to teach (saturn) the philosophies (Sadge) in order to be happy and I need the freedom (sadge) to do that, so there is better structure (saturn) for all the kiddies of the world. I’m learning to work with what I’ve got.

    Sun conjunct Mercury Rx… what I have is hidden, I’m not big on bragging but I’ll help anyone in need if I have it but they better appreciate it otherwise I’ll amputate and never help again. I’ll see, know and figure things out before most can guess. Conjunct Venus Rx… having the right amount of love and support makes me achieve anything, if I look and feel good then it produce otherwise just forget it. Sun square Mars… volatile! Stubborn. However social injustices make me even madder but the positive is I have determination and I take my time, what’s the rush?! Sun trine Jupiter… the saying ‘you’re as good as the company you keep’ says it all. If the people around me are no good I’m gonna be the same. Sun conjunct Pluto… Powerhouse… don’t mess around with my money, services, image, life and things will be good. Sun trine MC… I need to nurture, it’s 2nd nature for me.

  22. I am the virgo in 11th that you describe — and I often volunteer (virgo) in groups (11th) that I join, but it’s always behind the scene things. Being the secretary, doing time schedules… I wash the dishes at church.
    It’s conjunct moon and mars. I think this makes me very singularly (sun+moon) focused on that task, and I can often be aggressive about it — I see opportunities to volunteer as fight to be done (curing cancer, destroying dirt).

  23. Sun in sagittarius in 5th- life is an adventure to explore and discover things and have fun!
    sun conjunct neptune- live in la la land. Just kidding. Dare to dream!
    sun square saturn- give structure to my dreams-make them into a reality.
    sun sextile pluto- the powerhouse behind it all.

    Wow I’m totally digging my sun placements 😀

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