Worry, Common Sense, And The Value Of Astrological Knowledge

Satori – circa 2011….

“Also, you’ll find a pair of safety glasses and some earplugs under your seats. Please feel free to use them.”
                                –Max Fischer, “Rushmore”

It’s not unusual to see a transit coming up and start to worry. There’s the generalized worry: “Pluto’s involved, could be bad!” And there’s the specific worry: “Pluto to the Moon! My breasts are going to become diseased and kill me!” If the fears didn’t contain a modicum of truth in possibility they wouldn’t be so debilitating. However, if every worst case scenario actually played out the population would be much, much smaller and raptors would roam the streets.

Horrible things CAN happen to you. So can good things. Of course it’s the horrible things we worry about. Still, there’s a bit of course correction needed on the “good” transits as well. It’s nice to hope you might fall in love during a certain transit, but becoming emotionally attached to that prospect can bring disappointment or even depression if it doesn’t materialize. That’s the key, attachment to an outcome that is not yet real.

What works best is to familiarize yourself with the energies and areas that are highlighted by transits so that you will recognize them when they arise. That way you can maximize their potential and navigate them to your best result. My breasts may indeed melt off or explode. If I concentrate (fear, obsess) on that, however, I may miss the subtle signs that herald my REAL Pluto transit and miss the opportunity to make the best of actual reality rather than my feared reality. I could also become so fearful that I become paralyzed to act in my own best interest, say to get a breast exam. Also, if I give in to generalized fear I’m not setting myself up to use my senses to their utmost. Prolonged fear is exhausting and does not support best performance.

One proactive thing you can do is to familiarize yourself with the concepts behind Occam’s razor or the law of parsimony or economy. One metaphor I’ve heard that resonates to the concept is “When you hear hoofbeats think horses, not zebras.” Or better yet, just think what are all the possibilities that could result in that sound and what do I reasonably need to do to prepare? Horses, zebras, heffalumps… how ’bout you get out of the middle of the road! Do what is reasonable to do then detach and free up your energy to work in your favor. Stressed people are not the best actors and reactors. Do you hear hoofbeats today? No? Then relax. Maximize your energy by not expending it worthlessly.

Do you “worst case scenario” worry? Vent it here then let it go forever!


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  1. Interesting blog post satori, but I mainly wanted to thank you for for the Rushmore quote and the Royal Tenenbaums pic (one of my top 10 fave films of all time). We must have similar tastes.

  2. I particularly love the scenes of her locked in the bathroom, in the bathtub, smoking with the tv chained so as not to electrocute her.

  3. Um…thanks Satori, it never even crossed my mind to think of worrying about my breasts falling off, ah ha ha!

    I’m all about “okay, not dead yet!”

  4. Just what I need to hear, Satori. Thank you for your insight and sincerity. Cap Stellium here. Not great in terms of faith, in any case! Pluto now going for my Cap Venus and Mars conjunct at 4 and 6 degrees. Cap Sun at 10, Mercury at 20 and cheerful Saturn at 29.Detaching and letting go.(How hard)
    Thanks,Satori and much love x

  5. All the time. I am a project manager and have to plan for contingencies. You are supposed to imagine what could happen, then put things in place to mitigate it to prevent it from happening. It is why most engineers are worry-warts. That is why they try to fix everyone – it is the contingency to
    “Prevent Bad things from Happening”. I like your post though – may as well be positive.

  6. very sage advice. i’ll try to stop quaking in my boots with pluto approaching the ascendant. saturn in libra was one of these sleeper aspects for me.

  7. Well, with Pluto heading straight for my moon in less than five degrees (!), I have my mammogram scheduled for January. Good call, Satori!

  8. If you astrologize, it is very, very wise to learn detachment from either good or bad. You take action then independent from consequences whatever they might be.

  9. Synchronicity!! I told my boyfriend last night that if any of my fingers ever got cut off, I would get a wooden prosthetic and tap it on stuff.. just like Margot Tannenbaum! (pictured)

    OT: I have purposely kept myself in the dark regarding my transits. You can’t prepare for some things, sometimes expectation makes it worse.

  10. Oh great, to illustrate your point, you just HAD to go with Pluto conjunct Moon — which I am going through right now!! 😉

    I’m glad I don’t have breasts. 🙂

  11. Yes I do. Moon in Capricorn anyone? It has gotten better with age, but I don’t think I’ll ever throw it away completely. I love this topic!

  12. Yes, I go there. I play out that worst case scenario and make a battle plan for it. Then I go best case scenario and play that out too. And, I figure the true result will fall somewhere in the middle 🙂

  13. Love this definition of a transit!
    I have Pluto transiting my 7th house and I imagined some bad stuff but now I can get a new perspective. 🙂

  14. one cannot predict a metaphor…
    my heavy transits have been good. eventually. once i started to figure out i needed to figure out what was being expected of me *before* everything came crashing on my head…

  15. My personal boogeyman is my fear that everyone I love will spontaneously abandon me, and I’ll be left completely, utterly alone. Natal Uranus opposite Moon in Gemini, anyone?

    I also worry when I look at Pluto’s opposition to my Leo stellium coming up in a few decades. Looks nasty, but good lord, it’s over twenty years away!

  16. thanks for sharing that Midara… “Looks nasty, but good lord, it’s over twenty years away!” plus, by then our alien overlords may be in charge and it will be a whole ‘nother kettle of fish! (hopefully not pisces) (aaaaaaaugh! To Serve Man is a COOKBOOK!)

  17. as Pluto was dancing back and forth across my moon (in the seventh), my parents both died… my mother died as Pluto crossed her moon. Quite an intense transit, and you never really know how it will play out.

  18. I just went through transitting Saturn Square Ascendant while also being Opposition to my sun and conjunct my pluto. All while Pluto is squaring my MC and Venus.

    ….and strangely enough it’s been a great time. I’ve felt great, only “good” things have happened really (job offers, nice meetings with old friends, felt in good spirits…) and everyone around me got a horrible cold except me!

    Before the transit was approaching I was dreading it, but now I don’t think I’ll be afraid of any transit ever again since people on other sites spoke of these saturn one’s as being awful.

  19. I have Moon conj. Pluto on my MC natally and I can very much relate to Treefrog’s statment. And I more than anything want to be nurturing but find that I get slammed down a lot by the Outside World or feel I do, and then want to hide (Sun in 12th).
    I have spent a lot of the year trying to figure out what transiting Pluto will do to my Venus in Capricorn in my 2nd house. I have tried hard to re-do my finances, save, but it seems to get taken away before I can even get a grip. Things keep coming up. I always have feared ending up homeless too. (Pisces on the IC).

  20. Do I “worst case scenario” worry? I used to. Although I’m not sure if it was more worry or more preparation.

    Then I went through a prolonged, relentless series of brutal and devastating infernos and tornadoes (YEARS and YEARS). My worst case scenarios paled in comparison to what actually transpired. And there would have been no preparing for any of it.

    I then completely let go. Of anything and everything but the most basic, mundane, put one foot in front of the other, rinse and repeat, tasks.

    I now viscerally understand “control the controllables” (and that they are very few, and tied to me solely).

    Having survived all that I have, unprepared, I no longer “worry” nor “prepare”.

    I take whatever comes as and when it comes, and I focus on surviving that, moment by moment.

    And when, because yes, there is good and joy interspersed in my days as well, when such gifts are given to me, I savor them. And let them go too.

    I learned that from Buddhism. Slowly getting better at equanimity.

  21. Mentally hope for the best.
    Plan for the worst.
    Check the boxes. Yes as much as possible.
    Help others.
    Then relax and enjoy the sunshine.

    That’s been my 6th house survival plan 🙂

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