Matt Drudge – My Kind Of Manipulative Scorpio

I have been reading the drudgereport for nearly 10 years. I became a fan from day one and have always thought I ought to look for Matt Drudge’s birth data and have a peek at his chart for a host of reasons.

First I was pretty sure I would find close contacts between my chart and his because I just like and admire him so much. Nobody can do what he does. They try to clone his site but it’s just hopeless. The guy is unstoppable. There is no way you can trump him, he is just too good at what he does. He is so good in fact, he makes it look easy which is always a sign of skill. But anyway, I finally did it. I nabbed what I think is Drudge’s birthday so lets have a look.

First he’s a Scorpio with a stellium in the sign. Drudge has his Sun, Venus, Mercury and Neptune in Scorpio which is no surprise because he’s built his business using other people’s energy which is Scorpio’s forte. The look of the page is also very Scorpionic. There are no frills, no spinning things or gimmicks. He offers just the meat which is something I have always appreciated.

His editing skill is also unparalleled. It’s a combination of his planets in Virgo (naturally able to critique content and discern almost anything) in easy aspect to his Scorpio, the natural manipulator of the zodiac. Consequently anyone who visits his page is expertly manipulated which I appreciate because I want to be moved. If I go to a movie, I want to laugh or I want to cry. I want to have my emotions provoked. I want the same thing in my relationships and I want a similar hit via what I read and Matt Drudge delivers this day in and day out and he delivers it in spades.

Knowing I read him, some people have complained to me about his politics. His bias. Like I care! I don’t care. What I care is that every time I go to the drudgereport, Matt has left me a morsel. The content is always mixed and supremely inspired which leads me to my last point.

I have often wondered if Drudge knows some astrology because he always seems aware of the next big thing. For example, a few months ago he started posting links to all these stories about dead goats. He started with Sony’s dead goat but posted several since when I saw this I wondered if he knew Pluto (dead) is going into Capricorn (goat)? Does he know this, or is he prescient without awareness?

Unfortunately his chart does not reveal the answer. What he has is Mercury conjunct Neptune in Scorpio so he is going to get his information from ethereal or hidden sources (Neptune) and what those sources may be is none of your business (Scorpio).

For those who wish to take Matt Drudge out, I laugh at the concept. This man is not only hard to kill, he is impossible to kill. Further any action you take against him will only enhance him since as a Scorpio he is masterful at utilizing energy and it’s not like it has to be good.

Matt Drudge’s (solar) chart full size


Matt Drudge – My Kind Of Manipulative Scorpio — 8 Comments

  1. Drudge strikes me as too practical for astrology…but I think he trusts his instincts 150%.

    However…if I had to go with what I’ve seen in him, I think he has a general sense of “undercurrent”. I’m not sure how to describe that other than a person having a spontaneous interest in something that they hadn’t previously – and being driven to pursue that spontaneous interest. Then, the person’s gathered info/perspective precedes all when the idea emerges in the collective. Does that make sense? In other words, I think he has water sign foresight to the nth degree and trusts it completely.

  2. —Further any action you take against him will only enhance him since as a Scorpio he is masterful at utilizing energy and it’s not like it has to be good.—

    I’ve noticed that as well in another Scorpio, Hillary Clinton.

  3. t-carat – nothing, that’s the point. Yet he is the 6th most popular source of news on the Internet, ahead of the New York Times. 🙂

  4. Well..that’s interesting. I had never heard of him.

    If you think about it there certainly is enough ‘stuff’ from other people, and perhaps not enough people to process it…

    I would’ve guessed it was a Virgo thing, to be an archivist, but I know at least one Scorpio who channels the obsessive / compulsiveness that can come with that sign into having an orderly website (and visitors sign a release EVERY TIME to get into the forums).

  5. Elsa,

    Peep the chart for Delta Force using the date of establishment as its bod: 11/21/77

    Same Sun/Moon as Drudge. Whatever people think he kinda is the blogger version of them in a manner of speaking, certainly that was how the Clinton administration perceived them back in 1997.

    Bill Gates is that combo too and Drudge is definitely to the blogosphere what Gates is to software companies.

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