Massive Transit Of Saturn in Capricorn To Natal Chart

I filled a report order for the gal whose chart is pictured, in part.  Is she going to have a Saturn transit or what?

It’s really interesting to watch this stuff from my vantage point.

For example, I had client a couple days ago. She and most of her family had planets in Cardinal signs at the early degrees.  She was feeling rotten. I was able to tell her that she’d be clear by the time the holidays rolled around. That was pretty good news!

But seriously, no one in her family had anything significant in the later degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn.  She only needs to get through the summer and voila!  That’ll be that.

In contrast, this person and other people with stelliums in Cardinal signs, or a heavy emphasis on the Cardinal signs in any configuration and going to have dig in with Saturn in Capricorn.  If you know how to work with this, that’s fine. If you are finding it daunting, satori and I put together a workshop on this – Saturn In Capricorn – Let’s Get Real.

Knowledge is power. It will save you a tremendous amount of effort and grief as well as set you on a productive path.

Are you facing a massive transit of Saturn in Capricorn like this gal?  How’s it going?





Massive Transit Of Saturn in Capricorn To Natal Chart — 16 Comments

  1. My husband with Mars in Aries and a Cap moon…. it aint good. He is about as miserable as I have ever seen a person plus….new health problems. And, he has shored himself up and is NOT talking.

    Nothing I can do but watch… its not good.

  2. It will be murderers’ row for me later on, with Sun, Mars, and Mercury all in late Capricorn….But what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, I hope…

  3. 12th house Capricorn sun, moon, mercury, (6-18 degrees) / mars, south node Aquarius conjunct Ac. Feels… Heavy. Frustrating. Quiet. Isolated. I’m growing up. I’m the catapillar transforming inside the cocoon. No one can see whats happening. Saturn is building new structures where Pluto burned them down.

    • Just to share my story, Pluto squaring my Mercury made me mentally disabled. I lost power to think, my confidence was in the lowest… even I myself got surprised!! But good thing is I have got it back one Pluto square pass my Mercury (Libra 14) conjunct Jupiter (Libra 11) at 6th house!!

  4. Yes. I have Saturn in early Libra and sun, mc and Pluto in mid Libra. Pluto is almost exactly square my Sun right now.

    The really fun part is that I also have two sets of conjunctions in Scorpio. One in early degrees and one in late. So my Moon at 5 degrees Scorpio will be the next personal planet to be squared. Oh well.

  5. Saturn is opposing my Jupiter and squaring my Sun at the moment. My energy and optimism are at a low, but Saturn and Uranus are supporting my Chiron and Venus, so that helps.

  6. I have Moon 3 Cap; Saturn 13 Cap; DSC 15 Cap. So yeah, some work is ahead. Saturn stations at 2 Cap, right about on my moon. Trying not to fret but can’t bury head in sand either Still bearing scars — literal and figurative — from Pluto’s run through this space over recent years. I can only guess how it will manifest but whatever, the job is to shore up rest, energy, money, breathing room, sanity etc in order to be in best shape to deal I guess.

  7. It’s rough having cardinal placements these days, after the Pluto/Uranus stuff, here comes Saturn. My Cancer and Libra planets are early and late degrees, plus Aries ascendant/Cap MC. Waaahhh. Lol. Love to all you cardinal people, myself included! 🙂

    • Aries asc MC Cappy, Venus libra,Uranus cancer, Jupiter cancer, Neptune libra, hehe a whole lot of Cardinal going on, pop father Saturn with his cap on lol oh well can’t change a thing, I guess keep learning too grow with the planets n life. Wake up n bless each new day, n be grateful for love, life, n happiness namaste.

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