Mars Turns Direct In Scorpio In Two Days

Tiger_Eye_BeansHow do you feel, with Mars turning direct in Scorpio in two days? I’ll tell you a little secret. My progressed Mars is at 23 degrees, Scorpio, exactly conjunct Mars in the sky today. It’s amazing.

Personally, I don’t want to start anything new. I am definitely pushing…but I’m not starting anything new.

Today, I went back and met a woman for the second time. I am buying canning jars from her and we may very well be becoming friends.

I also stuck a couple more tomatoes in my garden and yet another pepper plant. A few days ago, I planted a bunch (more) of my husband’s Tiger Eye beans.

I have pulled up some old posts.

I have gone back to an orthopedic doctor.  He refused to treat my neck, but he did treat my hip. I am going back to another doctor I had an appointment with but canceled….this is the doctor who will treat my neck.

I want to do something new…fresh but I don’t think I will for another couple days. Can you relate?


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  1. I’m glad about the doctors.. I thought so… something like a pulled muscle in the hip is easy for a chiropractor.. they all wait so long or just blurt out thing’s those doctors…

  2. Yes I have intentions to get back in classes for soil sciences and environmental writings I started college almost 40 years ago I left with a lump in my belly ; he is now close to37 years old; I have found a great group that helps women of my age and income and heritage ” finish what you started” they will fund me, yeah but I am using your readings of the sky to annunciate with group and family. I must find new job as decided to leave my bus group( big change) have two part times really would love 1 job .change growth and healing in my cards but holding close to my chest for now.

  3. Yes. I am waiting for Mars Direct and The New Moon. I am, at this time, half-ass checking Craigslist for gigs and full-time job opportunities. Transiting Mars is in my 12th and New Moon will be in my 8th. The only gut check I’m doing at the moment is for pizza and coffee. I know, it’s still morning. I’m flippin’ Time that particular “early bird.”

  4. For your neck look int Network Chiropractic. I’ve had a lot of good treatment with that method since I tumbled backwards down the stairs and damn near broke my neck.

    • You don’t understand. I have a neck like a trash heap, stenosis, etc, with 4 vertebrae involved. It is ungodly.

      I am going to end up with neck surgery and a hip replacement. Quite a mess, considering I have Lupus.

      Please, with the medical advice. I beg people to not do this. Seriously. Please, it’s just not right to offer medical advice to someone you don’t know or know anything about.

      • People love to “help” with advice that works for them….I also have a hip problem and I am strictly alternative medicine. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to constantly hear take this or that medication or have this procedure etc…. I know they mean well but, it was the medical profession that got me in this situation to begin with so see what I mean…sometimes we need to make our own decisions and go our own way with things:) Wishing you the best…love your astrological info:)

        • Welcome, Libbie.

          I actually think that people are individuals, as are their doctors. So I don’t think one person’s experience necessarily predicts the other person’s.

          What galls me is that I grew up with alternative medicine. My grandfather got into it in the 1930’s (search “Henry” on this blog and be AMAZED). So I get lectured about something I have five decades of experience with…

          Also, I have a unique condition(s) and a freakishly odd background. People are curious how I am doing…I don’t mean to be “withholding” or rude but I just HATE advice I did not solicit – especially medical advice, which I don’t think your average person is equipped to give.

          I just can’t win…if I post about my health. Yet people want me to post about my health. I suppose if I do so in the future, I can add a note, asking people not to email me. I have done this before and it works, somewhat. But your average person with no boundaries does what they do because they have no boundaries so of course a note like that does not apply to them.

          I don’t like that in the end, I get to be the bitch. Perhaps this will be my last post in regards to my health. It won’t be the first thing I’ve quit writing about so…

          I guess that’s the solution right there. 🙂

          Perhaps in the future, I was specificaly as

  5. Today I got into this huge fight. Normally I avoid this in traffic but this guy just pushed my buttons and I totally blew. Situation was with my kids on bicycles and the tiger mom just reacted to what seemed a threat, could not help it >:-( Feeling really tired now. Mars rx in the 4th cusp of 5th. Progressed moon in Leo 1st House. Yesterday I planted herbs in the garden, which was a more constructive use of this transit…

  6. Mars is sitting in my 4th, wreaking havoc in my house. It’s already broken my freezer, my stove, and now my A/C units. Two to be precise. The first two were fixed and one of the units had to have new coolant put it in today but the other may have a substantial leak… I won’t know until later this week. Hopefully, Mars moving on will bring some reprieve in that regard. I can’t do a hot ass 100+ degree summer without A/C. I don’t know how the ancients did it. ?

  7. Definitely can’t wait. I feel, I need something new. Currently I feel I’m stuck. Right now I’m de-cluttering my house and cleaning the yard, it was a mess.

  8. Mars is on my IC. Sextiles my Jupiter in Capricorn. I have a job interview tomorrow morning. Fingers and toes are crossed. I am chomping at the bit to get my own place by August.

    • I hope all goes well, Misti. Mars is gonna walk right into the communicative aspect of your Jupiter. When Mars and Jupiter are involved with each other, timing is everything.

      • Thanks, Chad! I’m excited. If I get the job I’ll be working for the same company I worked for in 2006 in Albuquerque. It’s security work.

  9. I definitely can’t wait for Mars to go direct. ? Transiting Mars will form an opposition with my natal Mars in Gemini in August, then a conjunction with my natal Sun and Venus in Sagittarius in September. ?

    I’m looking forward to those transits except the transiting Mars – natal Mars opposition. ? In March (when Mars was direct) and May (when Mars was retrograde) this year I had that aspect and it was horrible to say the least.

  10. Ahh the warmth, Oh the energy, Uh the confidence. I have natal Mars conjunct Neptune in my 7th house Libra. It doesn’t really even matter what he hits – now it’s all about finally just going forward. Can’t wait – Welcome home Baby!
    Aries Rising

  11. mars is transiting my 5th house..opposite my 10 where aries is camped out…Today I applied for a new job, I am currently working with good pay, vacation and lots of bennies..but BORED outta my mind. Had the first interview today-thought that shit, at 60 yrs old ,I’m too old for this- but it went pretty good. This job may be less vacation, a little less pay but less stress and I would get a pension!! who does that anymore..I am so undecided, but maybe the stars will decide for me, with mars going direct right before the 2nd interview..

  12. I read your newsletter kn the weekend about not to blow up. And hours later forgot everything about it when I blew up and just aimed that weapon and almost destroyed the opponent. Especially the stability of our relationship that was just getting into gear again after a very harsh 2016 with numerous fights and hateful Remarks.

    Transit mars is very close to my sun-venus-jupiter stellium and right now I am stallin on what I should do with my life, if I should move away or not. So, this coming month will be … Interesting. Mars transits the 9th house.

  13. Mars is currently transiting my 1st house, exactly square my nMoon in 4th. I feel nervous (not really sure why) and trying to take it easy just doing little doo-dads here & thers, avoiding stressful situations (if possible) until he goes direct.
    Likewise, don’t feel like starting anything new, just want to ease out of this pass with a minimum of friction. My nMars in Libra (in 12th) does not like conflict and even less “hidden” conflicts that pop up inexpected, unprepared. I’m not a good fighter. Don’t like war.

  14. Looking forward to it. It stations Direct conjunct my north node @ 23 Scorp 4th house, and went retro in April in my 5th conj Neptune. Been reworking lots of creative plans & rehearsals and enrolled my girl in school. Looking forward to developments in these areas in the coming months as Mars leaves the shadow.

  15. A lot of stuff has been raked up. Like I am developing something brandy new, but it just is not firmed up yet. Loose ends personally.

    Am being very productive however. Enjoying the physicality. It’s turning out to be a great summer, minus having to clean up blowed down trees. I smell bonfire, a big un.

    Relationships are going well. People are struggling, but positively toward successful ends. Not the type of people who finger point at this or that. They seem to be dealing with it. They aren’t hypnotized by the ‘life is so terrible’ mantra that the media is selling.

    Part of me is unsettled. And yet my life is pulling together. Mixed bag.

  16. I’ve been very productive too (not entirely by choice, had some really tough projects in to complete). But so, so tired, I keep thinking all I want to do is rest up for a few days yet that seems a long way off.

    Things do seem to have a negative tinge and cranky responses out of nowhere. Trying not to make volatile situations worse, let some things go and maybe they’ll die down.

    I keep reminding myself that everyone has had this energy in their life, and it wears people down. So tread carefully and as mentioned in this blog really try not to take things personally and amp up the grudge meter. I’m just kind of topped off in terms of having anger or hostility land on me.

    My phone is off and I’m in no hurry to turn it back on right away, and oddly enough I’ve heard a few other people mention the same thing too!

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