Mars Transiting Libra For 8 Months – Check In Here

football runMost know that Mars will be transiting Libra for close to 8 months. Mars usually spends two months in a sign, so this is notable.

The sector of life ruled by the house where Mars is transiting is bound to be hotted up. By now, you should be able to identify how this transit is going to play in your life.

Mars is transiting my my 9th house. I rejoined facebook (social / Libra – expansion – 9th). But besides that I am driven to educate myself at this time.

“Driven” is putting it mildly. I am studying, aggressively. I’m reading. I’ve started attending lectures and other things in the evenings.

The 9th house rules “higher education” and I simply want to get some of this, for ME (MARS). It is about ME (Mars) and I what I want (MARS)! Matter of fact, if you try to stop me, I will get pissed (Mars)!

With natal Mars conjunct Mercury in the 9th, I may be an extreme case. But I think most people are really after something at this time.

What’s happening in your life? What is Mars driving your towards?  Are you comfortable with this energy?


Mars Transiting Libra For 8 Months – Check In Here — 43 Comments

  1. Mars has been in my 6th for a month now. My natal Mars is in my 10th. It has been all about work. I want to move up. I’m tired of being on the bottom in retail, I’ve been there for 10yrs. I have had a promotion dangling in front of me since the days Mars got to my 6th, but its taking its sweet time becoming reality. I’ve been told its “pretty much mine” but its still not mine so that’s annoying.

  2. Mars in Capricorn with Libra rising.
    “Twerking my Mars ln Cap” 8 months to learn how to kill this Libra with chips all in, cards landing wherever they lay, i am truly learning how a determined mind can change the course of lifelong goals.

    thank you for your expertise Elsa, i am mentally prepared for this.

  3. It’s in my 12th conjuncting n Neptune and t Neptune is at 2° from a square with n Mars. I’ve had ‘flu with a high fever and now I’ve got a urinary infection…since there’s a saying that there’s never two without three I hate to think what’s going to hit me next!

      • Thanks Luna, I have been taking pills of cranberry extract since August when this problem came up, it’s an on/off thing with symptoms being subdued rather than acute. The urine/bio culture tests are negative so the specialist sent me for further, more invasive, tests last week. The results should be available in a couple of days. He says I might have got an infection from the open-air swimming pool I use regularly during the summer 🙁

  4. Transiting my 2nd House. It’s really interesting, because I’m focused on all those things one was supposed to get done during Mars in Virgo – organizing and such. However, I think it’s really more about evaluating how much value my physical things, and showing the door to those things I don’t. I’m also in deep contemplation about my values/valuables.

    At the moment, Mars is conj. natal Pluto, sextile Venus/Neptune and loosely square my Cap planets (Merc, Sun, Mars). He’s really wanting me to check out this “balance” thing.

  5. Mars is transiting my 8th house…it is trining my Sun but opposing my mars… I am in between lot of energy and exhaustion. Dealing with some feelings of abandonment and selfworth. Also working hard to become a consultant and get all the paper work done…lot of activity! Ah ! I am also trying to lose weight ( I guess mars in libra in the 8th is good to detox and get sexy :-))))

  6. Mars is newly in my 10th House. Who I am publicly “holding my own”(Mars) in the face of others’ opinions as Mars transits closer to my MC. Being the elder without tyranny and sharing what I know from experience.

  7. entered my 10H at 18 degrees libra… mars is conj my pluto at 24 degrees and will conj my moon at 28 degrees… im working on getting a better career, more in line with what my true life calling is… im also working on change in relationship status. yes, im comfortable i guess cause i have mars natally in libra. so far ive really been able to balance assertiveness (mars) with diplomacy and kindness (libra) despite the grand cross hitting personal planets in my 1H, 7H, 9H, 3H, 10H, and 4H. ive learned my lessons since 2012.

  8. Like C.W. above Mars is transiting my second house. I have natal Mars in early Libra but hings feel better now that the Sun and Mercury have left Capricorn. Even Venus retrograde in Capricorn is not stinging as much (also have natal in Libra but in 2nd house). But everything is certainly about relationships and their value.

  9. 11th. I don’t know that I’ve ever been this clear on my goals before. And the 11th being aquarius’s house and with aquarius residing in natal 3rd, I am struggling with communication. Probably oversensitive emotionally with jupiter transiting cancer. It’s most likely why I am not discussing my goals with anyone. I don’t want to get shot down. Really can’t afford to. Time to strut my stuff. Tighten up my performance kind of thing. And avoiding over committing. But that would be the balance thing.

  10. He’s happily snuggled up against my natal Sun, Mercury, Pluto and loosely conj my natal Uranus. I am after several things right now and very focused. I have been given a HUGE responsibility boost in my job and if I can successful at managing this huge initiative for the next year, I am pretty sure it will mean a big payoff in title and pay. I am being tested and so far, passing with flying colors. With Uranus sitting that close to my MC I am aware of the unpredictability of this situation at work, but I am focused on making it successful.

    I am also back into focus on my health and appearance, my outward expression of the inner self. I have Cap rising and Pluto is headed toward my ASC so this falls in line nicely with that energy I think.

  11. from 2 to 25 libra is my 12th house,I’m also libra rising+south node+libra jupiter and natal mars is in 2nd,sag.
    I’m out of a 5 year period of clashing transits, just started the rebuilding of myself, I call it Life Part II.layers are unfolding fast, deeply.secrets of my approach to life I was never able to face because of the emotions attached,my dreams keep mirroring where I am,while I add new details in the map all the urge for something very familiar to be relinquished, mental schemes so deep and entrenched, holding me back.I guess it will be about dealing with loss,mourning, because it’s my identity as I know it, but it can no longer be mantained in an adult life because has caused me unbearable happiness and if left to its own devices would go on intoxicating any relationship.And my cancer moon, my tons of water(mercury on top), require emotional connection.which can’t be pursued the way a baby would do, if the baby is 45.
    I’m also having tr.chiron sq.mars, and my chiron conj sun is activated as well..
    so far for the a short time kibra mars will be on my asc. then in 1st,I’m so looking forward to it!!though my mars is trine sun, its force has always been overwhelmed by powerful emotional needs of moon sq.venus rx conj.saturn.
    I’m definitively dreaming of the era of self assertion at last…that’s where my aries north node conj chiron and sun is calling me,I presume
    rx venus. conj saturn is also in aries, so I badly need my martian energy to be kicked up in real life and not only on the mental level(mercury opp. pluto,jup, uranus)
    I’m positive on desires now, a companion,a family, emotional balance, and most of all I’m working on trust

  12. I have natal mars in libra (conj mercury also), all in the 9th house.
    I feel like i did a reboot.
    I’m thinking to go back to university (changing course probably).
    I’ve been reading about astrology and spirituality.
    I’m looking for action. but i’m stuck in thinking and searching. But mostly thinking, thinking and thinking. Not doing.
    (But I workout to be able to think)

  13. Mars is kicking around in my 8th house, and it’ll be dancing right over my moon/mars/saturn/pluto as the months progress. It’s stirring up deep issues that I really must address and transform, somehow. Oh, and it’s legacy for the year ahead will be an exact mars-pluto conjunction in my forthcoming solar return. Should I be worried? o.O

  14. Mars is transiting 8h and on it’s way back and forth is aspecting saturn, chiron and ceres in the 1st. I’m finding ways to express my anger, hurt and other needs (that have felt less-than acceptable to me), that honour my heart and body, and without dumping on the other person. Finding a balance between my needs and the needs of the other that doesn’t negate either of us or the relationship between us. This is pretty deep stuff for me and it’s softening how I am in the world, bringing ease to my body, building my confidence and sense of faith in myself. Doing healing.

    • With mars in the 11th I’ve been networking more too. It is really fun and funny running into people from other places and times at these events.

  15. 5th house … which is where my natal Saturn is. Strange combo of artistic discipline and output. Mars says “make it now. Hurry”. Saturn says, “Slow down. Do it right.” Arghhhhhhh

  16. I’m a Sagittarius, so does it mean it’s transiting my 11th house? or is it the house where my natal Libra is? – that would be 5th. It makes sense for the 11th – I just moved to a new country for a new job to work with a group of people.

  17. T. Mars turns retrograde on my Sun/SN/MC on March 1st @ 27′ 31″ Libra. Also T. North Node will be at 29 Libra. (Midlife nodal opposition)

    Sounds like a big deal for some reason.

  18. There’s lot of folks here with Mars in 8th house. My my!

    Mars is hanging out in my 3rd house for this transit. I’m sooo glad Mars’ stay in opposition to my natal Mars in Aries was brief – and it won’t be touched again for this transit. The Uranus-Pluto square has been pumping my natal Mars for quite some time. That’s been more than enough Mars stimulation!

    More communication (email, website, phone, text) than usual of late…and the utmost in tact is needed for this, as I’m searching for my first position in a new career. And did I say shorter distance travel is in the works to interview? And that there may be more?

  19. Mars in my 8th conjunct my Sun right now. I want to tackle my nagging debt by doing some radical things…this 8th house theme has been hanging over me since saturn in libra! I want to just stop the worry shame and obsession over this crud!

  20. Mars is also transiting my 9th house and next week will conjunct my Jupiter exactly which I hope will bring some light to my Pluto/Moon conjunction in Capricorn happening now. I need a break! I’m studying something esoteric and it’s fascinating.

  21. Mars is in my 12th house. My Asc is at 21 Libra so it will be crossing into my 1st house….presently. I have Mars/Pluto conj in Scorpio in the 1st.

    I associate the 12th house (Virgo) with higher (transcendental!) learning. I have Sun (Sag) conj Neptune (Capricorn) in the 3rd. Every time I have a heavy Neptune transit I get deep deep into dreamwork/the astrozone/my psyche…

    Maybe this Mars transit will help me transition from in my head to out in the world?

  22. It’s presently in my 6th heading into my 7th. I like Mars energy, it helps get me going, otherwise I’m very free floating especially with Neptune approaching my ASC. When it goes into my 7th combined with that Jupiter 5th house and 11th house Pluto, it’s all about creative expression. If you would have asked me only a month ago and all the years prior, I would have been praying that it would have meant a relationship. Now? Now I don’t want anyone around side-tracking me….I have work to do.

  23. Mars is transiting my 6th house I’m not sure about the aspects, pretty sure it’s playing with my natal Pluto and Saturn. Did I mentioned i was going through my Saturn return? Oy This definitely pushed me past the point of hard truths (saturn return) into actually DOING something about it! Hopefully productive. Needless to say, I’m definitely feeling it!

  24. Mars will be transiting my 1st and 2nd houses (sweeping back and forth over the house division at 21 degrees?). The station retrograde will conjunct natal Jupiter in the 2nd. This feels like a culmination of a lot of work started last July. I’m thinking this is my coming out as who I am, finally, in this life. But, I’d appreciate any thoughts on key themes I could be watching out for!

  25. Mars was conjunct my MC this week. I don’t work right now but I’m a full time student in my senior year of college (I’m middle-aged and fulfilling a promise I made to myself many years ago to finish). Since it has started transiting my 10th house I have had a lot of clarity as to what type of job I want to pursue. But—mars is well integrated into my natal chart. I’ve found this boost of energy and sudden clarity exactly what I needed. 🙂

  26. Elsa, where is the article or post you wrote which referenced people not wanting to break up during mars in libra but find replacements in relationships first? Think that might be happening on my life… That and the whole competing with others/yourself. I have mars in libra natally in my 9H, and it’s transiting my 10H now conj my Pluto and moon. It goes rx 1 degree before an exact conj to my moon. So far I think I’m handling the transit really well.

  27. GEmini w Mars in Lib 4th House, Cancer Asc -Jup transiting 12th House, Succumbed to homelessness in Nov after a pair of betrayals, health care system disconnect, Gemini w lung disorder, phones went out, lost in mail, broken upon arrival, faxes missent, housebound for 83 days, hopefully that tide will turn . Very creative period, , unpleasant review of partnerships, 6/14/67, 6:58am, Omaha(douglas)

  28. That transiting Mars is in my 6th house, I had tooth infection. I finally got that taken care of. Had problem paying the dental bills. Now I am investing to family business who are selling medical marijuana peanut butter. Geez.

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