MARS – Training Your Mind And Body

I just took my son for his karate lesson. It’s been awhile because he goes to class on his Dad’s nights, lately. The was a young man in there, with a white belt (lowest rank). I was impressed with him because when his instructor coached his kick, he took the instruction and immediately made a precise adjustment. His focus was phenomenal and at first I thought he must be a natural talent.

10 minutes later, I realized that wasn’t it. The guy probably had military training. Where else are you going to get that kind of focused discipline?

I openly admire physical prowess. Watching that guy made me aware of the vast gulf between people like him and people who claim to be able to nothing, ever. His way shows such respect and gratitude of the gift of a functioning mind and body. It’s just great to see someone working to develop their potential.

Mars will be in Virgo for 8 months, starting in November, 2011. This would be a great time to get on a health kick and fire up your mind.

Do you train your mind and/or your body? How?


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  1. Yoga. Meditation. I did kickboxing until they moved to the other end of town. (I don’t drive and haven’t had the motivation to do the 60 minute walk it would entail.)

    I must admit something’s been kicking mu ass lately. And I’m gathering my energy up to bash that bad attitude that’s come on me.

    I respect focus. I have to work very hard to maintain it.

  2. For my mind: I have a practice regimen that I follow for my music. I document my progress in a journal. My regimen has gotten off-track the last month with all my recent family crises. I am looking forward to getting back to it.

    For my body:trickier. I get bored quickly with fitness regimens, so I need to keep changing things.

  3. I don’t claim to be able to do nothing, ever. At the moment, though? zero motivation. I was feeling suicidal again, at the end of last month, and when I woke up feeling hungover from I guess the dehydration from the crying before, I decided to get right back to trying to shift my mindset, to pay attention and keep at it. And then the last two weeks happened.

    I was chastising myself earlier over all of the stupid things I’ve cried about over the past year, as it sunk in that my cat had died, but I’m also right back to feeling “what’s the point?”

  4. Oh, I listen to meditation cds, when I remember to, before falling asleep, and occasionally in the morning or afternoon. I have a Doreen virtue one out of the library, and listened to Healing with the Angels, yesterday. Brian weiss cds, too. I used to have focus, and Mars will be in my 10th and 11th.

  5. I just emailed my old yoga studio and will be starting up again next week. And I’m training for a half-marathon. It’s how I deal with stress and grief.

    Karate is such a great confidence-booster for kids. The discipline and the sense of honor instilled probably appeals to Vid a lot I would guess from your stories about him.

  6. natal Mars in Virgo so I think I got this one covered. I have spent 20 years doing tai chi – including some pretty hardcore training. Lots of meditation too. I’ve added on yoga now, which I see as heading in the same general direction as tai chi. I have incredible focus and once I start a practice I am like clockwork.

    I’m really looking forward to Mars in Virgo, it’ll amplify my stellium (mars/Uranus/Pluto) – I hope that’s a good thing!

  7. I have my mars in Capricorn and now I understand how I’ve been able to learn dance moves, surf, and try out any extreme sport and just “get it” instantly. Laser sharp focus and when it comes to getting a job done my comfort is always put on the backburner…thanks to my “military training” with my mom who had her moon in Capricorn…so yeah, forget about feelings, “woMAN up” and just do it 😉 Now I feel lucky for that aspect.

  8. Well, oddly enough, I just got back on the NordicTrack yesterday after putting it off since last year due to all the chaos in my life. I’m mad at myself for wasting all this time, and it feels good to sweat for exercise instead of hot flashes.

    One of my cats is on his way out, too, Salali. He won’t use the litter pan and it’s a lot of stress. May your kitty be happy in Heaven, and in his/her Spirit body right next to you like always.

  9. I have bicycle-raced and dearly miss it. With my kid schedule, I can only ride every other week. I’m joining a gym soon, and it has a pool for her to have fun in, so I’m not tethered to an every-other-week fitness schedule, which is like not working out at all. I miss having an elite-athlete body. I’ll never be where I was at when I was 27, but I can still kick ass at 44.

  10. Martial arts can focus energy and help with fear issues , it should be taught in schools ( very anti bullying stuff). It fed my Capricorn moon , put it on your bucket list( at any age ) and you won`t be sorry .

  11. Traditional chen style tai ji quan and I’m picking up on tricking as well. Per day I train anywhere from 2-4h. I’ll probably extend it well beyond 4h per day within a month, once the exams are over with.

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