Mars Square Mercury: Information War Explodes

mars in taurusI’ve been covering Mars under pressure in my newsletter and on the blog.  At this point Mercury is in action.  This is a heads up to Mercury-ruled Gemini and Virgo. Expect information and communications to blow up, as they say. Here’s the astrology:

  • Mercury is conjunct Pluto today.  Murky, gross, disgusting, hidden information is getting puked up here and there. This is true for the collective but also, internally.
  • Mercury will ingress into Aquarius on Friday. There will no doubt be surprises. This position is also known for brilliance and innovation. However, it’s not that simple.
  • Mercury in Aquarius will square Mars in Taurus which is one stubborn son-of-a-bitch. Taurus is known to be extremely patient, but if you piss it off, long enough and hard enough… well once the bull charges, it doesn’t have much in terms of brakes.
  • At the same time, Mercury will conjunct Jupiter and Saturn over the weekend.  Will this BLOCK Mars? I would not count on that…
  • You can’t count on that because Mars will be conjunct Uranus in Taurus. The bull is unpredictable.

This is just one of those things.  It’s a profound period and it happens to follow this other profound period, where we spent 2020, stuck on ledge or up to our neck in some sort of traction or quicksand.  It’s different now. It’s crackling.

On a collective level, this is out of the individuals hands. On a personal level, you can try to keep it simple. Mars square Mercury. Words can cut a person to the quick. Before you unleash your fury, make sure you’re good with what might be the aftermath.

What do you see happening out there?


Mars Square Mercury: Information War Explodes — 37 Comments

  1. Not sure,still banking to bite my tongue, at work I was handed new
    Route sheet, pay cut, been contemplating another job???
    What to do ??might give it air to breathe?? Last year at my birthday
    I was handed a plate of s**t and I
    Basically been gagging since,thought
    Saturn leaving would be a menu change,might need to get up and leave?or just give me a wait and see?
    Who takes my old work?Ahhh so
    Ready to have a time without
    Complaining,suckers why do little
    People get treated like gnats?
    I’ve punched the clock for them
    For so long,where’s my damn
    Birthday cake, maybe it’s a cupcake
    And the real magic is the candel?
    What to do,feeling like the painting
    At the dentist?lost in watercolors

    • My mom actually apologized to the family just now! She had pushed us to vote for Trump, and she is really sorry now.

      I didn’t vote for him anyway. After the way he allowed this pandemic to get out of control, and then allowed his supporters to take over the Capitol today–fuck him. He is a grifter.

  2. Thanks Elsa. Old family of origin issues surfacing, and I am the Mercury and Taurus figure. I had a heart episode yesterday and I thought I was on the way out. Took a walk and felt better.vdecided to put things I cannot control into a box. News moratorium as well for now. Will schedule some time with you. Sibling problems.

  3. The fix appears to be in in DC, American people are on their own if they want freedom from the Covid lunacy and the Deep State….

  4. Thank you for writing this Elsa!!!

    Because I have Mars linked with my Moon Mercury, I feeeeeeeeeeeeeel this. What’s helping is watching short Mr. Rogers videos on being angryyyyy and knowing how that feels & thinking & stopping before I do something dumb siiiiiiiiiiigh

  5. Want to talk about the anger? The Capitol building has been stormed and is in lock down. There are over a million angry people in DC at the moment.

    Could we be looking at a Civil [oxymoron] war?

      • I wouldn’t dare ask what happens next. Never in my life have I seen the likes of this. They got into the House chambers and it is mass chaos.

    • I think we are looking at a war of some kind. MAGA people went to Washington today to protest election fraud. Despite overwhelming evidence contained in a 1400 page report and 1000+ signed affidavits citing fraud, videos, etc., no court would even hear the evidence and dismissed the cases based on technicalities, not the merit of the cases.

      Trump has 75M people that voted for him, yet Congress ignored it all and was all ready to certify a fraudulent election today. The Constitution was not followed in the states involved. Some states, like PA, wanted to decertify their electors for Biden and Mike Pence said he would allow debate, but was going to certify the Biden electors anyway. What kind of crap is that?

      I’m one of the PO’ed people because my vote didn’t matter in this election and any other election in the future won’t matter either. They cheated and that cannot ever be tolerated.

      All the MAGA people wanted was election fairness and to be heard, but unfortunately, they were infiltrated by Antifa and who knows what other fringe groups. Antifa stormed the capital. This is a tweet thread of pics of some of the Antifa people. If this isn’t okay, Elsa, just delete the link.

      A young woman was shot through a door in the House chamber by Capital police today and she has died. She was unarmed and not rioting. This is disgusting.

      I think war is inevitable because it has to be. It won’t be against each other, rather, I think it will be against the powers that be. They are out of touch with the people in this country.

      • I agree Jo. But on the other hand, they fell right into the trap that was set up for them. Now, President Trump will most likely be removed due to the 25th amendment and his supporters will be marked for round up. This is going to either start a civil war or we go into communism. I think this year is going to be worse than 2020.

      • I don’t want to argue. Not in this space. It is interesting for me to hear your perspective because it’s so different from the echo chamber of which I live.

        It’s very much a Gemini/Sagittarius nodal axis issue. What is truth? Is it literal (Gemini) what we see in front of us, or is is a belief or personal truth (what we see on tv, Twitter, or YouTube videos that puts a fire in our belly). Gemini has always been the media, but since Pluto was in Sag I feel it’s been highjacked and has been more about “believing” what they are telling you with sensational stories rather than the literal boring old truth (Gemini). That’s just my opinion.

        I think we need to be careful about what we believe to be true (south node Sag) and instead sit in a place of curiosity (North node Gemini). Not a good time to look to one source (e.g. Trump’s tweets). Your vote didn’t count because of fraud (said preemptively before anyone voted) is curious to me. Not one court in the land find any of these cases viable is curious to me and the validity of the claims. Neptune is squaring the nodes, so it makes sense people are confused. I think people are mad at the wrong entity.

        Let’s see what happens when the fog lifts. America is also having its Pluto return. Things might look different in several years. I hope it looks kinder.

  6. Mindful of Elsa’s thread on Fakery. Does anyone else note that the scene of the woman in the Speaker’s chair pumping fist has an overhead clock reading 2:40 p.m.? The picture of Congressmen with guns drawn looks strange to me. Wondering how much of this is a set up. Trump supporters scaling walls? Doubt it. Something is going on that is difficult to fathom. But I agree with JoFrance. Hold a third world election, expect third world results. We endured two years of Russia collusion & a special counsel, but cannot get one hearing on this? I don’t care what anyone thinks of Trump. That ain’t right…

    My whole family is on needles, not sleeping well. Wired and tired.

    • Yes, it feels all set up to me. Plus, I would just love to know why Pres. Trump is the most hated person in the USA. What has he done to make these folks foam at the mouth in rage over him?

      • P. Trump is an outsider to the world of politics and was elected to change business as usual in DC. He knows about how they all sold out our country and enriched themselves and their families, especially where they get their money from. The Uniparty in DC doesn’t want anyone to know that, so Trump has to go.

    • hmm the entire world saw what trump incited and he’s been banned from twitter. It just looked like a 3rd world country riot. And everyone sees him as not fitted for a president. There were 4 dead at the riot too, it even scared many officials inside the building who never would have thought of this happening to them. people dont feel safe. All world leaders are seeing this and thought how horrible it is and blame trump for influencing this.

      it looks like an Aquarius/Uranus square Taurus situation, upheaval but not good cause squares are icky ugly. or its the taurus mars squaring jupiter too.

      and its so weird! gemini always gets blamed for lying and then all of a sudden Trump who is Gemini sun, has been called out for lying and the press has written it all over that he lied again and again. Sheesh >_< and telling tall tales exaggeration (sag moon maybe) astrology at it's finest.

    • Those were not congressmen with the guns. They were secret service protecting Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi. Those people planned to kill Mike Pence and the secret service was trying to protect him.

      Elsa – I don’t think I can be on your blog anymore. I will read it and email you separately – but this is not for me.

  7. Tension headache tonight. I almost never get those. Time for some Tylenol and off to bed. The mint tea is finally settling my nerves.

  8. Time will tell as far as Trump’s legacy. Lincoln was reviled in his day & a total outsider. Even his own party tried to sell him out behind his back by brokering a peace deal with the Democrats, telling them keep your slaves & we’ll put someone else up for president this term. After his Gettysburg address, ~850 words given at the site of so many fresh deaths on both sides & considered one of the most iconic speeches ever, the media totally panned him. How would they ever be able to hold their heads up again in front of the European intelligentsia. The speech before was 2 hours long & typical for the time. Our self-important, pompous elite have always been with us. Trump pulled the veil back. It will be interesting moving forward.

    • isn’t trump one of the elite? he’s a billionaire O_O
      he can give some of that money to the poor. out of his own pocket if he wants.

      • Yep. And the whole reason for requiring Presidents to take a salary is to prove that you don’t have to be one of the elite to qualify for the role, and also to avoid possible conflicts of interest.

        • there is still hope, alot of the world leaders (as i’ve been reading on the news their comments on trump influencing the riot via twitter) are hopeful that biden will do a better and more peaceful job. Many of them respected Obama, and it’s interesting to see how even more eastern and central europe really used to look up to USA, in terms of world leader/powerful nation. Many have dreams to visit or live in the USA too. They even have programs with lottery to win to live in the USA. Amazing! Even China i read compared to their own riots but said no one got killed at least which incited anger by their own people. However, to see what happened with the riots, it just a disappointment that even Boris johnson thought it disgusting from what i read in the news. However, he’s also being hated on by his fellowmen because of his handling of lockdown in United Kingdom. It’s amazing when you read all the world leaders talking about it. It’s been really really strange, but hopefully by end of January when Presidents are to change, there’s always a silver lining.
          it’s truly a heavy responsible to be looked upon as one of the world’s powerful nation.

  9. So many sad scenes yesterday. Sad day for our country. Those who are still backing trump will surely ever see if they don’t see now.

  10. Information war indeed. Conspiracy theories and conspiracy theorists abound in the country that is the arguably the leader of the free world, especially when it comes to politics and Covid.

    To those of us who are not American, but live in democratic societies, it is disheartening to see our great friend and ally, the United States, end up in the situation it did yesterday. A culmination of four long years.

    Sometimes one gets too caught up in a bubble and an outside perspective is necessary to see what is really going on. I feel like the US, as a collective, is at that moment. But, nobody on the outside can heal what is happening in your country – only you can.

    I wish you the best, not only for your own country, but for the world.

  11. In USA natal chart, there’s an exact transit right now, transit pluto opposing natal mercury in cancer exact, mercury=information. And later down the line there’s going to be a pluto return- 27deg cap, still linked to that natal mercury pluto opposition.

  12. My head still hurts on and off. I have been angry for the last few days. I am finding my voice this week, but still holding back a LOT. My country feels like a powder keg, and I am exhausted and sad watching my country being ripped in half.

  13. In answer to Elsa’s question, I am seeing people out there speaking up and drawing lines in the sand, some of them for the first time in their lives. A local nurse I used to work with has become really vocal on her Facebook page. She is fed up with the national and local leadership’s response to the pandemic and the public’s resulting lack of give-a-crap. She’s ripped her filter off and I am living for it.

    • By the way, she has parted ways with a LOT of friends and family the past few days. She is done being nice. I think this energy of Mars/Mercury/Pluto could undo a few relationships where people just cannot come to agreement anymore. (Remember, the Libra Moon was involved at the height of this. I feel like Libra energy is being crushed this week. Even MY niceness is barely hanging on.)

  14. Someone posted a political cartoon on the Toastmasters International group page on Facebook today. It immediately provoked almost every member who saw it, and now several members are leaving the organization in disgust. I unfollowed the group (not the organization), because of nastiness directed towards me and some others. The post was reported to the Admins numerous times, but they appear to be out to lunch.

    By the way, the cartoon was not appropriate for the page because it’s off-topic. The group’s purpose is to help people with Toastmasters-related questions, and hold discussions about public speaking, leadership and communication.

    I’ll tell you what–I saw some Mars/Mercury/Pluto action in there today! Someone referred to TMI as a “trash organization” and this was the last straw for them. Other people pointed out that it is time we learn to start holding difficult conversations DESPITE the current collective inability to reach across the aisle. In other words, let’s start clearing the air and addressing these festering old wounds our society is now dealing with. Boy, talk about some Plutonian communication! And all over a cartoon on censorship!

  15. Go look at aerial views of the capital from this past June..Fires all around ~ who did this???

    How quickly time flies… let us remember those heady days back in the spring, summer, fall and (still) winter when ‘Antifa & BLM turned every major city and state capitol into shitholes ~ torching small businesses, smashing windows, tearing down statues, looting & shooting with impunity.’

    Thankfully to balance the political scale, we have boat loads of quotes, photos and video footage of many political figures and journalist (media) encouraging the pillaging and burning that was cheered on by many.

    LECTURING OTHERS and DOUBLE STANDARD is wide open now for all to see and that is where the information wars are also taking place.

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