Mars Square Jupiter In Libra – Driven To Be Generous

moon vintage Christmas ornamentI’m just home from the salon. Good timing, under the new moon in Venus-ruled Libra. I got talking to a gal in her thirties; she’d had a total hysterectomy, five years ago.  Mars is squaring the Moon right now…womb surgery.

Anyway, she had a really horrible time. She has many problems, before and after her surgery. As a matter, she was unsettled and unstable for more than three years.

She told of her low point in all this. Hormones unbalanced, she was ready to run someone on a bicycle, in her car. They were in her way, see?

Instead she pulled over and called someone. She knew she was not right in the head.

End of the story, she told me that this is why she always tries to give people who do or say bad things, the benefit of the doubt. They may be going through something, where they can’t help themselves.  The truth of what she was saying, struck me.

Meantime, my stylist has been in a bad mood, recently. I’ve run into her here or there…she’s always frowning. This was not normal for her, so being a big mouth, I’ve mentioned it, every time. Are you in a bad mood?  She has this major frowny-face.

Well today, she looked normal, happy, and in a great mood. Turns out she’s been in pain, which has now been relieved. It’s like night and day! Or rather, she’s back to how she was when I met her.

This underscored the lesson learned from the first gal today. I thought I’d pass this on because it’s so textbook as far as the astrology goes.

Jupiter is conjunct the Sun and Moon. Mars in Capricorn squares the triple conjunction.

Get out there and strive to generous and forgiving. It can’t hurt and it may help more than you might imagine.


Mars Square Jupiter In Libra – Driven To Be Generous — 15 Comments

  1. Communication is really important to determine who’s going through a bad time and who’s just an unpleasant being. I once had a woman at a job get strangely irritated with me for politely asking a question about paperwork. It turned out later she was just afraid I was going to push for the answer immediately ( I wasn’t) when she was already overloaded. Although my initial reaction to her was negative based on her sharpness, she turned out be very sweet and helpful once she realized I wasn’t going to bother her.

  2. Yes! I’ve been practicing this this week.
    Once was with a lady who hit me in a parking lot. She was so sorry until I emailed her the estimate to get it fixed. Now I hit her. I’m forgiving her because I don’t want to fight. So there is some selfishness there on my part. But I’m still counting it! I’ve chosen to forgive her and the last lady that hit me who wouldn’t pay last year. Now I can look at my messed up bumper and feel good about forgiving instead of being angry.
    Second was a work situation. Man I’m absorbing a lot on this one. Dealing with the fallout of other people’s actions and feelings. It might take some time for me to work through some bitterness but I do know that none of this stuff is personal to me. I was just saying to someone the other day that “it ends with me”. I can’t or won’t pass the buck.

  3. Remember kindness should not take away from enlightened self interest. Suffering because your being nice sets you up as a martyr and opens up later resentment. I have learned this the hard way.
    You can still forgive someone and still stand up for yourself in a kind compassionate way.

    • Absolutely. A friend that’s helping with spiritual stuff suggested that if I forgive to truly forgive in my heart, and let go of the resentment. So that I’m also loving and forgiving of myself in that way.

  4. Beware a woman going through perimenopause/menopause, goodness sakes the mood swings are horrible. Anger seems to be a top emotion and everything just peeves me off.

    Which reminds me of how I view society today, it is like these invisible black clouds of rage just appear and a person passes through them and BAM! They want to attack someone! The stories about normal people just suddenly attacking random people/animals and trying to eat them scares the hell out of me!

    It is a good thing to remind people that everyone goes through things that can make them behave badly. Thank you for the reminder.

    • Tonya, I can relate. Perimenopausal rage is that dragon that can only be slain by the passing of time. And from what I hear sometimes black cohosh :). Seriously intensity of that sudden hormonal anger is shocking. And those cannibal attacks are beyond terrifying.

    • Tonya, I think also the instant gratification afforded by technology combined with helicopter parenting and special snowflaking of kids without regard to teaching good behavior has given rise to a generation that is incredibly quick to anger when they don’t get exactly what they want, how they want, the second they want it.

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