Mars In Sagittarius! Read All About It

Mars in Sagittarius is bigger than life, super confident and boastful.

Mars in Sagittarius has no qualms bragging about their prowess in the bedroom and other playing fields.

There is a tendency to exaggerate accomplishments.Β  Mars in Sagittarius will fight for their beliefs.

Tell us about Mars in Sagittarius, yours or others…


Mars In Sagittarius! Read All About It — 19 Comments

  1. LOL this made me laugh so much. I have Mars in Sag and I’ve noticed how I try to go after/ attract/chase men is by looking like Im having lots of fun and laughing. My mars is conjunct neptune so music or dancing is usually involved in this having fun scenario.

    Funnily I when i went to catch the elevator other day I jumped in with this really cute guy who Im pretty sure has been scoping me for awhile and he was talking to a friend also in the elevator and he says looking at me “Oh Im really easy going and laid back”. I had to try and hold my smile back coz I was thinking this guy probably has a sag mars or is that more of a pisces mars statement.

  2. I envision my Mars in Sag as a football player whizzing and dodging down the field, dancing like a damned fool in the endzone, then snapping other planets on the ass with a towel in the locker room. πŸ˜€

    If you’ve got some dour things in your chart, it’s a blessedly fun item to have in the mix. I’ve got it in the 3rd elbowing a close-by Scorp Neptune. Good times, good times.

    I’m not particularly boastful due to other factors, so lessee… I can parallel park like the parallel parking GENIUS THAT I AM and I’ve *never* been beaten in Pictionary. Woot!

    I think it might make you a little jokey too. πŸ™‚

  3. Oh my comment went and disappeared me haha. Oh well just wanted to add majority of my family have mars in a fire sign and boy when a fight it ensues watch out. Both my sister and I have mars in sag and I notice come argument we get all moralistic and preachy. My brother an aries mars WHoa he just blows up. In fact we all just blow up but it ends up being quite healthy cos having a firey mars stops angry from festering to much. Its blows up, its out and then you move right along.

    Oh both my sister and I since we both have mars in sag we tend to pick foreigners all the time when go out to bar or men with accents.

  4. With Venus in Sag, I have known/know many Mars in Sag folks. Two I can think of are always in motion and happy. One used to be but is now extremely overweight and completely miserable. She has Taurus rising & 12th house Aries Sun, Venus, Saturn.

  5. I’m not sure I know any Mars in Sag people — I tend towards Mars in water or air (It just works out that way). It’s too bad, because they sound like a lot of fun!

  6. Not sure where to post this… here or in your earlier post of today (Eye on the Sky) “Beware half the women”… πŸ˜€

    Yet another uncanny coincidence between your posts and my life…

    I’m not sure what exactly (up there in the sky) rattled her into action (today), but a friend of mine who had written me off earlier this year (second time in two years) resurfaced… TODAY… with her tail between her legs and an apology.

    She has… Mars in Sag. πŸ˜€ (speaking of the devil!)

    She also has mega Aries and all kinds of other fire.

    You say: “Mars in Sagittarius will fight for their beliefs.” That’s exactly what started our (her) problem. She got herself in an almighty brawl over her beliefs. It didn’t involve me and I chose to stay out of it. She took offense at that.

    She’s back today having come to her senses: I have a right to choose my own battles.

    (I have Mars in Libra… I don’t get embroiled in flame wars, and I don’t feed the trolls.)

  7. Btw, I’m having a Pluto transit through my 11th house… so friends have been dropping out, some popping back in… in out out in life death death life…

  8. Mars in Sag with a Leo rising. Thought that maybe the cockiness, self-assurance was due to the rising, so am thankful for this post. Never thought about this aspect! Interpreted it as being powerful in a philosophical sense, in traveling, etc. But I am a playful cocky bastard. It isn’t competitive in the cut-throat sense, but fun, jostling, whether with witty banter or a good game of croquet. I’ve heard that Sages are quite the romancers…well, this is a source of pride, too, which I always attributed to a Libra stellium. Funny how things in a chart reinforce each other. But makes sense – we are not a compilation of disperate aspects but in fact a complete, human being, a total chart en whole, not piecemeal.

  9. Mars in Sagittarius conjunct my AC. I’ve never been the most confident person in the world and wouldn’t consider myself boastful at all but maybe others see me that way? I do wear both my heart and my mouth on my sleeve, but have always attributed that to my Aries Moon. And yeah, completely prone to exaggeration but more about other people’s accomplishments than my own. Way more. And definitely all about the good times!

  10. Me…Mars in Sag though at 28 33 so I am not sure if that “diffuses” things or “intensifies”. YES…I will fight for my beliefs and self confidence is generally not a prob. My sun is in Libra, Moon in Taurus, Venus in Virgo and I am Cancer rising so I like to think that this “balances” things out a bit!!! πŸ™‚

  11. The mars in sag that I knew was repressed. I can’t remember the aspects in his chart. But when we first went out, I had this overwhelming feeling that he Needing to play sports or something to expel his energy. Then he tells me that someone else just said the said thing. They need to recognize that they need a physical outlet. We all do, I guess but I really felt it from him

    Also his sag mars squared my pluto in virgo and that was a Very Intense Sexual Attraction (never consumated though)

    Side issue: he was very rigid in his religious beliefs. Maybe wouldn’t fight you abt it but would tell you how you were wrong (scorpio mercury)

  12. I don’t really relate to any of those boastful, etc. statements about Mars in Sag, though mine is conjunct Neptune. What I do notice is that when I am feeling like I am not motivated to do anything in life and worried about the weirdness of that (often), then sometimes I realize that I am motivated to understand life/the universe more, that that’s what my Mars wants to do with its energy. (And conjunct Neptune, that frequently means exploring weird consciousness stuff, unseen realms.) And I tend to assert myself by trying to teach about something. Also I used to run a lot until illness issues required me to give that up, and I miss that as an energy outlet.

  13. Have mars in sag in first. I don’t find myself excessively boastful. Whenever I’m stressed out I need a physical outlet. Actually I need a physical outlet period. Moreso now that my progressed ascendant is in Sag as well. Will lead the army if it is a cause I am fired up about. Actually need to be fired up about something or have a tendency to turn the energy into myself and that is self destructive. Could see a frustrated sag in mars becoming an armchair general.

  14. a friend of mine has Mars in Sagittarius…he once was working a few hours away from home. He heard his friend was sniffing around his girlfriend…rode his bicycle down the highway 2 hours, took a ferry for 1.5 hours, rode his bicycle for a few more hours to his friend’s place, let himself in (he had keys), went into his bedroom where he (sniffer) was sleeping, and punched him in the face.

    PS. Mars in Aries thought this was funny;)

  15. I think my Mars in Sag fell off the chart. I need to go look for him & get to know him because Lord knows I could use some of what he offers. Although, almost in the 12th so may be hard to find.

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