How to Handle a Mars Pluto Transit (For Wimps Like Me)

Mars ScorpioSo I’m recovering from my Mars Pluto opposition, with Mars as the transiting planet. Just a few days really, a few really intense days. Here’s how I got through it: the key for me was to steer the energy and let it out little by little, release it, and without making it bigger. For example, I listened to music that would make me move or walk faster, but avoided music that would make me feel over-excited or violent. The Pixies, for example, were a perfect choice, but Sonic Youth, on the other hand, was just too yang. I’m sure it’s different for everyone. A good symphony probably would have worked too.

One morning during my transit, I stopped to get a bagel and caught a glimpse of myself in the store window. I didn’t look how I felt on the inside, or so I thought. The woman behind the counter looked at me sincerely, with care, and told me to have a “good day, okay?”

Mars Pluto energy, to me, feels like an acupuncture treatment on crack. The energy is moving moving moving through your body, albeit not harmoniously. Sometimes I wonder how people with hard natal Mars Pluto aspects survive their bodies, but I guess they are used to it, the same way I am used to my intense Moon Pluto emotional life. The turning point for me was when I realized that this transit was making physical, literally, all these intense emotions; all my pent-up Virgo shit was now, seemingly, my body and not just my mind. I went for many, MANY, 70-block walks over a week’s time and collapsed from exhaustion (i.e. stayed in bed all day) as the transit was separating.

Random tips: if you feel your temper rise, leave the situation, if possible. Don’t watch too much Dexter. Overfeed the cats so they won’t wake you up in the middle of the night. Talk to a friend if you feel all edgy and twisty. Try not to take your mood out on your lover, stay mindful. Look both ways before crossing the street. I am not currently a smoker, but I smoked 4 Marlboro reds in a row the worst day of my transit and it helped. I DO NOT advocate smoking or other lousy habits, but I do advocate figuring out what works in the short term. Sometimes subtle adjustments are all that’s needed.

Do you keep track of your transits? How do you deal with transiting Mars?



How to Handle a Mars Pluto Transit (For Wimps Like Me) — 42 Comments

  1. Whew!! Great tips, mp!! I have Mars/Pluto opposed, I don’t know how I deal with it. I tend not to track faster planets, though I really should. Especially Mars, because it rules my Solar Return chart for the year ahead (I think. Hope I didn’t get that wrong).

    You are right, though–you do get used to it. I did, anyway. When I was a kid I’d just freak out. But I did outgrow it—mostly because I never got what I wanted anyway:)

  2. Sometimes I wonder how people with hard natal Mars Pluto aspects survive their bodies, but I guess they are used to it, the same way I am used to my intense Moon Pluto emotional life.

    I’ve got Pluto opposite Mars natally. I think my saving grace is the fact that my Mars is in Pisces, I have an intensely powerful ‘drive’, but it’s directed towards the good of all. 😉

    • LOL – laughing because I really understand how kitties can be and
      it’s good we cat-parents try not to be cranky with the cat babies.

  3. LOL @ Sue Ellen. The transit made me feel sooo strung out and on edge that I *really* needed the cats to sleep through the night. The lack of sleep only made it worse for me. It is amazing though, the process: it applies, it exacts, it separates. The feelings come and the feelings go.

    Not watching too much Dexter (or any Dexter) during a Mars transit is crucial 🙂

    • LOL. I can relate to that any day. I have two cats. One is polite and causes no fuss. But the other, a male, starts wigging out every day near DAWN, despite having kibble to tide both cats over until I get up in the morning. He knows once I get up he receives his CANNED FOOD within about a half hour {I move slow in the morning}.
      Even if I moved “canned food time” to later in the day , I know full well this cat would still be Hell-bent on getting me up.
      The way I am forced to deal with his gut-wrenching yowling is to shout, “SHUT UP !!!!!!!!!!”…..every morning of my life. Sometimes that doesn’t work and I have to get up and make noise as if I’m coming to get him {he knows I’m mad and then runs and finally stops yelling}. It’s insane. But he does it every day. I know I’m going to die from this stress too, he’s probably taking 10 or 20 years off my life.
      I’m sure my neighbors think I’m yelling at my daughter !
      Yes I do fantasize about giving this cat up, but we’ve had him 11 years now and we love him.
      When I’m not screaming “SHUT UP”!!!!!! I actually have a nice relationship with this cat from H-E-L-L. He’s cute and he’s a good boy except for the at-dawn wigging-out sessions.

  4. During the worst of it, it was so tangible, too; I could FEEL from my head to my toes that if someone, anyone, so much as looked at me the wrong way? I would… fight. I’ll have to track my Mars square next month..

  5. got any music recommendations for transiting saturn conjunct pluto?

    on a separate note, i have mars square pluto natally. it is a little bit much sometimes but eventually you learn to deal with it (for the most part). like you describe, you learn to preemptively remove yourself from situations that trigger the fury!!

  6. Holy cow venusflytrap, saturn conjunct pluto. That transit murdered me. But then again it was also conjunct my moon and I’m a cancer sun, and t-uranus was opposing saturn at the time.

    Tell me what you feel though — and I will tell you what music I recommend. For real.

    Fury is a good word for it – and I can’t emphasize enough (even though it did surprise me) how much talking to a friend helped, helped diffuse it.

    It’s a delicate balance: how much to exert; how much to contain.

    • Hello,
      My Boyfriend is also a cancer and had the same transit: sat conj pluto, moon and sun…uranus opposing saturn…!!! I guess you must around the same age. He had a pretty rough time emotionally during the past 8 years. I am trying to understand where he is coming from. So please explain what you meant by ‘this transit murdered me’.

      Thank you.

  7. I have Mars Pluto conjunct natally. I dunno. Guess I’m used to feeling like I’m a rocketship, full of energy. Yes, you do need to learn to use it constructively – takes a while but it’s fine. It’s very useful energy. I get a lot done!

  8. Frustration is probably the best word. Everything that could have possibly gone my way went exactly opposite. On top of that I lost my uncle and my grandmother in the past six months.

    Things seem to be easing up a bit now, since the full moon, but my faith in life feels a little bit bruised. I’ve been seeking out more gentle music than I usually like…today I listened to Lady Antebellum’s Need You Now and John Mayer’s Half of My Heart on repeat. Soothing but not too depressing.

  9. What a interesting topic!! I have had that transit already: opposing pluto uranus conjunction, and transiting saturn-conj chiron (pisces) that means pain to me. However it was only a bad gastritis (never in mi life I had gastritis) I am releasing of neptune opposition to mars in 25-Leo. Believe me I feel like waking from a dream, and finding my career a mess. (mars in X house) I feel fery well now,… I don’t know why…. but it feels good.
    (Aries stellium trine my ASC trine JUPITER house IX at 1º Leo )

  10. Great you’re doing better! And wow if l would have listend to the Pixies l would have exploded 🙂 but good choices of music anyhow! Yes l’m keeping track of my transits. l remeber one time l had Uranus square Mars and l was feeling distressed, angry and all that great stuff, once l knew that was happening it did help a bit to channel my enegy better. Being aware of it does help! Saturn was opposing Mars for couple of months and that was frustrating somehow but it’s over now and l’m glad! l was thinking this teaches me patience…yep! Uranus will be conjunct Mars at some point l wonder how that feels…l have Mercury conjunct Mars now and Neptune sextile Mars so this feel OK!:)

  11. “I could FEEL from my head to my toes that if someone, anyone, so much as looked at me the wrong way? I would… fight.”

    Welcome to my world. *grins*

    Back when I worked a register, part of every store’s training was “if we’re ever robbed, just give the robber what they want.” And I’d nod and sign the paper, but in my head I was thinking That is so not going to happen… It’s just not in my makeup.
    Whether in public or private, if someone tries to rob me I don’t think I would even have a choice of whether to submit. Instincts, you know? They’re hard to fight. 😉

  12. When my sun was opposing pluto last week I felt everything. Any pain that I thought someone was having manifested in my body. It didn’t matter if I was projecting or if it was a true empathic hurt.
    My Mars is opposing Pluto now but it’s at 5 degrees with Ox’s on step behind me. I’m sure we will start getting hit once Mars crosses into Aries. But I’ll let ya know how it goes (Saturn/Gemini apparently likes to talk about lessons learned)

  13. @Nota have to remember I’m an old-timer, pre-MTV and I heard this music the first time around. Basically I am talking about anything pre-Goo. Maybe pre-Daydream Nation but some songs on there apply too. When I used the word “yang” here I meant it to describe music that is overwhelmingly overwhelming and darkly powerful: many of their songs would build to a violent climax. That was the kind of revved up that I sought to avoid because it only made my swirly agitated Mars more swirly and agitated. Maybe Sonic Youth wouldn’t make such a strong impression on today’s teenager. I am *really* sensitive to music.

    @Shannon I’ll be having that one… my Sun is at 16 Cancer. Would love hear more about that transit for you.

    @venusflytrp sounds like you have the right idea. I do that too: music that is soothing but not depressing. That’s why I love Pandora!

  14. Lol, I was thinking about this last night. I have Mars/Neptune and listen to a lot of “yang” music. Thinking maybe it’s just on the low end of the yang continuum, which is relative yin for me 😉

    Sonic Youth is very dissonant which to me is a yin quality. Like you said it’s dark, another yin quality. But yeah I get how you’re using yang, powerful, stirring.

    Also I’m a little younger so my first Sonic Youth album was Experimental, Jet Set. Things started getting a little more produced sounding, a little more Kim.

  15. @nota I don’t know the later records at all. But my main point with them is that they were really the beginning of something. They were new, pioneers. Like I wrote before, can’t imagine hearing them today out of context, prohb sounds like barry manilow or something. Have to imagine the landscape before mtv before internet, the origins of college radio. Yes that was how I was using the word yang – when I hear them it feels like music to murder by. Sorry for disjointed comment or typos. I’m on my phone. I still remember hearing otis reding for the first time, on record; blew me away. Wasn’t on a video or a soundtrack or a commerical. Just a song. That’s the way things used to be.

  16. I guess pluto technically is still conjunct my 29 sadge mars. Reading a lot about WWII. Trying to get husband’s relative into Polish Righteous among the Nations. I bought a big gun.

  17. @Jilly, Pluto is just starting his conjunction w/my natal Mars. I’m also in the throes of my Chiron return. Dreams have become more violent and/or gory. And my skin is angry–blotchy and broken out, no matter how carefully I choose what I eat. Honestly, though, I could use an energy ramp-up to shake me from my spud-potato proclivities. This should be quite a ride.

  18. Hi there…I’m fresh to Astrology, so please bear with me 🙂

    Last December I had my Natal Chart generated, and I’ve Sun in Pisces, Moon in Sagittarius, with the Ascendant in Sagittarius, and Jupiter in the Eleventh House. With earnest reflection, I concede my natal chart is bang-on-the-money, ala Perception is Projection.

    Now, in keeping with this ‘Mars-Pluto transits’ discussion, I also have Pluto appearing in the following houses:

    1st House: Mars Square Pluto.

    2nd House: Sun Opposition Pluto.

    8th House: Pluto Square Ascendant.

    11th House: Moon Sextile Pluto.

    What I’m really curious to know is – how can I calculate when a Mar-Pluto transit occurs? I ask this as I recognise those times in my past where I’ve been difficult/aggressive, and I want to make different choices through awareness of the Plutonioan and Martian energies native to me.

    I’m all ears 🙂

  19. Just separating now, the day of the Car show. Leo mars pluto. transit. 4th.
    Fight over “parking” Response to challenger “so your going to psychoanalysze me now?”
    I’m talking about inner stuff, pluto reactions. Invasion of privacy within by old boy friend’s agression who found me reading “vindication of women’s rights 1700’s.” He hollared. No harmony there. Worst case thought it was blood in the stool, got all the way to lined up for colonectomy. Today no signs. bloody mess. Maybe it “was” the beets. Hope so. Too late now though. Doctor said I’d been traumatized.
    Otherwise, it was fine, walked for couple hours taking pic’s of car’s – felt pushed once home.

  20. When you think of it – that’s it isn’t it. Trauma and bloody mess. Look at when Lady Di was challenged to walk out into the left minefields that were always resp. for kids and adults losing limbs. Her mars pluto.
    Or the mess of her traumatic death in the tunnel. But not all transits are bad, I think it’s best to stay home and live it out on the inside. Also pluto’s best when used for the mass as well as one’s self. The change is supposed to last longer or be permanent rather than momentary. Whose that together.

  21. I am in the middle of pluto conj mars..have been for a long time now..about to hit my desc….now starting next week transiting mars will conjunct my native pluto…….I hope I dont get too cranky. will be working lots of overtime next week.

  22. acupuncture on crack, i am going through an intense* mars pluto conjunction, intense sounds about right for this, but i like the way you described your feeling at the time, acupuncture on crack.

  23. i think mars pluto transits really put the emphasis on slowing things down and taking it easy, because sometimes its just not as easy* or almost impossible to do so 🙂

  24. great advice. I have mars conjunctive natal Jupiter today (cant feel it)and in about 5 days he will conjunct natal pluto…my natal mars in Capricorn is pretty laid back so any energy this musters will be great. I hope to walk that treadmill like a champ and lose weight…I can get cranky when life sucks,so maybe I should just keep moving for those few days.

  25. Natal Moon/Mars(conjunct) square Saturn/Pluto(conjunct) in my chart. This creates a great deal of tense energy, especially with my Moon and Mars fused together and Saturn and Pluto fused together. I do think you’re right, I think I’m used to the energy by now. This was much harder to deal with prior to my first Saturn return. That seemed to be the turning point for me moving past this energy.

  26. I have mars opposite Pluto to one hundredth of a degree natally – and mars is in the 8th house. Needless to say, when I get the bit beneath my teeth, I don’t let go.I was made cover supervisor at work recently and I had grown men in tears. One keeled over and had an epileptic fit and yet I wasn’t even in first gear. People assume I was being nasty, but I wasn’t at all, the staff just found me too intense.

    • 🙁
      Try not to stress them out too much You never know what a person is already going through in their private life, and if they’re an older person it’s usually even harder for them to cope.

  27. Wow, Mars transit square Pluto today exact and I have been seething and spoiling for a fight, from the minute I showed up to work today, edgy and warlike, taking no sh-t from my team, direct, terse, tense, clipped orders to all, internally infuriated at things as they seemed to accumulate within me until I almost punched the drywall of my office wall in pure anger! Hopping mad! In control and feeling strong and radiating a simmering assertive near-hostility toward any situation that sprung up, but damn if I wasn’t internally worried about blowing a gasket somewhere in my cranium! Unpleasant and (mostly) unlike me and my Cancer sun and Cancer moon, but stuff like this really goads my strong emotional cardinality and super activates my Aries ascendant energy. Holy hell!

  28. Thank you for this, I appreciate it! I’ve experienced a crazy Mars transit when I was restless, the energy was too much to handle. Currently, I’m going through Mars (29 degrees, Leo, 10th) square Pluto (Scorpio, Asc), I’ve been experiencing energies of frustration and exhaustion. As it’s true, it makes me feel powerless by trying to control things I can’t. I’m working with kids and it’s evident in. The lesson learned here was to surrender to the energy, because resisting the negative energy takes a toll. Also, that I have the power to choose that went hand in hand with another article I’ve read which served as a great reminder– the quote “pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.” I sit/lay with the feelings and just let it be sometimes. Similar to you, I let music work its power. It also helped me figure out how to effectively deal with my emotions, which I’m not usually conscious of. It’s been a ride, but understand these feelings are leading you to the greater good, to let go a bit and be patient with oneself.

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