Mars-Mercury, Venus And Black Friday

wrapped presentBlack Friday is a huge shopping day. People are out early and in mass to jump-start the holiday shopping season. With Mars-Mercury in Sagittarius sextiling Venus in Libra I would expect opportunities for quickly acquiring beautiful things with instant appeal.

Did you get out and shop today? What was your overall experience?

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Mars-Mercury, Venus And Black Friday — 9 Comments

  1. Satori !!!! How weird!!
    I bought a beautiful jugend book today . It was totally in my lap coincidence!!
    Me and my mom where shopping for food in this huge newly reopened store, and we where actully exhausted when we stubled on to the book section. We go to the toy , tile or book for pick me up energy before we continue with the shopping. And there it was ! And on page 3 a painting my mother has seached for for 30 years..that I saw on amazon yesterday(syncronocy) weird. I now this is to much info, haha but how funny . And now you say that’s likely today. And I bought a beautiful book! Yay!!!

    Brilliant !! Thank you!!
    Going to buy a jacket tomorrow , hope the sextile is still a little functioning

  2. I got my husband a few things online at a store I’ve shopped at before but I haven’t gotten an email from them yet so I’m not sure the order went through. :/

  3. I did very well today! I woke up later than expected (8am), but when I got to the mall, there was plenty of parking. In two short hours, I was able to hit all my fave stores and purchase some really good stuff… boots, chocolate, tops and cardigans, all for suuupper low prices! I was a happy camper! No troubles at all. I was lightning fast in my shopping… just the way I like it, mars/merc conjunct.

  4. This Aries girl found a huge (and I mean HUGE) red patent leather (faux) bag which was a gift with purchase of a perfume (new scent for me and I love it). Also got a parking space easily (in a VERY crowded lot). And spent two delicious hours in the bookstore in a comfy chair (again, store was crowded, but I got a chair no problem) reading magazines and drinking tea. A lovely day of smooth flowing energy for me — and I was very grateful for it!

  5. I had started online Thanksgiving Day, but my daughter had never done the Black Friday thing and there were a lot of things that were slashed in price that I had on my list for people, so we were up at three, on the road a half hour later. I chickened out on driving to the cities because the roads were horrid coming home on Thursday, but we went to Rice Lake and everything is done but some stocking stuffers and one person left to buy for.

    (Note for online bargain hunters: check *every* day; they have something in every category, although the ones up top are all computer/electronics. I have found great deals there. When you find one you like, open a new window and see if has the store. I just signed up there a week ago, and we are definitely getting a check in February for stuff I’ve picked up through their stores. Even eBay is on there – but not Amazon, which is good because I only buy Amazon thru here. 😉 )

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