Mars, Mercury, Neptune T-Square – PIVOT!

slide puzzleMars in Gemini is squaring Mercury in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. All hell is breaking out for the most part.

Personally, I disagree with pretty much everything I read at this time. I suspect I’m off to some extent.  Clue being, my reaction is a knee-jerk!

Having Mars conjunct Mercury natally, I’ve learned how to handle this energy.  Here’s a major clue I got from my husband some years ago – VERIFY YOUR TARGET.

He was teaching me to empty a gun into a man’s center mass, if he were to break into my home with ill intent.  He explained if only takes a second to make sure you really want to shoot the person you’re pointing a gun at. Seems prudent!

So with Neptune involved, chances are if you get into a scrap, there will be some kind of impairment. Fighting with a drunk is always ill advised. Avoid it? If you’re the drunk… well you may want to avoid picking fights because the other person may be firing on all cylinders.

On the upside, I had what I consider to be a fantastic consultation. I think the client was happy but here’s what happened…

The client called, intending to sacrifice herself to avoid conflict. Libra, right. Well I understand that.  So we were talking about this and we got to moving the pieces of a fairly complicated puzzle around.  Thirty minutes in, we has a terrific solution that would serve all FIVE of the involved parties, and their childre.

Point her is these planets are MUTABLE signs. If you find yourself with a gun in your hand, pointed at a questionable target, for Godsakes, pivot!

What are you seeing out there with this T-square? Have you gotten a good result from it?


Mars, Mercury, Neptune T-Square – PIVOT! — 8 Comments

  1. Well, here I am early to rise , job , need to be clocked in 6 am plus the drive in time , till 9:30
    I break but am girl Friday with another group then driving in ( again)@1 pm till 6 pm drive home
    Missing on home front
    Grandson ended summer work three weeks in limbo now trying to fix his nighttime computer life and daytime sleep
    Habits, resembling an isolated Alaskan type lifestyle
    So he’s attempting fixing the sleep schedule so he can pick up more part-time work or studies not quite sure he’s ready for college maybe next fall ?I am trying to not be a monster visiting grandmother
    In break time and early night with my exhausted caffeinated self
    So, how’s it going?? Errrr… trying to
    Be good spirit with soft kick in ass hopes?

  2. Well Elsa ,I did Pivot.
    Thanks to you,I did morph and used the mutable situation.
    And waved a green flag of peace and Acquiescence.

    And the problem though present is now at a better spot.

    So I think we can change what’s coming at us like a ball, and choose to bounce it rather than hit it

      • Yes Thank you, many other astrologers,had also said that with this tight square with Mars, better not to get into confrontation,to avoid building up a situation.
        And I chose to extend a hand ,and it was received well ,the opposition immediately changed to one of amicability.

        But it was a hard call,but I did it.
        And yes I feel so much better for it.

  3. My vehicle was wrecked in a collision on Friday. Turns out Im at fault. Im already without a home, chronically ill, and displaced after a 1300 mile move due to divorce and no family to help. Now yesterday one of my elderly housemates announces they have covid. Im extremely immune compromised, as in, I got one shot and it made me very sick. So now Im even more scared….Im telling the universe to fuck the fuck right off. Ive fucking had it. And yes, this is STILL my 2nd house 24 deg Capricorn moon being screwed with. But now its my natal Aries sun, mars, chiron and saturn in the 4th involved. Ive had it. With everything.

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