Mars Leaves Libra For Scorpio – July 25, 2014 – Advance Towards Your Goal

scorpio margo taxcoMany will be relieved on Friday, when Mars enters Scorpio after nearly eight months in Libra, the sign of it’s detriment. Mars in Libra wants to control, but struggles to decide a course of action.

Mars is at home in Scorpio, which is a fixed sign.  Saturn is also in Scorpio at this time, do I expect people to get off the fence and advance (Mars) towards a goal (Saturn).

I wish this was squishy, but I feel it will be vicious, cold, shocking and detached.  Mars in Scorpio will square Jupiter in Leo. We could easily see widespread (Jupiter) violence (Mars).

On a personal basis, some will sever relationships after having weighed their action over many months. Other will forge a deeper connection with their allies, for tactical (Mars) reasons of mutual empowerment (Scorpio).

I realize this is sharp. Let me give you an example of how this energy might be used, where no one gets hurt.

My family is getting ready to move, early 2015. There have been a number of decisions to make.  Should we replaces the floors? Redo the bathroom?  Repair the fence, or replace it completely?

My husband and I (Mars in Libra) have gone back and forth on these things….as of next week, we’re going to act!

The decisions we make, may or may not be the most excellent decisions in the world, but we’re moving forward, because the time has come.

Do you have a goal in sight? Are you ready to move towards it?



Mars Leaves Libra For Scorpio – July 25, 2014 – Advance Towards Your Goal — 21 Comments

  1. Thanks Elsa… I am sick to death of being fence sitted! Been waiting so LONG for people to ACT!!

    Good Luck with all your house doings =)

  2. YES!!!

    I’ve felt so damn stagnated since summer began. Heck, even going to a fast food joint felt like I was dining out since everyone seemed incapable of choosing. Because of that, I’ve been less “social” in a sense. Time for a reversal.

  3. I am really sick of Mars on my Sun. :/

    My husband sent me a lap steel guitar in the mail so I guess my goal is to learn how it’s tuned & how to play it. 🙂

  4. The Mars conjunct Saturn in Scorpio is already in my natal chart. I’m so ready for everyone else to get on board. The Libra wishy-washy vibe is not my thing!

    • My future father-in-law has this aspect in Scorpio too! LOL He HATES politician, beat-around-the-bush types. YES, NO, OR MYOB. None of this sideways dance, do-si-do crap.

  5. Yes, as a Libra I’m looking forward to Mars moving out. Although it has helped me be more assertive, I really like peace and I tired of arguements! I don’t know what it will mean for me but I’m hoping for the best. I just sold my condo in June and went through all that too. I did install new floors (vinyl, but now I wish I had carpeted b/c it would have been cheaper), painted the entire condo using 3 different services, got a new mirror in bathroom and re-finished the bathtub (I had someone to do it for me who turned out not to be entirely trustworthy as he was pocketing some of the money). Yes, so many questions you ask yourself when you’re selling.

  6. Lately whenever I see something about a planet changing signs I have to wonder how distinctly I should expect to feel this? Jupiter moved into Leo but is just in the middle of my 6th house. Mars is leaving Libra but will still be in my 8th house (seemingly, wrecking every ounce of hope I ever had).

  7. I have Libra Rising and I don’t know if all 1st House Librans have felt like me, but I’ve been stuck in the mud all this time!!! I returned home from an extended overseas trip (and career break) and a family member was gravely ill… that was right when Mars entered Libra. Since then she’s been in and out of hospital and because I was at a loose end due to my trip, all the responsibility for her care fell to me and I just haven’t gotten on my feet AT ALL.

    The other most affected family member in this crisis (other than the ill one) is also Libra rising! The Virgo with Leo rising ran away and refused to help at all.

    Its so strange that Mars is finally moving out of Libra and we have just put this ill family member into care and I feel ready to LAUNCH!!!

    Mars in Libra, specially the rx has been just HORRIBLE for me.

  8. OMG! I can’t wait to advance forward! Mars being so long in my Money house, has drained me. I have been so indecisive on which way to proceed and how to proceed, I have just decide to move forward in the general direction I want to go just to move!!

  9. Well, I don’t feel like I’ve been on the fence. I often go headlong into things. So maybe this will feel more like a thrust and a smack in the face for me.

  10. Yes, finally getting to fixing important things I’ve been putting off due to money fears. Also, finding myself reasonably content at relationships I’ve severed over the past few months. For awhile, I wondered if I’d made the right decisions. I’m beginning to feel like I have and that I can move forward without unnecessary baggage.

  11. Does it has something to do with procrastination?

    Well, its vacation, I have plenty of free time but I did NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that helped me to get things done. I can’t even clean my makeup brushes or dye my hair.

    I had this whole college break to get my thesis done, and there it is, stuck, I can’t move it foward

    I also don’t get along with Libra people, neither scorpios (even though I have 3 planets in scorpio).

    But well, if it helps, then I cant wait until 25th

  12. Hah! That’s accurate.
    Exactly 8 months of delay with my project, a lot of struggle and guess when we’re going to finally launch? 🙂

  13. I do notice that things are finally moving forward. But I think once Mars goes into Scorpio it will be full speed ahead!

  14. Omg! Every time mars goes through Libra and retrogrades through my 4th house, I have housing instability issues that come to light right after mars slips into the first 5 degrees of Scorpio! Right now I feel like I’m ready to abandon the place I’ve lived in since March (lost my previous rental place in the Mars rx shadow period to some renovations / a relative move-in)

    • Oh my I just did the same moved in march and just gave notice this week to move interstate

      Mars has been making squares in my 4th all year to my nodes and been drama drama with housing

  15. Libra Mars been producing steam on this volcano, now its time for actual lava to erupt. Yay, Scorpio Mars with Leo stellium drama this summer!!!

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