Mars is in Virgo – What Are Your Working On?

I’ve been working on a new project with the Mechanic for several months now, the learning curve has been STEEP. I’ve been through this process before when I worked on my book with his (twin) brother, HQ. I went through it again when we launched this version of the my blog, focused on advice.

I am glad for that experience because I know it’s worthwhile to make an effort to learn what either brother tries to teach and I also have known that eventually I would crack the nut and it would get easier.

Today it got easier!   Not easy, but you know. I have definitely come up on the learning curve which is relieving. I also remind myself that anything worthwhile is hard and if I were sleepwalking through this, it would not be a good sign.

Mars is direct now. Whatever you’re working on should start to come easier.

What are you working on and have you noticed this?

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Mars is in Virgo – What Are Your Working On? — 23 Comments

  1. The truth doesn’t always have to be said out loud, just keep your mouth shut.

    There is no need to judge and criticize myself.

    I’m working on not letting people drain me. I’m not sure how much progress I’m making on that, but at least I’m trying. This maybe a lifelong task.

  2. Transiting mars house 6, I have noticed that things are moving along better at work. When it was hard during training and orientation I didn’t think about it getting easier with mars direct.

  3. I’ve been working on a healing program for almost six months, and the retraining is showing up. Retraining and healing with Mars now direct and my 8th House Mars tweaked this investment as the movement is FORward, I feel the work paying off (Saturn is also conj my natal Mars).

    The long-term payoff is in seeing how my legacy(that 8th House again) can be different. It will affect my life, my family and my ability to let go, eventually.

  4. I’ve been working on restraining myself and being patient, waiting for the opportunity to present itself. It’s starting to break through.

  5. I’ve been in college for the past 18 months, but things seem harder right now, maybe because I’m nearing the end ? I’ve been restless and anxious to create the peaceful life I’ve always envisioned, but the devil seems to be all over the details. It’s frustrating as hell, but I suppose things could always be worse.

  6. I am working on moving, getting my professional license, changing jobs, learning to do a website for my volunteer group, beading…everything ;). Mars is transiting my 1st house and will aspect almost everything in my chart as it goes through Virgo, my Saturn/NN/Moon conj. directly. It’s go go go here. 🙂

  7. Omb! So many things. My health. My living quarters- just trying to stay organized. Studying. Taking care of my family relationship with mom and dad as they are agony rapidly now. Working on working in a whole new field.

  8. I am heading up a massive quality assurance project at work. We started a month ago; across the board, cooperation and participation was stunningly enthusiastic. People jumped in and took on this huge task; they ran with it! However, we are now at the point where no forward progress is possible because a few key players are not buying in……all of the positive energy to push forward is just spinning it’s wheels…spinning because a few individuals are holding up the process with their non-cooperation…focusing on their own personal agendas rather than the group vision. I hope that with Mars direct we will be able to push forward once again. For the folks who have worked so hard just to see their efforts “undone”, it is very discouraging! (at least in this Virgo’s point of view; Mars currently transiting my 6th)

  9. Yes! today was better in atleast information/communication and 2ndly suprisingly I found time to declutter this past weekend. Its finishing off needs more effort and time. But the sorting out of stuff was all done 🙂

  10. I’m working on not losing my mind. Yesterday, I swallowed my independence and asked for help. Assistance came and of course I felt like an ass for asking in the first place, but I did accept it. Today is a little lighter. But, I’m still lingering at home trying to figure it all out.

    It feels good to step up on a learning curve. I’m glad your project is progressing nicely.

  11. I feel the same way Tam! I don’t want to say much. I end up with more pain and sadness the more I interact with different people in my life. I need some time of solitude. It is so draining to be aroung people who have such bad intentions.

  12. september – march i was working on my portfolio, getting it perfect…i’m studying fine art at university this year. i just realised how virgo that sounded – getting it perfect! it’s been transiting my 12th house, not much fun. it’s like working underground, in the shadows, and i really don’t have much energy left. i need some light!

  13. I notice absolutely no forward movement or change.

    Trans Mars 7th Opposing Moon Pisces 1st and Squaring Mc Sagittarius 10th.

    No clue as to what kind of job I should have, no inkling of any kind of romantic relationship, and I’m fighting off depression today.

    That Mars is Conjuncting my Uranus Virgo 7th. With all this Uranus in my chart, I see no sudden anything since last year. I have needed the downtime, and still need to heal in some ways, but my Aries Sun wants to go forward now! Trans Mars Quincunx my Sun Aries 2nd doesn’t help.

  14. Mars transiting natal 12th house. Working on some of my dreams, perfecting plans to launch a new sideline project, de-cluttering every closet in the house, putting my stepkids into counselling so that they can deal with their mother’s disappearance from their lives, establishing better boundaries at home as I was getting so burned out by taking care of everyone’s needs but my own.
    Things are beginning to move forward in a big way this week. I can actually see the light at the end of the long, dark tunnel that has been my life for the past year or so.

  15. My best job option…after 8 months it finally fell into my lap!!
    Clarity at long last…but what an interesting & informative journey….

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