Mars in Virgo – Avoid Histrionics – Just Get It Done!

fix itMars is in Virgo and he’s very well aspected. It’s time to Clean It, Fix It, Organize and Optimize It! When Mars leaves Virgo in December, he’ll be stuck in Libra (detriment) for eight long months.  This is all the more reason to use this to fix things now.

I’m so happy to have the new site settled. I also have it backing up, daily, automatically.

The site is too large to be contained in a single sitemap, so I’ve been pruning the database to optimize the usefulness of the site.  I want people to be able to easily and efficiently find things they’re are looking for.

I’ve also been zipping files to get back space on my hard drive and I am trying to better organize the house, so there’s more room for my sister who will be here in less than two weeks. I don’t want to be worried about the site not being backed up, so I’m really working on getting things like this, streamlined.

I really can’t remember being this focused on tasks with Mars in Virgo.  This is where the great aspects come in. Mars is supported by Saturn and Pluto in mutual reception. This suggests that efforts (Mars) you make (or don’t make) now will have long term consequences. Clearly, I’m trying to set myself up here!

I also think Saturn and Pluto help in terms of staying on task.  Good luck to histrionic types who would like to distract me at this time.  Not going to happen!

How is Mars in Virgo affecting you?




Mars in Virgo – Avoid Histrionics – Just Get It Done! — 6 Comments

  1. Lol I never knew what zipping a file was till yesturday when Gemini boy told me. I immediately zipped some files to free up space. Then I come here and find out I’m on track. 🙂 thank you Elsa!

  2. Sun in Virgo 22deg and Pluto 24 deg. Skin is as thin as possible. Anything anyone is saying to me making a fire ball to my skin…..

  3. I wish Mars would stay in Virgo forever LOL! My natal placement. I loooooooove it, I feel like a powerhouse! Bring it, universe!

    Can anyone tell me at what point in December Mars moves into Libra? We are renovating and I want to make sure we are done in time!


  4. You are welcome to come and have a look in my drawers. Yesterday morning I got up from the bed and spend half a day in pajamas sorting out the contents of every drawer in the house. They look so neat now and half empty as so much dated papers and stuff could be thrown away. Mars in Virgo always does this to me (natal Mars in 6th house) – I wish he came around more often.

  5. It has been a blessing, with the exception of smashing my finger and having to go to ER. I have organized my apartment, studio, and getting all my inventory sorted and ready to sell for the holidays. I am in a much better space because of it.

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