Mars In The Horoscope: What Makes You Angry?

“Marlon Brando and Sophia Loren hated each other,” I told my husband on the phone. “Yeah, they didn’t get along at all and they made a movie together. Apparently it was a disaster because they had no chemistry at all. And they had to hug and stuff.”

He laughed.

“Yeah, so anyway you know how Brando is – he fucks with people to no end so apparently he had her in an embrace and he said in her ear, how come there are black hairs growing out of your nose?” I snorted. “And he groped her too, I guess. And she was pissed and never forgave him.”

“That couldn’t have gone well.”

“No, I guess not. I like Brando and if he said that to me, I’d have not have been pissed, I’d have laughed. It is just not the kind of thing that pisses me off. Hairs in my nose? I don’t care. What I can’t stand is a bastard who thinks they are going to tell me what I can and can’t say and what I ought to be thinking. I’ll run you right over with my car for that,” I said. “Jeez but that pisses me off.”

I have Mars conjunct Mercury on the 9th. Bawdy humor? Okay!
Control my mind? Forget about it?

What pisses you off? Where is your Mars?

(Brando – double Aries, Sadge rising / Loren Virgo, Aquarius Moon, Cap rising – obvious oil and water)


Mars In The Horoscope: What Makes You Angry? — 75 Comments

  1. Please don’t mess with need to be nice to you and others. it’s genuine, polite and diplomatic (mars in libra)but wide opposition to moon / saturn in aries could make me angry, quickly, but I can still get on with you whoever you are. (mars trine venus in aquarius)

  2. Mars in scorpio. I get mad when people mistake my kindness for weakness. When i give someone an inch and they take a mile just because they think they can, with no consequences. When they think theyve manipulated me successfully and have power over me.

  3. Ha Ha, this reminds me of when my Aries and I started dating. During my divorced years “as I call them ” This scorpy tested the men I dated a lot. One of them was if I caught them looking at my breasts instead of my eyes I would say “look at my eyes when you talk to me ” The usual reaction was an apology, a slight stammering ect. Not my Aries.He looked me straight in the face and said”You shouldn’t have them then” I was so taken aback I burst out laughing. This Aries beat this old scorpy at her game.

  4. It’s funny I find both, in different ways, sexy. Having natally strong Aries and Virgo, Air grand trine, Saturn ice queen qualities as well, they both make me smile. Her outrage, his obnoxiousness. It has a Burton/Taylor appeal. But maybe this is not very nice. My daughter has Mars in libra. She’s often outraged by me. I respect her so some where in the end, end of the day we laugh and feel our insights are the better for it. Libra is a warrior queen as well.

  5. Scorpio Mars-12th house/Virgo Moon 9th. Personally-When someone tries to make me look stupid or incompetent – usually feel hurt but am seething underneath and will just go hide and avoid that person. Later I may understand what they were upset about but it takes me time to access and process. Sometimes they are just being arrogant and mean!
    Injustice like raffeling off the same weapon that killed students to raise money for the school. That’s a total lack of a moral compass. That pisses me off big time.

  6. Mars in Gemini in the 6th house.

    Don’t waste my time, especially when I have a schedule to keep.

    Don’t drive like an asshole or drive 55 in the fast lane.

    Don’t come at me for a debate and ignore logic or actual statistical facts. You will lose every. single. time.

  7. Mars in Libra conjunct Saturn opposing Jupiter – and I’m a Sagittarius sun. Do not try to tie me down to an actual decision. I’ve married twice, iffy about it both times. One lasted 4 years, the other 30. But both iffy from “I do.”

    In the end neither did. This time I’m not getting married!

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