Effects Of Mars In Libra Square Pluto In Capricorn

polling-255x300Mars in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn tomorrow @ 12 degrees. ย Having natal Mars in Libra, I’m up to my neck in this one.

I see people who want to take others down a peg. I see withholding of energy and veiled attacks.

I also see people being nice to others (Libra) to advance a goal (Capricorn). They may pursue a relationship (Mars in Libra) with someone they feel has status (Capricorn) or energy they can use (Pluto).

Sick as this may sound, most actions taken at this time, have an agenda attached. ย It’s happening in the lives of individuals, but also on the world stage.

As an example, I live in a political district that is hotly contested. People canvass this neighborhood, constantly. I’m called several times a week.

“Hi there! I’m just calling my neighbors today, wondering how they feel about _________,” the person says.

Riiiight.ย I’m just about fed up with it. But I feel I have to be fake-nice back to the other’s fake-nice – UGH.

Do you see Mars Pluto being played out too? Tell us some stories!


Effects Of Mars In Libra Square Pluto In Capricorn — 33 Comments

  1. Personally, my Moon is @14 Libra and, so far, the square hasn’t felt any worse than before. I guess I’m really focused on Pluto affecting my 6H/12H axis and Saturn sitting in my 10H.

    (p.s. What you describe above is DEFINITELY happening in Washington, DC in the GOP House of Representatives. To a “t”.)

  2. Mars @ 4 Libra, I hadn’t considered myself fake or making nice with people – quite the reverse, that’s my trouble! However, you are making me think about things, because right now, I am contacting people that I like and value (otherwise I wouldn’t want to work with them), who are clients, and I’m feeling very torn about the boundary between friend & client. Often do. Now I am wondering how it is to be on the receiving end as far as they are concerned…

    • See, KateM, I don’t think this is all bad. People are supposed to work together. Cavemen figured this out. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I think this bothers me so much, because people don’t contact *me*. They contact the person they imagine I am. This puts me in a awkward situation.

      • Ah. Right. I think I understand. So it’s facade attempts to meet (their projected onto the other person’s) facade. Something like that ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. “Tell Us All About Your New Item, Elsa”

    I just got this mail from Nordstrom. I did not buy anything from Nordstrom, but someone using my email address did.

    The mail goes on..

    “Hi, Elsa. Are you enjoying your recent purchase? We’d love to hear your thoughts, and so would other customers.”

    Give me a break, fake friend, Nordstrom!!!

      • Yes. And for a purpose.

        Cavemen figured out they could take down bigger game (and better feed their families), if they worked together, so they worked together.

        That’s different. It’d real, it’s not manipulative, it’s smart and all parties benefit.

    • LOL! I was just spitting mad about after dealing with a store that issues a “credit” by withdrawing $50 from my account each month. That’s not a credit, that’s a purchase. Don’t change the language to make it sound nicer. Its forcing my hand to pay you. And since the notices slipped into my promotion filter I didn’t realize this was happining until I saw my bank account!

      We are not friends. I don’t feel valued, except as a dollar sign. I am a customer who feels effing cheated. It feels like neptune in a way because for some reason I “trusted” them and this feels like a betrayal. Such a cap moon – opposite mercury rx problem.

      The woman who helped me was nice but still very much obligated to do her job and continually told me about new inventory. Ughhhh! I’ve been in her shoes so I get that she can’t be sympathetic, even if she helps me its not because she cares its because she has to do her job which is retaining me as a customer but dammit i’m a freaking PERSON!!!

  4. This hits my Saturn-Moon-Venus T square yet again, where I have to resist feeling like I’ve lost before I’ve even started. And it’s pretty constant these days, with Pluto still conjunct my natal Saturn. However, what I’m noticing right now is the Mars effect on my Venus, and the Full Moon in Sag (my rising sign) which has all been firing up my physical energy and well-being and making me more active and proactive. All well needed, BUT … I’m also trying to be careful and diplomatic in my new job (with 10th House Libra) rather than rocking the boat (with my assertive/reckless T square between Jupiter-Mars-Sun). With MC and Neptune in Scorpio I have to be careful as it is, and try to avoid those ‘awkward situations’ as best I can. Being fake-nice doesn’t sit well with me, with so much Sag/Jupiter in my chart, but I do have to try to fit in with social convention too …

  5. I am seeing it and it’s really strange. Since the beginning of winter, I have been very nose-to-the-grindstone in doing my work which means I have been quite hermit-like, save for a few close personal friends. Now, some of that work is just beginning to pay off and suddenly, I have become the prom queen and everyone wants a dance. WTF?

    • Me too! W Jupiter transiting my 2nd house, 10th natal, now it’s doing wonders for my self worth and career. We all have an agenda. I am finding many win win connections now that will boost my business into hyper drive(Cap mars/Libra sun). The more I have the more I have to give. Bring it on Abundant Jupiter! I’ve been training for this transit my whole life.

  6. I have definitely been feeling this energy. My father has a 12 degree Mars in Libra and I’ve been avoiding his ever-present subtle-not-so-subtle put downs for weeks now. I can’t be around energy that needs to step on someone else in order to raise oneself up.

    Actually I’ve been sickened by this lately in the media. Saw that an actor elevated himself by writing an article about another wayard actress trying to sleep with him. Geez, stfu. It happened. It was personal. Its been over for years. Is there nothing else that you have to offer the world? NOTHING? He’s a damn leech.

    Its the kind of bully behavior that happens in all kinds of groups where someone needs to deflect negative attention by picking on someone weaker

  7. Right now, pretty much every contact has an agenda – I just don’t think it’s necessarily negative.

    Here’s an example…I called someone yesterday to say I was worried about something. I did not expressly say I wanted to be reassured…probably, because that’s not what I wanted.

    What I wanted was to know if my concerns were warranted…but it was not the greatest question to be asked directly.

    Point here is that I’m doing it too. We’re all doing it.

    “Hey, Elsa. Nice hair! Will you like my page on facebook?

    The things is, this has gone on so long (with Mars stuck in Libra), I’m exhausted from it.

    Also, people who use me to make themselves feel better.

    “Elsa, your picture is ugly…”

    Okay, so did it help that person to say that?

    It’s supposed to be nice, telling me something like that, to help me, but really it’s shit, that has to be put somewhere, so it gets put on me.

    This will be wrapping up pretty soon, thank God.

    • Do people honestly say that ‘your photo is ugly’? FFS. I can’t understand that.
      Funnily enough, I spent the last weekend with a client/friend who was on my tail the whole time with criticism and undermining. Virtually everything I said. My hubby was with me, and witnessed the lot. Could not believe it. But, I figured it’s a symptom of where she is at, and sod all to do with me. I did ask her about it, was she aware? Nothing going on, all in my head. But I knew there was something not quite right. K N E W it. But not what or why. When I got back, I had to go to sleep for a day to recover from not actually telling her where to go. Hmmm, that’s a bit Mars Libra on my part.

    • Just today, my fiance’s caregiver sat with the leasing manager at their apartment and did a little of this. Can’t remember what exactly the convo was about–I just know they’re getting a couple of ceiling fans and a new counter top out of the deal, for free.

  8. I have to kiss so much ass at work, it’s ridiculous. But I’m naturally a nice person so it’s not that bad. Though it is tiring sometimes especially when someone is being a dick to you

  9. I have Mars on my ASC right on the dot, squaring Pluto in the 3rd (co-workers) and opposing Uranus in 7th (marriage). I’m just a walking grenade, wanting to pick fights with people. I can’t even begin to tell you how disruptive the environment with my co-workers has become with all the betrayals, fall-outs and passive-aggressive attitudes. I feel my identity, my everything (ASC) has suffered injustices in some way and I’m out for blood. I’m trying really hard not to start anything since I do not wish for any long-term damage with Pluto on Cappy.

  10. That’s what I’m missing. An agenda. The only thing on my agenda is getting the work done and catching up on some reading. Am I missing something out there? When I’m alone, which I do embellish upon, I am into my own and it’s all mine. When I’m with people, I’m with people. I probably have made some progress in avoiding get run over or feel like I’m being run over, though. I think networking is the catch phrase I most often hear. Gotta network to get ahead. I don’t think I have anything anybody wants. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m good with that.

  11. I have just been disillusioned. I see friends I thought were friends talking to mutual friends on FB but not to me. I see the falseness of so many things now that I just want to plow under all I have been associating with and start over. Or not even. Just plow it under and wipe my hands of it.

    • oops…merc retro…anyway, I need references for new job I’m appling for..been nice to all and asking for references!

  12. I have natal saturn at 14 Cap cusp of ninth and tenth. So transiting pluto is conjuncting natal saturn. Very unsettling.

  13. Thanks Elsa. I guess Pluto is doing his work and though I need to take the action, he is setting my life up for something better…I hope! : ). And I have Neptune in the 11th so friends come and go.

  14. Elsa it is a struggle for me as I have an 8th house Mars. I also have sun,moon and mercury in 12th house and the combination of 8th house planets and the 12th house planets make me a dark,suicidal,friendly sinner. No amount of transits of good planets is going to change me.

  15. Ugh, Mars has been in my 7th house forever! My unfriendly reaction is to kick it out of my house. ๐Ÿ™‚ At some point it opposes my Saturn/Venus, so I think this is adding to the muck. It’s so difficult at my work. My coworkers don’t want me there (not me, my position, which I keep trying to keep in mind). Someone came down on me hard on Friday and I almost started to cry. I can’t take it any longer. I just keep trying to be friendly to everyone to get along, but its at the point now where I need to find another job. When does Mars leave Libra?

  16. Ok, I just looked it up. Mars moves to Scorpio July 25th. Maybe that’ll be the day I start my new job. (8th house, too, hmm, something in the sex industry? :))

  17. Yesterday at work the air was THICK with patronizing comments, impatience (mine), and aggravation. However, the veneer held up mostly well. Although I’m pretty sure my compounded fatigue and general dissatisfaction with being condsescended to by someone who truly believes she’s being helpful brought out my bitchiest tone of voice. VERY mars in libra square pluto in capricorn.

    I’ve had venus-saturn issues for a while though. It’s only now that I’m feeling the boiling point. Its hard because my co-worker used to be my friend but she prioritizes work over friendship to keep herself from investing in other people.

    Im a cancer, she’s a taurus and so we’re both loyal people but I feel like I could use a prolonged break from her presence right now. It would be nice if the solution was to talk and meet each other halfway but I feel like that won’t happen. For several months she’s blown off every attempt I’ve made to connect outside of work and I just feel like if she doesn’t want friends, why am I bothering. And if we aren’t friends, why am I working here? Venus in the 10th, I work where my heart is and my heart is in my work. If that’s not in aggreement, I’m gone.

    Mars is currently shaking up my 2nd house of resources.

  18. Transiting Pluto is conjunct my Venus/Mercury so this Mars transit is squaring all that. My mom has been avoiding visits with me but yesterday she called the house and did not even want to talk to me. Sounded a little disappointed I answered. I’m a little more than upset but not really wanting to talk or have the words for it now.

  19. This:
    “They may pursue a relationship (Mars in Libra) with someone they feel has status (Capricorn) or energy they can use (Pluto).”

    That’s my M.O. all day, every day. Having Mars-Venus-Pluto conjunct in Libra natally, if I can’t use your energy then I have no use for you. Period.
    I realize how cold that sounds. (No, really, I do. *smiles*) But I see other people acting on that same principle all day, every day, as well — just not consciously admitting it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Everything we do, everyone we know, feeds us some how, some way. Yanno? We can shove it under the rug, or put lipstick on it, or accuse others of doing it, or play victim, or any of the 9,000 other ways we humans trick ourselves, but we’re all feeding from one another. We’re interconnected that way.

  20. Yowser. This hit home on Saturday. It’s really a great capper for mars going rx on natal neptune in libra. Confusion about nice mean nice mean. Nice when they want something. I was experiencing this with 2 long term realationships. It’s their motis operandis. I shed some tears on the realization but it was just letting go of the pain of the confusion. I don’t judge them on it. I think every individual, whether aware of it or not, chooses how they deal with their existence. The long and the short of it, is acceptance of the way they operate. And I don’t have to be hurt by it anymore. It’s just the way it is. Ahhhhhhh!

  21. Yes… With my mother moon in libra if she can’t use you she’ll toss you. If you’re doing things you’re way she’ll hound you. It has to be her way or no way. Er cardinal gone mad. I’m using people yes but to better myself to better everyone else. That’s too much for her. The veil dropped on her toxic bullshit. If you’re unhappy its you’re job to make to you happy not everyone else. All this busying of other peoples business and not dealing with her own is a distraction so she can blame. And with mars in my first and Pluto in my fourth the erosion is blatant to see and the underworld projection is too much to take. Don’t criticise or state your case respectfully cause the reaction is overblown. In short she can go fuck herself.

    I’m getting closer to my dad as a result because in all of his previous absent ways he treats me like an adult. The energy exchange is of 2 people relating adult to adult without the throwing of power in my face. I’ve had enough.

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