Effects Of Mars In Libra From December, 2013 – July, 2014

Libra 1 by Regina
Mars will be in Libra, the sign of it’s detriment for nearly eight months. A client with Mars in Libra was concerned about this.

I wrote:

“…Back to Mars in Libra, you have it natally. You may know that I have Mars in Libra as well. It may not be the greatest Mars, but if anyone can work with it, it’s you and I! 

Can we negotiate?  YES!
Can we spar with others? YES!
So in a way we’re the ones who are best equipped to deal with this.

With Mars transiting Libra, people will experience friction with others. They may not be used to that but you and I are expert, right? We may not like it but if we claim we don’t know how to fight, we’re kidding ourselves…”

Do you have Mars in Libra? How do you feel about being hotted up for 8 months? How do the rest of you feel about this?

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Effects Of Mars In Libra From December, 2013 – July, 2014 — 33 Comments

  1. Supercool! There is nothing better than planet matching the natal chart in it’s own skin!
    I think mars in Libra people deserve some re-enforcement. Maybe Libra mars counts for the most agreeable people but it’s time for some ‘my way or the highway’.

    But what about this Pluto-Uranus-Jupiter theme! Ouch! right on my Mars return!

  2. Yes, I do, in the 2nd house late in the sign. It’s also my by far least aspected planet, the only aspect is a barely there square to Moon.

    And yes, I’m not bothered, since I’m going to be on maternity leave at least until early July 2014 taking care of a Leo Mars (12th house) conjunct Ascendant Baby Girl and her Quadruple Aries Dad. No doubt some sparring will be involved here!

  3. My mars is in aries…. 🙂 Ouch…. saturn in cancer… Ouch….at least my sun in gem is over the same degrees on those two.

  4. I may have natal Mars in Libra, but it’s an aggressive Mars in Libra! Mars conjunct Pluto, so I’m easily riled. I really don’t need extra heating. 😉

    I love it when the current sky matches something in my chart. I’m, like, standing on a street corner shoutin’, “HOW YOU LIKE IT NOW, MOTHERFUCKERS?!? WELCOME TO MY WORLD!!”

    Yeah…. no extra heating required. 😛

  5. Mars will be quincunx my natal mars. Theoretically, I can read and listen to what is said about the quincunx but I don’t really know what the energy feels like so I can’t really relate to it. Maybe this is not the right setup to do it though, mars quincunxing mars? Not sure. Mars rx is usually okay with me since I have it natally. So maybe I will look at forward backward forward and see what that looks like. Go libra.

  6. Scorpio boy has his mars in Libra in 10th, sextile Jupiter in Leo and trine his Neptune in aqua and n node in Gemini.

    He has spent the last 3 years digging out of a poor reputation for mouth and attitude. He’s so happy now. At 10 he recognizes that he is popular with kids and parents now. That he has lots of friends and has earned respect. I hope this furthers it and helps him to cement his positive standing and not have to deal starting over again.

  7. Oh and his mars is conjunct his MC. Plutos been at work for the last couple years while transiting his libra by square and Chiron conjunct

  8. This 8 months may well emphasize getting what I want through negotiation, diplomacy, and working with a partner. Not the most direct path, but not unheard-of either.

  9. I have Mars in Libra in the 8th house in my natal chart. I often find myself in the middle of many people who are upset by each other, but who are simply failing to look outside of their own viewpoint. This can make me so mad or bring me to tears: just “consider others!” I want to shout. On the other hand I have a very low ego drive and I judge myself harshly for not rising to the top and raking in the cash like my Cappy boyfriend. This should be interesting!

  10. Elsa you read my mind! I was researching Mars in Libra articles last night!
    It will be in my 2nd house! I’m hoping to use it to benefit increasing my financial
    resources as they tend to leave as quickly as they flow in. :o(
    But I’m not bothered with the extended stay. I remember the my last Mars return
    wasn’t bad. I was able to remain calm, but use a more authoritative attitude when necessary.
    I’m a Cap sun, Virgo Rising, and Sag Moon so my personality runs between meek and mild
    to loud and happy at times. Yet I always try to stay balanced.
    Thanks for this article and I look forward to more on the topic as Mars in Libra draws nearer.

  11. my seventh house mars in scorpio (conjunct pluto) isn’t too happy about the wishy-washy/eager to please nature of the upcoming mars placement, but of course my libra-ruled seventh house would project that (mars, saturn, and pluto all right there in the seventh…and all in scorpio)… i mean, say that. interestingly enough, i’ve been forced to deal with a lot of ‘unevolved’ libra energy the past six months (i.e. lack of directness/full honesty and unwillingness to make a decision), which inadvertently strengthened my own values, so maybe the struggles of the past year were a blessing in disguise?

  12. mars at 12 degrees libra in my 9H conjunct saturn at 15 degrees and my MC at 18 degrees. not afraid to fight for what is true and right – never have been.

  13. I don’t know what to think. My fiance and father of my children also has Mars in Libra. We are expecting our third baby and he/she is due July 5th, so will be inheriting the Mars in Libra as well. Lord, help us. We are a very loving family. My fiance and I are quite stubborn. I’m a Scorpio and he’s a Pisces. I figure that since the Mars in Libra is in our natal charts, then it’ll be an aspect similar to when we were born, and we should be able to handle it naturally you know? I don’t know how to feel about it because I just don’t know. xD

  14. I have Mars in Gemini so I really have to watch my mouth. Today I am all about peace but I would tell someone to go F&^% themselves in a second 10 years ago. (only if provoked) And, in the most hideous way possible. This mouth of mine…. cut like a knife. I am actually ashamed I used to fight back that way.

    I just took a quick peek ….. dear god…… see here we go again. FOURTH HOUSE….. where my Scorpio stellium sits opposite my 10th house Taurus moon. The only thing I have in Libra is my NN and guess where its sitting …. with every other f’ing thing….my 4th H …… which is in Libra ….

    I can’t imagine what this is going to cause…. will work be a problem? Will I have to fist fight with a family member?? LOL…. who’s going to die next?

    Thank you for the heads up Elsa….. I will look at it closer later. I am always happy to get the scoop!

  15. Oh dear.. I don’t have Mars in Libra, but with a stellium (sun conj, Merc conj, Pluto) all im twelfth house, I can only imagine what 8 years of 12th house activity is going bring, ESPECIALLY, when it will then hit my Scorpio stellium (Moon conj, Mars conj, uranus (conj) Venus.

    Phew. Maybe my progressed Scorpio Sun will help out? (And my retorgrade Chiron in the 7th house?)

    I’m just excited for the energy to finally be a movin!

    Good luck folks.. Any thoughts would be welcome.. Awesome site!!


  16. hi elsa… i have aquarius asdct with saturn (r) in 3rd house aries, opposing mars+venus in libra in 9th house..how do i interpret this transit and its long term effect since it will be for 8 months

  17. I Have mars/Neptune in libra in the first house. I am so energizered that I have a hard time sleeping. So much energy!! 8 months wow

  18. Natal Mars in Libra 3:55 degrees in the 11th house direct. Only natal Mars aspect I have is a sextile to Uranus at 1:46 degrees. heh heh heh Look out 🙂

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