Mars In Leo – Read All About It!

leo steiffMars is well placed in fire sign, Leo. People with Mars in Leo are driven by their heart to act valiantly, with panache. They get what they want by getting your attention, these people are not wallflowers!

Mars in Leo is prone to grand display of prowess in any form. They are actors who command the stage.

It’s true that Mars in Leo will bestow a large or generous gift on a person in part due how it reflects on him or her. No one likes a cheap King or Queen! Mars in Leo knows this so typically gifts are significant. If there is a dinner invitation it will be to somewhere nice, where a person can be seen.

Fights with Mars in Leo are dramatic.  The show is everything. While Mars in Leo wants to slay the dragon as much as anyone else, they will lose a battle if they know the camera will end the show, fixed on them as they wither and die.

Being the star is the thing and what the hell?  Cut the lights and the dead actor pops up, ready for their next film.

Tell us about Mars in Leo, yours or others…


Mars In Leo – Read All About It! — 26 Comments

  1. The observation about gifts is interesting. I don’t give gifts often, but I have this philosophy that a present is what YOU want to give someone, but a gift is a thing that someone would like to have, but wouldn’t get for themselves. When I give gifts I try to make them special, not just to make the recipient feel good, but also because it’s a reflection of my esteem for the other. I think I enjoy empowering people with my generosity.

    In regards to fights, heated and dramatic and when it comes to my relationships, I have no respect for someone who will not fight me. Conflict is another facet of intimacy, I think. I like heated, but I’ve been trying to move away from the dramatic. I roar and swipe and then I end the show. Nobody likes reruns, you know what I mean?

    I think it’s also worth mentioning the sexuality of Mars in Leo folks. We put out a lot of heat. VERY passionate, physical, it is kind of theatrical, actor and audience engaged to the point you don’t know where the stage ends and the house begins. It’s hot, no pun intended.

  2. One time I burned dinner and flung my self on the couch crying and screamed “all is lost!”

    then I got back up and made something else.

  3. OMG sooo true my daughter has Mars in Leo, drama queen baby. When she was little and crying and throwing a fit she would instantly stop if I whipped out the camera and cheese,lol.

  4. I’ve dated a few Mars in Leo guys and really liked them… one was a Leo Sun as well which made for great candlelit dinners at nice restaurants. Unfortunately he had Virgo Moon, Mercury and Venus so they were usually “buy one, get one free” meal deals lol

  5. My Aquarian child has Mars in Leo. Although it is retro. I have a video of him when he was about 3 . I was taping his stepsister practicing baton. In the background you hear this “WHACK” and then the Jupiter Gemini (my oldest) comes running over to me crying..he is about 5. I spin the video camera around to the Aquarian who is running up to me with a big stick in his hand saying, “I’m a bewwy dood fighter ain’t I Mommy!”
    LOL..JupGem older brother was always picking on him. Aquarian held his own that time. Plus, I’ve noticed his actions are very deliberate and controlled. Hmm..I’ll have to look and see if it has aspect to Saturn..

  6. Mars Leo 6th Trine Sun Aries 2nd and Mc Sagittarius 10th. I do seem to make a lasting impression on coworkers (not that it’s done me any good finding a job now). I’m “famous” for typing the employee handbook alone in three days. I’ve had the big boss bypass his own secretary to have me type something because he wanted it done “right.” (She hated me after that.)

    I do make a special effort to buy gifts that mean something, I’m very picky about that. I also prefer to eat in nice restaurants, and will refuse to eat at all if I really don’t like where I’m at.

    I would love to be showered with niceties – one can only hope!

    I should be a lot luckier in career than I am right now. Still waiting….

  7. I LOVE my Mars in Leo. He’s my only fire placement and I sure need him. He’s in my 2nd house and I call him My Moneymaker. When my Libra can’t get its lovely butt off the couch and all my water gets in a psychic funk, Mars comes to the rescue and gets the job done.

    I give nice presents, for sure. And you don’t want to miss one of my parties.

  8. Anything in Leo is okay by me. It’s my fifth house, and I have Uranus there, and nothing but good has come of it. Fun Fun Fun!

    I have a Leo daughter who is quite Uranian by way of an Aquarius moon.

    That remark by miss is so true….got a cranky Leo? Get out the camera!

  9. Eeek. This is one of the threads where I can’t edit to add: The Leo dd has her Mars in Virgo. This no doubt keeps her from being a real diva.

  10. My ex was a Cancer with Mars in Leo and I’m a Leo with Mars in Cancer! After a while, I couldn’t figure out if he was the Leo and I was the Cancer LOL. In actuality, he was very frugal (an exception to this rule, I guess) and rarely gave me gifts.

  11. My Pisces bf has a Leo Mars. It’s a nice balance to the squishy stuff. He is rather fond of paying for dinners in nice places. Have yet to see the dramatic temper, tho.

  12. I could charge huge amounts for my services as my reptuation is large and international (sun in 9th)instead i give generously of my abilities and work by donation. (mars in leo 10th)

  13. very excited that my solar return this yr will feature mars in leo in the 4th house, trine my solar return moon in aries in the 12th, and sextile my libra sun in the 6th, and quintile juno — so i expect that having tons of playful, spontaneous and imaginative sex at home will become a full time job, which i will try to keep secret, but because mars will square jupiter, i plan to boast about it in dramatic and creative fashion =)

    …BUT, mars will also square my solar return ascendant & part of fortune, meaning lots of tension — gee, i wonder what i can do to successfully burn off all that aggression????

  14. I have Mars in Leo in the 10th, I read that women with this placement are capable of enduring many hardships in life, which is absolutely true, but it also seems to bring extra hardship 🙁

  15. Mars in Leo are intense, fiery, aggressive and powerful. The ancients classified Leo as the only sign to be both “bestial” (aggressive) and “feral” (savage and destructive). Leo rising was considered especially deadly. Trust me, if a Leo rising or Mars was angry, they’d not break your camera but also your face!

  16. Jumped to Mars in Leo when I saw Elsa reposting Mars in the signs. I’m Mars in Leo conjunct Saturn. Generosity and dramatic and enduring many hardships. That’s been the path. Maybe the Saturn influence turns my drama into a wallflower act when it’s all just too much!:)

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