Mars in Leo and Sexuality – Video

It’s easy to get so caught up in trying to be good enough for someone else that we forget to check in with our own feelings. Mars in Leo has the remedy.

How have you built fun and creativity into your life? Where’s Leo in your chart?

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Mars in Leo and Sexuality – Video — 12 Comments

  1. Ahh! I love this look on you!

    This video struck me in like 7 different ways. I think it’s such an inspiring thing for women with issues like that to hear that story.

    I also think the “what am I getting out of this” angle is so important for women to learn sooner than later. My family NEVER told me that. I remember watching this guy Schmidt tell a chick in a tv show, “remember, YOU’RE the prize.” (During a round of Tinder dates that would probably break me, but the chick was Zooey Deschanel so she did fine.) I found that so inspiring, it took me so long to learn. When I watch stuff like Girls where in their 20 something relationships, the characters let guys treat them “like monkey meat” or warp and bend their interests to fit them just to keep them around.. I remember how long it took me to learn to be real about myself around men. It took me maybe til Saturn in Libra to learn stuff like this or later. Girls nowadays are learning to ask “does this guy fit me?” earlier.

    I think the “what can you do for me”/”see what my body can do”/”am I getting anything out of this” angle also works for Mars in Capricorn 😀 I often assess people in a mercenary way being like huh is he any good that way 😀

    It’s funny how Mars in Leo sex is self focused a bit. I find Leo’s internal shine so beautiful and warming. I could never do boudoir photos, eek, or like use burlesque to feel better about myself.. it would never work (Sun/Chiron in the 5th.) For me sex is so back and forth and such a tug of war for approval (Venus Mars opposition.) I don’t think I can be purely self focused and not riven in two because of this.

    I have Leo in my 7th house so am just walking around gritting my teeth with randy unexpressed romance. But, I make connections and that is fun for me. Maybe the dude who wanted me to come to the bar and talk and was so happy I “showed up” didn’t mean anything romantic by it.. but I was glad to see him.

  2. I also thought this, I think Leo is an energy of love. I think it’s really associated with love that is a bit steady and bright burning.

    • Plus it never looks elsewhere, it’s just here.

      Not like me with my constant looking around the bend in the street wondering if there will be something better there. Or constant waffling. Leo is a very bright bulb, I think maybe they experience less fear of missing out. I am always running around in circles like a mad squirrel, if not outside then in my head. Looking for the better thing. I don’t think Leos worry as much about this. but idk

  3. Oh I SO needed to hear this!! “Is this fun? Am I having a good time? Who am I serving, and if it’s not me, why isn’t it me, and how can I get creative to get a little joy into my life?” You really lifted me up this morning. Been in a doldrum. Now have a smile and some hope. thank you.

  4. Natal Mars in 4H Gemini sextiles my Leo DSC. I have to establish an emotional/intellectual connection before progressing the relationship.

  5. What great advice. A sexy boudoir shot is an essential. Having it framed in the master bedroom is good. It’s a reminder to yourself (and him) just how hot you are. Red is made for you, Midara.

  6. Thanks Midara. Im pretty balanced and secure sexually, but I needed a reminder to have fun. Leo is my eighth house, so I think it can get kind of heavy there. Ive been so busy keeping up with the demands of others recently that that aspect of my life has suffered (understatement lol).

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