Mars in Capricorn Wants A Man!

mars blast

Hi Elsa,

Since I got divorced 8 years ago, I’ve not had one prospect of a boyfriend.

For some reason I just don’t attract men. I’m intelligent – and not fat, or ugly as sin. I am so lonely. I’m tired of being alone. What can I do to show men that I’m available?


Dear Lonely,

Okay, this boggles my mind. I looked at your chart expecting to see God knows what that might explain this. But it’s just not there. On the contrary, it looks to me like you should have prospects coming out your ears!

So the only clue here is this: “What can I do to show men I am available?” You aren’t wearing your wedding ring are you? ::ducks:: Just kidding!

My advice is to fire up your Mars!!! Mars in a chart shows how you get what you want. You have Mars in Capricorn which happens to be its exalted position. This is the best Mars you can buy!

You know why? It’s because once Capricorn focuses on a goal, there is no stopping them. Knocked around a bit? No problem. Bleeding? So what. Once focused, you will persevere… so I’m going to suggest you make it your job to hunt down a man.

I strongly recommend or the like. How better to let prospects know you are available, huh? And it’s a very “Capricorn” method. The reason is because it’s like interviewing candidates to fill a slot. And I don’t care how that sounds. I highly suggest you approach it just like that and you’ll be fine because you have other components in your chart – all of them firing.

For example, you have Virgo so you can discriminate. You have a Scorpio Moon so you can feel things out. So here’s the plan (a Capricorn word):

Mars places the ad. Virgo sorts and categorizes the prospects. Scorpio gut-checks. And check your crotch as well. Make sure there’s a sexual pull, eh?

This will work. Good luck!


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