Mars In Capricorn – Grinding It Out Before Saturn Hits Sagittarius


This site is HUGE. I’ve been posting at least once a day for ten years. There is a gigantic body of work here.

When I redid the site with a modern (mobile-friendly) theme, it destroyed a lot of the content. This is because we used to use the “excerpt” field.

You can see the old site there. This used to be ElsaElsa-The Advice Blog.  People would send questions…which I answered.

When we changed themes, the questions, which were placed in the excerpt field, disappeared. This made all that content, worthless.

After awhile, google noticed.  Long story short, I am now going through those posts and fixing each one, manually.  It’s tedious but interesting.

It’s tedious, because I have to cut and paste the excerpt, delete links which no longer work and, most importantly, fix the images.

A lot of the images on the early posts were uploaded to my xanga blog, and get this: they are huge! So I’m cropping and optimizing and re-uploading and “featuring”.

These things are necessary for the site to function well on a mobile device. Once I have a post fixed, I submit it to be indexed by google.

It’s a horrible job, but I’m committed to it and I’m nearly done.  Google only allows you to submit 500 urls in a month…and I am about to hit their limit.

This represents my commitment (Saturn) to the future (Sagittarius).  When you get a chance, check out the Advice category.  Back from the dead, baybee!



Mars In Capricorn – Grinding It Out Before Saturn Hits Sagittarius — 34 Comments

  1. Can’t stop thinking about this transition of Saturn into Sagittarius… will be interesting to see how things change!

  2. Am so over Saturn in Scorpio can’t wait for it to move into Sag _ hopefully I’ll be motivated creative & buzzing again instead of bordering on depressed
    Thanks Saturn … not !

  3. Um why don’t you submit one full xml sitemap when you are done? Google will grab all of your changes then. If you are using wordpress or other modern blogging software/CMS then there should be an easy plugin to grab the xml based sitemap. Login to your google webmaster account and submit it there.

    • That’s done automatically, right. But between the sabotage on the site and content being jacked when we came back up….and left that way for a year and a half, I’m pretty sure that content prior to a certain date has been written off. With good reason!”

      But not with good reason, once it’s been restored and repaired. It’s all truly unique and original work. It’s professionally edited. The pictures are also mine, and unique…previously poorly identified (xanga assigned them a number).

      I just thought it would be prudent, to wake google up. These posts are circa 2005-10 for the most part.

      I have also deleted tons of posts that are no longer relevant (old weekend forecasts, or years-old ‘astrology today” posts. Tons of old posts in the forum…

      What I am doing, basically, is whipping my blog into fantastic, lean and mean, shape. Fast and DEEPLY optimized.

      I would say that google lost faith / trust in my site. It was down a lot, slow, posts jacked, you name it. So I just want to clean up my reputation – thoroughly!

  4. I have fixed maybe 800 *advice* posts. I think there are several hundred more…maybe as many as 800 more.

    I realized there is not archive like this, anywhere on the internet. This is back when I was astrology-Cary-Tennis. 🙂

    Anyway, after I am done with this, I have other stuff to do…lots of it.

    It’s come to a point where this is meditative. I could actually see myself doing this for work. Fix your jacked up site!!!!

    I would be busy, I’m sure. Because no one wants to do this kind of thing. I don’t either, but once I’m immersed…

  5. I noticed this when the theme got changed. It used to show what the person wanted advice about, but now you could only see a preview of what they asked in the search. The advice is still very good standalone since the question/topic is in the header, so if you could find it, it was worth a read. I’m glad you’re fixing it, because it’s a very valuable resource for anybody who stumbles on the site in the future. I’m sorry that you have to fix it though, because is it a pain in the ass.

  6. I think I can have them done in one more week. It’s not so bad. It’s a relief in a way. And I kind of had to fix them or delete them. The more I work on them the better I feel about the decision. It really is a lot to let go by the wayside. Especially now, when everything is so generic.

    And the questions are super important, because the tone of the person’s mail matters plus, I don’t include filler in my writing, repeating what the other person just said. You really need both parts.

    Some are lost though. If the person used an unusual character, like even an accent mark, it cut their post off at that point.

    I am happy to have all my pictures back, optimized and searchable / usable. I was horrified when they were all renamed with numbers. I do have all the originals…but we’re talking close to 15 years of pictures. In many cases I am able to shrink them by 80%.

    Anyway, it’s been a big operation and at this point I’ve done enough, I’m going to see it through. I was too sick to do this before. I realize that now.

  7. That is good news and look forward exploring more!
    ‘Forty days and forty nights”; the phrase i heard once meant simply “a long time”.
    Here on, I lost both my username and my password … Reminds mE of another phrase, of my own technical difficulties: “small potatoes”.

  8. I’m slowing down! I decided to do 30-50 a day until they’re done. This way I can work on other things too. I should be done by the end of the year…on the advice posts, anyway.

  9. I got about 80. I will have my son do some…he’s been helping some.

    He’s funny. He doesn’t know any astrology. I have to go re-name his pictures.

    “Two fishes”
    “Two fishes again”
    “Another two fishes”
    “Two more fishes”

    “mean bull”

  10. There are a lot of posts done…I don’t know how many. 1000 of them or close to that.

    I’ve now gone back to the beginning of the blog (2005) and I’m fixing all the posts. What a labor! But hopefully this will do it, for the next 11 years. That’s when my commitment to this blog runs out! 🙂

    I just finished Oct 2005, and will start Nov 2005. But I worked backwards from 2012 to 2006, already. I’ll meet myself, eventually.

    The problem is, I’m just fixing the advice posts right now. Because of the excerpt field. But if I’m smart, I’ll do them all…I think. Fix the pictures…

  11. Plugging along.
    There are actually plugins that will optimize pictures. But these won’t work on my site, because none of these pics are on my site. But they are now (in increasing numbers). And they are where the are supposed to be. I think this means, when things improve and update in the future, I should be able to have it easy.

    This is the price of being the first astrology blog on the Internet. 🙂

  12. More clean up. Today, I deleted or merged 500 tags. This, because the (new) related posts plugin is pretty freaky.

    I’m just going to do something, each day for the rest of the year. It’s just like fixing this house / packing to move. I work on it every day.

  13. I started out with 1270+ tags. I am down to 577. 🙂

    I am still on December 2005. I took a break to write some newsletters.

    Also, I am going to have my son work on this over Christmas break. He wants to make some $!

  14. Slow progress…still fixing posts. I deleted about 750 tags.

    This is because the new related posts plugin works great…but needs the tags cleaned up.

    I am now finding broken links and there are a very VERY high number of them, after 10 years. You may notice that I disabled the “website” field in the comments.

    This is because many, many of the links are bad (get that way over time)…and also because people put “elsa” in the field or something, which shows as a broken link.

    So I am hoping to clean out the tens of thousands of bad links and won’t that be nice!

    It’s like this blog is a disaster!! It’s like trying to clean up after a hoarder, lol. 🙂

  15. Turns out I have 50,000 broken links. However, finding broken links in the comments is not that hard…if you do it more often then 10 years! So I put the website field back in the comments.

    I do want people to be able to link themselves. 🙂

  16. I am going another round…now deleting or updating video links. Hundreds of them.

    Also fixing broken links in the comments.

    I realize this is a bit obsessive, but I’m on a binge now and I may as well follow through.

    This is like a once-every-ten-years clean up!

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