Mars In Aspect To Mercury – Competing Minds

mars Vintage cigarette card astrology“I started competing in math around eighth grade,” my husband explained. “There was this Amish girl, she was studying real hard. She wanted to learn all she could because she was not going to be able to go to school past eighth grade. So she was really working hard, and beating me.

I got sick of it so I started to compete with her, I started kicking her ass. I gave her a hard time about it too. I’d be real close…like she’d get an A and I’d get an A +.  Too bad you’re such a dumb ass, I’d tell her.”

“She say anything to you?”

“No, she couldn’t swear or anything. But it was real close. Like she’d get an A+, I’d get an A++. They had an extra credit question for the + and it would be tricky. One time, I got an A- and she got an A. I didn’t like that one bit.”

“Did she say anything to you?”

“Yeah. What? Did you stay out too late with your friends last night, she said. Living your debauched lifestyle?”


Mars In Aspect To Mercury – Competing Minds — 13 Comments

  1. Who was this? And damn, that was a saucy Amish girl…I am VERY surprised she said even what she did.

    And Lord, I give kudos to anyone who wants to compete in math…

  2. Great story funny I’ve never wanted to compete with anyone other than me. I was and still am always trying to beat my own personal best. I have had people try to compete with me but they don’t get far especially when they figure out I’m not competing with anyone but me.

  3. I read this earlier today. I appreciated that she wanted to get all she could inasmuch as she would not be able to continue her education.

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