Mars Direct: August 27, 2018 – Tactics To Get Ahead

Mars will turn direct in Capricorn on August 27th.  This will be a great relief for Aries and Scorpio and anyone else who is interested in moving on and gaining ground. 

I’m like that so let’s talk tactics!  We can use these details:

August 28, 2018 – Mars turns direct @ 28 Capricorn

Capricorn plans!  Here, you’ll be starting out slow but committed to a goal!

September 11, 2018 – Mars (re)enters Aquarius @ 0 degrees

Mars in Aquarius favors a surprise attack and/or advancing by innovation.

You may have to experiment or act quickly and unexpectedly.

October 10, 2018 – Mars clears 9 Aquarius (leaves it’s shadow)

Prior to October 10th, Mars will be going over old ground.  It’s at this point, you should expect to prevail on some level.

Recognize this outline applies to anything and everything you might want to accomplish. Weight loss for example. Increase in sales. New job. Hot date…

If you’re inclined, state your goal in the comments… then come back and tell us how it’s going and how it wound up!



Mars Direct: August 27, 2018 – Tactics To Get Ahead — 20 Comments

  1. October 10th. By then I aim to finish the mural I have been painting for the last 2 years! The unveiling is already booked for 2 November. It’s for the local community hall … I hope they like it!

  2. All this has been happening in my 12th with a cusp of 28′ Cap. opposite a Leo stellium in the 6th. My worst summer ever for stalled business and personal plans, sleepless nights (with very active dreaming) and finding out about actions taken by others behind my back! I can’t wait for Mars to hit my first house. It will have to bring some relief.

  3. My Sun is Aqua 9, and my Mars is Cap 28, with my natal Saturn at Aqua 3 right slap between them — so the retrograde has seen transiting Mars scrubbing back and forth over and conjuncting these points. Meanwhile the eclipses have been smack on my Saturn and North Node, and loads of other big transits going on besides. Status report: I’m punch-drunk, dead broke, career-stalled, sense of purpose numbed, marriage crashing out, can’t see the wood for the trees. Otherwise grand.

    • Matt, I’m so sorry! I know how bad it can be and all I can say is hang tight and try to keep your good humor. When Pluto and Uranus were square in Cap and Aries, they aspected my natal Libra stellium. Starting with my Saturn return in Libra,it was seven years of sheer hell. I was unemployed 4 years, got cancer, ended a long term marriage, had to sell my dream home,and lost my mom to dementia. Huge change was inevitable, but with love from family and friends, I survived, although there were times when I thought I couldn’t. Now,nine years later, my life is very different, but very good!
      Being Aquarius, you are probably an independent personality, but don’t underestimate the sustaining love that comes from your acquaintances. You’ll get through this. I’m sending you my love and good wishes.

  4. Going to be trying to sell my house so September may bring a surprise counter offer. These are not highlighted in my 2nd, 4th or 8th Houses but I am hoping these energies work their mojo to help me get this train on the track and get my house sold, finally!

  5. 28 degrees Cap is conjunct my 0 degrees Chiron in the 11th. If I view this positively, I’ll read that as the successful birth of an invention I’m working on for special needs clients. New tech for the masses, I’m hoping! Especially as this sextiles my moon in Aries at 0 degrees first house.

  6. My Venus,house 2,at 22cap. Hope we move forward with the legacy-in-life thing and my finances can breathe a little. Hope I get out of the rut and depression.Start working on the 3rd!

  7. Mars will leave my 1st House when he is direct and into Aquarius. Began an eating program called the Abascal Way to quiet inflammation and lose weight in July. I’m feeling so much better with no sugar, and tactics for when and what to eat; losing weight slowly but noticeably.

  8. Losing ground on a friendship that I am deciding to pick up the pieces and move on and take it as a positive experience

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