Mars Conjunct Neptune: Will The Real Perpetrator Please Stand Up!

Mars in PiscesThe new moon in Fire sign, Sagittarius took place this morning.  Mercury is direct.  We’d be “off the races” if not for the Mars Neptune conjunction in Pisces.
This combination is hard to read. A person might be inspired to lead… or they may avoid conflict.  Imagining taking action and taking action are not the same thing.  You may have to act (Mars) on faith (Neptune).
Mars with Neptune can also describe, Deception With Malice.

Gaslighting in some form is not only possible, it’s likely. I’m engaged in this myself at this time and could be considered the perp of all things.
To understand, think of the hidden (Neptune) attacks (Mars) on websites that occur every day, around the clock. There are “brute force” attacks but many challenges to breech or undermine my website are sneaky and insidious.  I’m talking about being “groomed” in the worst sense of that word.
Then when I catch on and toss the person overboard.
They cry victim!
I get to be the abuser.
All this stuff is gross. My Libra apologizes for that, but it’s in line with the energy of the day, Neptune squaring Sagittarius.  Think “confused truth”!
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