One Man’s Ace Is Another Man’s Rocket

155 mm cannonI have Mars Mercury conjunct. A trickster. My husband has Aries….

“Well they don’t know about me,” I said. “I’m… well, I’m your ace in the hole.”

“Ace? You’re a lot more than that. You’re my 155mm cannon in the hole,” he said.

“What’s that?”

“Big gun. Big, big gun. P. Take out nearly a whole square with one of those.”

“Oh, well that sounds like something good to have.”

“Yeah, it is if you’re a soldier. When fighting someone you’re always better off if you’ve got the bigger gun. And you, P, are as big a gun as they make.”

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One Man’s Ace Is Another Man’s Rocket — 5 Comments

  1. I can see what you see in him! There is peace and solace knowing that your partner feels lucky to have you! Don’t tell him I said so, knowing what a manly man he is… he’s sweet in a guy kinda way.

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