Mars Conjunct Mercury In Dainty, Lovely Libra… Debra Winger Energy

debra-winger.jpgWe’re going to lunch and have to drop off my car for service. I rarely wear make up but was putting some on to cover what I called “jarring marks on the face” (Mars) the night before.

“I will have to ride in your truck in a dress,” I yelled out from the bathroom.

“Fine with me,” he yelled back.

This is when it hit me I have ridden a motorcycle in a dress many times. Jeez, it just seems to be my way.

Someone emailed me about the video today too (it’s a new one). So feminine looking and such jarring speech. ha ha ha.

It’s Debra Winger energy. She’s a Libra with Mars conjunct Mercury in Gemini. We’re the kind of women who can wear skirts with cowboy boots for sure. We can also run with a soldier for that matter. (Officer and a Gentlemen)

Born for it.

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Mars Conjunct Mercury In Dainty, Lovely Libra… Debra Winger Energy — 10 Comments

  1. “Sorry for my jarring and marked face,” I said

    “Don’t worry about it.”

    “Why not?”

    “Because it’s not that jarring and it’s not that marked. Jarring and marked. Jeez, P. The deepest darkest depths of despair,” he said quote Anne of Green Gables…

  2. and I thought about having the soldier go in the car place so I am less likely to get ripped off but then realized if he talks with his twang, the slick Coloradans will think him a hayseed! Pooor me! Cain’t win!

  3. Another mind meld. Today having coffee I was thinking about cowboy boots and hats and Texas twangs, and how maybe someone calling me “Ma’am” and opening the door and taking me to his sprawling ranch to be his queen and run his charitable foundation might not be so bad. I always go for foreigners– I must admit, a type like that would be pretty foreign to this East Coast city gal..

    Just ramblin’ 😉

  4. “You’re just jealous cuz I can ride better than you!”

    haha. That’s my favorite.
    (Minus Bud smacking her after that comment)

  5. Sorry to be pedantic (virgo moon) but Debra Winger is a taurus (May 16 1955). Only mention as i’m one and she was a huge role model for me as a teen and its ingrained in me. She is Libra rising though..

  6. Ha.Ha! I live in the town where Officer and a Gentleman was filmed and last week-end, while sitting at the bar (where the street fight took place), I was telling a tourist about it and the other key locations around the town… The blank look on her face made me realize that this gal was only in her early 20’s and hadn’t seen the movie- gawd! Was it really that long ago? Made me feel old.

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