“He Thinks You’re A Cow”

I was thinking about a friend who was recently offered a disingenuous compliment from a man. I thought I’d tell her the man thought she was a cow.

I don’t mean, “cow” as in “fat cow”, I mean cow as in large, dumb animal standing in a field who can be tricked into taking the ramp that leads to it’s own slaughter.

As it turns out, my friend is not a cow. I don’t keep cows as friends but am posting this a cautionary tale.

Just because someone says something nice to you, it does not mean they don’t think you’re a cow. I am in trouble all the time for speaking my mind and being unrefined but at least I don’t tell you you’re wonderful when I think you’re a cow, for my own devious purposes.

So says Mars conjunct Mercury in the 9th house.

Ever been mistaken for a cow?


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  1. After this year and all of the knocks I got, I’ve stopped believing what other people say. I’ve been fooled and lied to so many times in so many different ways that I just don’t believe anyone. Period. That goes for the news media and politicians as well… Not. Buying. Bullshit. Anymore.

  2. Yeah, my friend was not tricked in the least. That guy is the dumb cow but hey! Let’s not tell him.

    For the record, I don’t run around telling people I think they’re cows. That would be entirely inappropriate but if I do think something like that, I won’t pretend otherwise… to get you to do something or for any other reason. It’s just grotesque.

  3. Haha, in Russian, cow means what you said! Except it can be a term of endearment. My mom always calls herself a cow. It also means being klutzy. I am a cow because I’m suggestible and easy to flatter.

  4. Elsa,

    No. I’ve don’t think anyone has ever mistaken me for a cow but once a stranger mistaken me for a sheep. And I had to impolitely state that I was anything but a sheep. And I warned him of making such an assumption might not be a good thing for his well being. He got the message. So he learned quickly that I’m no pushover. He apologized. LOL!

    Have a great day, Elsa!!

    Be Blessed!!

  5. I let people think I am a cow on a daily basis. I really have no choice.

    I let people think whatever they think of me on a daily basis and “cow” is one of the things they think.

    Mark – you do not come off as pushover – not to me at least. 🙂

  6. U can be the cow, as an strategy… a way to judge an ending… perhaps get feedback about how someone acts.

    An idc about anything right now, playing dumb, being a dumb, and in the end really being a dumb, but hey… i really let it happen, playing with my luck.

  7. Men? Not so much. I think that a lot of the reason that I’m not approached much by men is because I exude serious.

    But other women? Heck yes. Mostly in corporate work environments. Even when I stand my ground and show that I will NOT budge, they STILL think that I’m going walk to the slaughterhouse.

    The astro: They don’t usually see my Taurus at first. I think my combo of Aquarius Asc & Libra Moon have me come off as gullible, air-headed, little girl. Then the Taurus Woman with Merc & Venus in Aries shows up and she will NOT be toyed with.

  8. I get an almost allergic reaction when people think I’m gonna get suckered into something that benefits them and it’s supposed to be some opportunity for me. Yeah, right. And compliments, well, a lot of them are just throwing out a line to see if they catch something. Put your money where your mouth is and then we’ll talk.

  9. I am constantly amazed at what a DUMMY people must think I am. it’s mostly in real life. it’s probably because it is ingrained in me to be polite observe the social niceties and act like I don’t notice when they do not. it’s not my job to warn them that I have teeth and claws and they’re treading on some very thin ice.

    just because I’m “nice” does not mean I don’t know EXACTLY what you’re trying to pull. I just have manners.

  10. boy is this a subject dear to my heart; just ‘coz I appear soft, placid and slow……well, never judge a cow by it’s cover….I’ll eat your lunch while you’re busy congratulating yourself on your natural superiority, then continue moseying on down the cowpath……

    cow power 😉

  11. All the time.

    Part of it is because I’m 4’11” and part of it because like Satori I’m not going to be uncouth enough to call someone on being an asshole in front of others. Even if they do deserve it. It doesn’t help that I’m fairly quiet because that too gives people the wrong idea, much to their dismay later.

    I’ve had people insult me to my face, quite unprovoked, and then wonder later why they get frozen out. People don’t get a second opportunity to do that to me. They lose my friendship or my business. I used to be a lot more easygoing about this but not any more.

  12. No, I`m not cow-like in either appearance or personality so I think it would sound silly for someone to call me a cow. I have been called the following: a butterfly, a cold bitch and a dragon lady. I disliked the butterfly comment the most. LOL.

  13. As a former cow I can say there is truth to the saying that we learn more from our enemies than our friends; meaning that your friends are reluctant to tell you the truth sometimes. It takes guts and courage and a Mars conjunct Mercury in the 9th house Elsa to to tell it like it is, to say it in the spirit of service regardless of what we think, and not to protect someones ego which would really just support the cow.

  14. Sometimes, and with ‘dual awareness’ – but usually if I let it go on I get a lot of what I want out of it ;^)

    This reminds me of an amusing novel “Animal Husbandry” that I read in the spring, about a syndrome with which many of us are familiar: “The guy would just disappear … sometimes without even calling to break up with you.” The author dubs it ‘New Cow’ theory, see


    Most women when they first fall for a man are liavle to ‘be’ a cow never mind be mistaken for one, and I’ve seen it happen to men too!

  15. “Yes and I was standing there looking right through them. They were so proud of themselves for outsmarting me….ha ha ha!”

    “just because I’m “nice” does not mean I don’t know EXACTLY what you’re trying to pull. I just have manners.”

    Same here, most of the time. I have Mercury in Aries, and even with the wide square to Saturn, if I’m angry with you, then I won’t be able to remain in the same room with you, because I will burst if I try to remain polite. That doesn’t happen too often.

    I have just recently had someone messing with me – acting all buddy-buddy, when I knew they were laughing at me. Typical mean girls.

  16. Satori’s got it spot on, I used the same tactic when I played basketball…allow me to explain. I would not stick to the opposing player like glue to block them 100% of the time like a madman on a quest to lose all my energy like you’re expected to, rather I would drop back and keep a very watchful eye on the person and the game and when they were about to get the pass or shoot…out pops me. DENIED! Hard. Every time. But still every damn game, theres the coach on the sidelines yelling over and over, “GUARD YOUR GUY DAMMIT!!” and me just thinking, have you been watching me at all?? The illusion is how the magic happens!

    I know it seems really off topic but thats what popped into mind after I read a lot of the comments, hope I’m not being too much of a space cadet this time =P

  17. met a lot of men who try to play me like a cow. mostly i think to see if they could… or that’s how they treat everybody? but i think in those cases it was usually their typical behavior, not so much me.

    i get mistaken for innocent/naive often, though.

  18. Yes. I blame it on Neptune conj. Asc. I don’t mind, I feel it’s a great way to know who to keep at a distance and to not make the effort to get intimate with. Plus, what people presume helps me get an idea of who they are/what they are like. And I sometimes figure that maybe I am a cow… I dunno 🙂

    As for compliments, I love making them. If I think someone has, for example, a nice dress or looks particularly happy/glowing, if I say it I’ll mean it. I just don’t mean that I like the person. I don’t know if that makes me act fake (I know it’s part of my shadow) but I try to keep it real ^_^

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