Making Your Own Rules Or Justifying Your Bad Behavior?

Saturn in Aquaius spaceman“Make your own rules” is a key phrase for Uranus in astrology. Having been raised by Aquarians, I’m all for it it. I love independence though I think it’s important not to infringe on the rights of others. Boundaries.  Saturn in Aquarius?  There is a line in there somewhere.

It’s the current clash between Saturn and Uranus that has me evaluating this. Each person gets to draw their own line but here’s what I see in regard to the shadow-side of “making your own rules” and detaching in general: you say you’re going to do something. I’m talking about a commitment you make or it might be a promise. In this scenario, the person you commit to believes you. They trust you and/or they take you serious. Time comes to cover the check you wrote with your mouth and you don’t want to do it.

Some people will do it anyway. This is what I would do, simply because keeping my word is a core value to me.  Others may pretend the promise was never made or the commitment does not exist and hope the other(s) involved go along.

There is a third group who will actively justify breaking their promise or their commitment by picking at the other person or the group involved.

Recently, I have been misunderstood so I will try to be very clear here. My idea assumes that most people believe in keeping their word. This is a “rule” in life for anyone who wants to be respected or taken seriously. So when a person wants to be respected and taken seriously wants out of legit commitment; this is when their character is tested.

In that scenario, it’s pretty common that a person will come up with their own rules as to why they do not have to follow through on their promise. Invariably, the justification for this will be blamed on the other person. It will almost never be seen as a failing on their part.

There is a fourth way to handle something like this. You can tell the person or the group that you are not going to keep your promise and you can tell them why.  In this case, you renege but you own it.

What do you think about this?  What’s the astrology?


Making Your Own Rules Or Justifying Your Bad Behavior? — 9 Comments

  1. It seems like every individual has their own code to live by and any broad sweeping rules, no matter how true or good the intentions behind them, will eventually snowball into collective expectations which no one can adhere to at all times, making the whole thing meaningless. Can’t think of any instance where every person in the world would agree.

  2. I totally get this.Because my wordis my oath.
    But it can also be my downfall.
    But many people dont mean what they say ,and when the time comes to deliver,they back off , without any sign of contrition or apologies.

    But usually the culprits are known,so there is little or any expectation.

  3. On first principles, keeping one’s word, or promise, is honourable; not doing so is not. But then, there are promises, and there are promises. For instance, Y said to X, in all sincerity, ‘Yes, I’ll marry you’, but then she reneged on that promises. Would it make emotional sense for Y to keep her promise? I think not: Surely a person contracts a marriage because that person feels whole-heartedly about it. If she has had second thoughts, then, on my value system, she must tell X about those second thoughts, and retract her promise. Anything less is dishonest.
    Then there are promises of much less, or no, emotional value. One example of that may be this: One friend promises a loan to the other. The other proceeds in the expectation that the promised loan is forthcoming. But it does not come. A financial crisis threatenes to distroy his business venture. Here, a promise has been broken dishonourbly.
    Put another way: The promised marriage is in a far-reaching and consequential emotional context. Here, the breaker of the promise who has lost the desire to keep it acts honourably when she withdraws it. The promise-breeching lender is not on that significant and consequential emotional territory. He has no valid reason for reneging on his promise; he is a dishonourable rotter.

  4. Neptune-Mars “unchecked” is definitely a marker for wishy-washiness, especially when mars is in gemini or aquarius (hence, riled by merc/uranus).

  5. It bothers me more when someone makes a promise they don’t intend to keep than when someone breaks a promise they did intend to keep. For me, intentions determine character.

  6. I fully concur, La_sirena. After all, what is a promise? Is it something in the mould of ‘my word is my bond’? Such borrowings from commerce make me suspicious, because they are so straight-down-the-line that they make no allowance for the human condition.
    Incidentally, there was a time, only a generation ago, when it was possible to sue the person who broke up an engagement for ‘breach of promise’. Emotionally, I just cannot understand this. Nor even logically. These ‘contract’ approaches to relationships should be confined to commercial dealings.

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