Making Peace With The Harsh Aspects In Your Child’s Chart

Astrology can scare the hell out of new parents.  I wrote this for a client:

“He doesn’t just have Venus square Mars. Neptune is involved with Venus and Mars. The aspect looks very creative to me. Mars in Scorpio is effective, Venus is well placed in Leo, and with Neptune in the picture,  Quentin Tarantino comes to mind. His movies express this type of energy.

There are endless ways that energy can express and while this is a sharp aspect, that means little else. People have free will and without aspects like what your son has in his chart, there would be Tarantino movies and life would be quite a bit duller than it is…”

Do you have concerns over something in your child’s chart?  As a parent it’s hard to have perspective. Here’s an idea: Start a thread on the boards naming the aspect, asking people to offer positive interpretations of it. I think a lot of people feel terror over what they see in the charts of their children, unnecessarily.

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Making Peace With The Harsh Aspects In Your Child’s Chart — 8 Comments

  1. I’m watching this because of the Uranus-Pluto aspect. Depending on when my little one arrives, she could have Venus in Libra, right in there with those two outer planets. I would start a thread, but I feel like what’s meant to be is meant to be, and I can’t be scared. Also, I love Tarantino!

  2. There is just so much great stuff that comes from tension in a chart.
    Tarantino has Mars in Leo, Neptune and Moon in Taurus (Venus) in a T-square, so very similar energy.
    I just really liked this kid’s chart, but could see why his parents would be unnerved, to say the least. But again. Talent is talent and it often looks like this in a chart!!

  3. Aw…little babes! I looked over my friend’s 18 month old’s chart the other day.

    He is a Scorpio ASC with a stellium (inc Moon/Mars/Mercury/Jupiter) in Taurus.

    I laughed when I looked at it. I said, you’re never going to be able to tell this kid what to do—you’re looking at the Wall of No.

    She laughed and said, I feel it already. I also told her that he was very loving and cuddly (she agreed, he’s a cuddle monster) and that he was going to be a very stable person. He’s a very cute baby (I’m showing my own Taurus stellium bias, hee hee).

  4. my little one, 2.5 years old has

    Pluto (3rd H) square Jupiter, Saturn & Neptune.
    Jupiter & Neptune (5th H)oppo Saturn (11th H).
    Neptune & Jupiter (5th H) in conjuct.
    Mars (10th H) oppo Chiron (4th H).
    Saturn (11th H) square moon (2nd H).
    Chiron (4th H) square Sun (8th H).

    are all those violant/depressive asspect ?

  5. This is an amazing blog post Elsa, I’m amazed at the way you see the positive in rough aspects.

    I think that parents who know about a child’s astrology will at least be aware of potential tensions. Parents who are unaware of those difficulties often act on those tense points and contribute to children’s difficulties.

    Parents who are aware of a child’s astrological chart can fortunately receive help in figuring out how to help the child harness rough energies into something beneficial.

  6. m’ baby’s got that too. but those are strong placements for those planets… and, erm, we have a collection of mars squares in the family, wouldn’t want to break the pattern (i even married one, just to keep things interesting.)

  7. My daughters chart is half glorious and half horrible, it’s very confusing and worrisome at times. Fifth house Scorpio merc/venus o.o

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