Making Kids Think They Are Smarter Than They Are

rubiksI was writing the daily astro tips for next week and ran into Rubik’s Cube in my thinking. Rubik’s Cube was invented in 1974. You could either solve it or you couldn’t.

Kids don’t have to solve things these days. They buy an elaborate video game and when they run into a challenge, they get on the internet and find a cheat to get around it. They think they’re all badass but really, they’ve accomplished nothing, other than proving they can type in a box and follow instructions. They have a sense of accomplishment when they’ve not accomplished anything and on top of that, in the strangest way. “cheating” is sanctioned. It’s a hell of a mind trick, yanno?

This seems worth thinking about as Mercury opposes Neptune. Are we as smart as we imagine we are? Probably not.

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