Makeup And Skin Care: Cancer, Leo, Virgo


There are some new looks I like for Cancer women. Cancers usually have their hair in a style that has some length and their look is very “pretty” when it’s at its best. I like hair with some wave or curl on Cancers, with long bangs and eyes with a couple coats of mascara. This gives them the cute look that Cancers like and the sophistication that is their due.

To achieve the thick eyelashes that look best use a primer on your eyelashes and curl them before you apply your mascara. First curl them with a good curler and then apply a primer to your lashes to thicken them. Second, apply the first coat of mascara and let it dry completely before applying the second coat. I also like the new look for hair that is up on one side for Cancers. To get this style just take one side of your hair after drying it naturally for curl, or curling it if you don’t have wave, and wind it up, tighter for a more dramatic look and looser for a lesser look. After you wind up the side of your hair just take a bobby pin and pin that piece of hair up on that side to finish and you have a new style that is wavy or curly and also looks new and classy. You can pin it up with some hair jewelry also if that is your style. It is romantic and Cancers are very romantic most of the time so it suits them completely!

Cancers look great with a full look of foundation but it is important that they go for the luminous look in foundation. Add a bit of light by buying a foundation that adds light to your skin. When applying your foundation remember to use a makeup sponge after applying it with a bit of water on it to clear the foundation out of the little lines in your face so they don’t stand out. Use a clear powder over that and you have a bright and pretty look that always gets you compliments.

For eye color Cancers are a water sign so should try an eyeliner that is navy instead of black. Navy liner brightens up the eye and gives you a finished look that you won’t have without liner. Apply your liner in a line that goes from the corner of your eye to the end of the eye and finish with a connecting line that is underneath your eye lashes on the bottom. I like a Cancer with a soft eye so don’t be afraid of smudging your eyeliner. A pencil liner is best, or use a shadow that is navy and wet it while applying with a small eyeliner brush. When you use wet shadow for a liner it can appear smudged and that is the look you want. A Cancer also needs a brow color underneath the eyebrow so try one in a pinky-beige that hardly shows but gives you a finish on your eyelid. Go ahead and apply the color all over your eyelid and up to your eyebrow. Next use a darker color, and I like either a natural brown for Cancer, a dark navy or a deep green, and apply it to the crease in your eye. Use a small brush for eyeshadow to apply it and go ahead and go dark in the crease so it shows when your eyes are open as well as when they are closed. Finish your eye with a soft beige color with shimmer and use it to blend all the colors on your eyes so you end up with a big eye, for Cancers look great with wide eyed looks! Make sure your crease color is dark enough and make sure to blend it in the crease in an upside down “C” shape so you have a rounded eye look. This technique looks great on all colorings but you have to deepen the crease color depending on how dark your skin is.

Cancers need blush to complete their look and I think a rosy blush is something a Cancer can pull off. If your skin is light, Nars has a great blush called “Orgasm” that suits most lighter skin and some darker. Nars has a whole line of creme blushes if you are inclined to shop for one and they are very easy to use. Make sure to apply your blush in a creme and finish it with a brush. Use blush from the apples of your cheeks to the outside of your cheekbones and make sure you can see it for you can carry some color on your face very well! I think that bronzing powder is something that Cancers can do without so I would stick to the blushes that have natural cheek color to them and not try to fake a tan with makeup. A Cancer looks pretty with their natural skin coming through so check out the earlier posts to get tips on how to care for your skin and make sure you exfoliate your skin every other day to get the freshest look.

When I think of Cancer, I think “fresh,” and that look is beautiful on them. To finish your face you might try a highlighter in a powder form (Bare Minerals has a white one and some other colors) and use it with a brush sweeping down the middle of your forehead to the nose and then to the chin. This trick with a highlighter brings your features to the forefront and it also is great if you are having your photo taken because your face will come forward and show itself at its best; it’s an old trick used by makeup artists.

Fresh and healthy lips look great on Cancer and I like color on their lips. I suggest a berry color for something new and using a liner with it to achieve the perfect lip. Follow the steps for application I outline for Leo to apply your lipstick so it lasts and don’t forget to blot! You look great going for “pretty,” Cancer, so I like a nice lip on you and color there! Your eyes, since you are a water sign, should be played up, and your lips give you the “pretty” that looks so good on you!


Leos look great with hair that says who they are. I suggest, if you are inclined toward Leo, that you get some length in your hair or at least leave the top floppy so you can get some mileage out of your hair and say a bit with it. A great look for Leos with long hair is to let the hair dry naturally or to blow it out using a cool setting so it keeps its natural wave and then use a curling iron in a new way. Use your curling iron by heating it up and then taking the barrel and with the other hand taking the piece of hair and wrapping it around the barrel with your hand leaving the end out of the barrel. Take pieces of your hair and curl it this way giving you a different look in curls but one that is piecey and new. Gently drop each part of hair you curl in this way and let it cool in that shape so your curls last longer. You can use this technique over your whole head or on parts of your hair leaving the rest natural. Again, take your hand and hold the piece of hair and wrap it around the barrel leaving the end out. This sort of curl can be achieved with a curling iron or a straightening iron that has double heat panels, on the outside and on the inside. When you finish curling your hair let it air dry and then with your hands tousle it until you get the look you like. You want to use your fingers to get a new look for curls and not comb them through. You can also comb some through and leave the rest with just a finger comb so long as you end up with different curls on your head and not just one shape. Finish this look with hair spray, and it’s a good idea to use a hair spray that is made for colored hair if you color your hair. If you are Leo you most likely have colored your hair or have great color in your hair so you want to protect it. Use a sulfurs free shampoo and don’t rub it in a towel to dry it, just blot it with a towel until it is dry enough to work with.

If you have shorter hair you can still use this idea and have a sassy look when you are finished! The idea is to put some interest in your hair and leave off the old curling technique because it is looking old. Straight hair is a bit over done now as well but if you are married to your straight hair you can use product on pieces to make it look new. Take a paste and rub it on your fingers and coat pieces of your hair to make them stand apart from the rest. This is a fun way to change up your hairstyle without having your hair cut which some Leos would not consider! Make sure you have six to eight week trims to keep your ends and hair healthy, and if you are growing you hair you can wait eight weeks to trim. Hair grows about a quarter inch a month so you can judge when you need a trim in this way.

Leo’s eyes should stand out and a Leo looks great with a liquid liner look. Find a liner that has its own brush and is liquid and line the top of your eyelids very close to the lash line carefully. If you mess up use a cotton swab to clean up your line so you have a perfect line that ends at the end of your eyelash line. Next, use an eyeshadow over the liner that is dark enough to keep the darkness next to your eyes and tone down the dark line you have drawn. This step is to keep the hardness out of the look but keep the drama. You can use a plum or a grey or even a light charcoal over your eyeliner but make sure you can see that even perfect line above your eyelashes. Leo can also wear a “cat eye” wonderfully so you might want to extend you liner out a bit from your eyelash line in a sweep up just a bit so you have the look of up and out from your liner. This also works well at night, but you can wear it during the day because, hey, you are a Leo!

I like a naked eye for a Leo but smudge over the liner because most Leos have great skin and skin color. I recommend a powder on your face to keep the shine off and keep the eye the focus for you. Apply powder either with a brush or the pad that comes with the powder if it is the thin kind. If you are using a pad, roll the pad over you skin and don’t blot for this will prevent too much powder in lines by your eyes on around your lips. Just put some powder on the pad and slowly roll the pad over your skin, all over you face, to get a matte look, and you can even roll some of this sheer powder over your eye area to make your look last. Letting your skin come out can look wicked on a Leo, and it is a daring look when you think about it because most like to hide behind a layer of foundation even if they don’t have to. If you have skin with some parts that need cover just use a concealer where you have problems and blend it well, very well, so you can wear your skin alone with a bit of powder.

For your lips you might try a plumping product that goes on under your lipstick for a nice look that has more drama. Most of these products don’t plump lips too much and you can avoid that Botox look by using them. Some of them like “Bare Minerals Lip Revver Upper” have an ingredient that also keeps your lip treatment on so you get two for one! “Fusion” has lip plumpers that are glossers with color so you can kill two birds with one stone, or you can use the treatment and choose your lip color afterwards. To maximize your lips try using a lip color that is not too heavy with pigment. Use a gloss that has more color than clear glosses though, so you have an actual color on your lips.

Red is hot this season and you can wear red all day so you might try a red that is not too pigmented for your lip treatment. When you use less pigment the lips look bigger, and this is great for you who love drama so go for it! “Lipstick Queen” has some great colors that are not heavy on pigment or you can find another company that you like. Just be sure to have a color that shows and try the new reds that are available right now. If you have dark skin or very light skin you can wear a cherry-red color very nicely, but if you have in-between skin choose a red with a bit of blue in it to help your skin along with matching. Keep it semi-clear, again, so your lips look their biggest and you have a finished face. If you are using lipstick, make sure to blot your first application and apply again to get long lasting color.

A liner with your color is a good way to go and the best way to use a liner is to use one in a color that is at least one color lighter than your lipstick. You don’t want a 90’s look so stay away from darker lip pencils. Sharpen your pencil very well and apply it to your lip line by starting at the bud of your lips in the middle and working outward. Go ahead and use short little lines if that is the easy way for you to apply a pencil for you are going to use the pencil and roll some of the color from it all over you lips after you line them to prevent having lip liner that stands out when your lip color goes lighter. Just line the lips and roll the pencil like you used to use a crayon on the rest of your lips to prevent strong lip lines. Put your color over that and you have a finished lip!

Leo pulls off the jewelry so well, so start to build a jewelry selection that can cover you no matter what you are wearing. Either a collar or jewelry is a good rule. Jewelry is part of your makeup routine as far as I’m concerned so collect it and don’t be afraid of statement pieces! You can find some great stuff at antique stores and antique jewelry sales because many women give up one look for another and dump their entire costume jewelry or semi-precious jewelry at one store and you can dig in and take over! Finish your look with some bling or bling on your collar and your face will roar!


Virgo, you need some great skin to give your natural beauty a boost, so you need products that work for your skin and give you a great canvas that you can wear alone or with sheer makeup. A Virgo does not like to bother with a lot of makeup but they do care about health so let’s get started on some skin health! First you must get rid of dead skin cells so to exfoliate is very, very important. Use a product with salicylic acid to wash your face and to moisturize it as well. This will rid your skin of dead cells and also do much to even out your skin tone. If you use one product, make it one that exfoliates because that will do the most for your naked skin. You can also look into a moisturizer that will get rid of discoloration in your skin after you wash it and that is important for you too. Choose a product that evens out skin tone and you can find one in any price point from department store products to drugstore products, both will do the job. If you can clear your skin to one tone you have a natural look that can take you everywhere with just a touch of makeup.

ALWAYS use moisture on your skin and never leave your makeup on when you go to sleep. Our skin sleeps when we sleep and it renews itself so use that time to heal your skin! You know that water is so very important to having great skin so detox your skin by drinking eight glasses of water a day and that does not mean diet coke! Remember that caffeine does not hydrate and neither does sugar and other additives so stick to water or healthy drinks to hydrate your face. Your skin will look plumped and healthy if you drink water every day to the degree that is recommended.

Now that you have habits that will show us great skin, it’s time to make up your face and do your hair in a way that shows you in the very best light. Virgo likes natural and looks great in it so you can do with a very light foundation that lets some of your natural skin come through. You can use a dusting of powder over that light and sheer foundation to give you a matte edge. For your eyes I like earth tones and you can apply them easily and in a timely manner since you don’t want a huge beauty routine. When you apply your foundation and have finished your canvas just take a brown eye pencil and line your eyes with it, connecting top and bottom lashes at the outer corner but not in the inner corner. Use a brown shadow that is darker in color than your skin and that has some pigment, an earthy green or for darker skin a deep purple, and blend it over your entire lower eyelid. Just sweep it over your lid with a shadow brush and cover your entire lower lid leaving the outer corners with a round finish. Apply a half moon shape, in other words, and stay clear of the cat eye unless you have some excited Leo in your chart! Next use a light brown or beige shimmery shadow for your upper eye and blend it to your brow bone taking care to blend it into the darker shadow on your lower lid. You can only go with the darker color if you don’t want to get busy on your eyes but I suggest you highlight the rest of your eye for a finished and easy look. Just blend that second color from the crease to the brow bone.

A Virgo does not want to go with a huge makeup routine so what I like for a Virgo look is to find a color for your face that is a bronzer, a tan or a brown blush, and only use it for highlighting your face. Just apply it in a “3” shape from your upper forehead on the outside, then into the apples of the cheeks and out again to the outer part of your chin. Don’t use the color all over the face, only on the outsides and on the apple of your cheeks, and you can achieve this with one sweep of your brush or applying creme color in the “3” shape, blending with a brush to keep it smooth. This will highlight your face in a very natural way but keep you pretty and highlight your natural beauty. Take great care in choosing this color and I would suggest “Nars,” “Benefit” or “Bare Minerals” for a fair price for a color you will use every day and all of the time. You can apply this color over your naked skin by using a primer (or not) and then using the color in the shape I have described. A naked face can appear beautiful if the skin is good and you use just a blush/highlighter for your color.

For your eyes I suggest you use an eyelash curler and a mascara that is thickening so you can use only one coat and get great coverage. You might like to invest in your mascara so you know it will work for you and not give you any hassles. Go for a brush on your mascara that is not too big so you can whip through your lashes as fast as you like to get them done!

Lips are also a no-brainer for you because you don’t have the patience to bother with a big lip routine. Still I suggest you use a “reverse lipliner” which is a product that will go around your lips on the outside and keep your lip treatment from going into creases or getting into messes. This way you only have to sweep on your lip choice and not worry about it getting out of the line of your lips. If you have the patience you should line your lips as well because that makes lipstick last longer and you can do so as I described above. Having a nice rosy lip color is great for Virgo to shine in a natural way and you can achieve this by using a colored lip balm or gloss as well although for a Virgo, a lip gloss can be a bit messy for them to apply in a flash as they like to do!

For your hair, busy Virgo, I would suggest you go to a good hairdresser and have your hair cut in a style that is perfect for your hair texture and that can dry naturally and go with your waves, or lack thereof. If you get the perfect length and perfect cut for your hair you can just wash it and apply product to make it stay in your style while it dries and to give it texture after it’s dry. Just find a product that either plumps or adds curl or even a gel that controls to your new “do” that is made just for you and let dry! After your hair is dry you can pull a brush through it to make it softer or leave it as it is and go! Remember that a wash and wear cut can be short or long so long as it is well cut and cut with your own wave. You don’t like to bother with these sorts of things so it’s worth the investment to find your perfect cut. Lastly, it is pretty to apply a hair oil like “Chi” to your hair in a very small amount to make it shine, and you can do this when you hair is wet or dry. If you apply an oil when it is dry it will soften up the hair and if you apply it when it is wet is will do the same as well as soften up whatever curls are there when it is drying. Some people even use oils like lavender oil or emu oil for their hair and skin if you want to go natural. All I’m suggesting is that you have your hair cut to dry in a shape that is hip without you stressing over it as you are so busy!

Finish off with a piece of jewelry that is a statement about you that becomes your good luck piece and put some thought into what you’d like it to be. Buy it in silver or gold depending on what looks good on you and wear it every day so it becomes part of your look. You usually look great in dainty pieces so it does not have to be anything huge or statement making to work on you!


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