Makeup, Cosmetic Surgery Through The Zodiac Signs

Have you ever tried to get a young Aries friend to wear lipstick? I’m not talking gloss here, or Blistex, I’m talking coloured lipstick? Impossible, near impossible. If your average Aries has a choice as to whether or not to wear make up at all, they will fight it like the devil until they feel they HAVE to use something. I find the only thing that an Aries might try is a tinted moisturizer if they have blotchy skin: After all, it’s easy, it’s fast and they admit it helps.

A Leo, however, can have PERFECT make up. They will decide what they need and apply it religiously and perfectly every day and they don’t want to be seen without it. I’ve seen some Leo women who apply every kind of facial make up and do it exactly the same way and just right every time no matter what. Plastic surgery is in the Leo language as well…ย  And a Cancer will often consider breast enlargement or breast reduction depending on what sort of body type they have.

A Virgo prefers to go natural but will not argue with reason when shown that their faces can improve with make up or skin treatments that work. They will start out very innocent about make up and take it slow as they learn what they like on them and what they don’t. Often a Virgo will go for a “Bobbi Brown,” natural paletteย  and avoid those bright colors that that Gemini might consider to match her hair!

A Gemini, depending on her costume may consider any type of make up. It’s part of the costume and if their costume is Goth, well, they are going to wear a lot of black make up and dye their hair black. If the costume is color, and they do love color, they will wear colors on their face, and even the eye as in shadow that might be skipped by other signs. Bright blue, Bright green, purple, you name it, a Gemini or an Aquarius will consider this type of make up. They look simply cute in it too as they pull off the colors other’s shy away from.

A professional face is what we see on a Cappy and it’s going to be natural but those lips are usually coloured. Professional women tend to wear lipstick and Cappy is one sign that indulges. Still, their make up will be conservative compared to some of their wilder sisters of Air sign type.

Getting the Sag into make up is akin to talking to an Aries about it. Does it go on fast? Will it stay on until I take it off and not give me grief? If so, they might like it. But, the Taurus can be convinced to care for the skin with fine products if they can afford them. Taurus understands that the canvas helps and it is smart to go straight for the skin first as will a Scorpio. Whether high priced creams can be afforded or Dermatologist visits produce prescriptions, they know the value of a dollar spent on the right treatment.

A Pisces is a natural at making up the eyes and will do it like a pro almost from the start. Theirย  eyes hold their mystery and they often like to add to them with cosmetics. Many, many Pisces will wear eye make up that is fine and mysterious as their main make up plan. Colored mascara interests them as well. The eyes have it.

– Annalisa

What sort of products does your ruling planet dictate?


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Makeup, Cosmetic Surgery Through The Zodiac Signs — 29 Comments

  1. Im pisces rising…. Im ruled by Jupiter/Neptune.. I dont really wear much make up at all on daily basically I just moisturize each morning and but on some mascara and lip balm. If Im having a night out say going to a party or wedding I will put on some eyeshadow and some red lipstick (Im a scorp). I like the focus on my eyes or lips. However even when I am out I think I have on a lot less then everyone else. Truthfully I dont really know much about make- up and havent ever used foundation. I should probably learn since im getting older.

    Can anyone recommend a good face moistuizer that’s not to expensive. The one I was using has been discontinued and I have to find something new. My skin is fair and usually normal to dry. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi Skye,
    For a moisterizer that does just what you want it to do and nothing more, you can trust the dermatologist recommended, drug store brands like Aveeno etc…
    There are some great moisterizers that do more, like exfoliate your skin, etc.. but they are more expensive. I’m assuming you are young and don’t worry about wrinkles or uneven skin tone so go with what the doc recommends. If you want something more, just ask!

  3. I hope this isn’t too far off topic. My Gemini hands take a terrible beating. In the winter I can’t keep them moisturized no matter what brand I try.

    Is there anything you can recommend for dry beat-up hands? Thanks!

  4. As a Libra with a first house Venus in Sagittarius, it is a natural look achieved through careful application of lots of makeup – if that makes sense. You know – where men don’t think you wear makeup . . . ๐Ÿ™‚

    I started using Paula’s Choice skin care products about five or six years ago and love them. She adds NO fragrances to any of her products, so you don’t end up with weird things happening with the smell of your perfume and skin care products. Plus if your skin is sensitive as well as your nose, I highly recommend all of her line.

    These are reasonably priced, high quality and she accepts PayPal now. Here’s a link:

  5. Tam,
    At the hospital we are always washing out hands with anti bacterial scrub so I know what you mean. A hand cream with shea butter in it is a good choice. There are many brands with shea butter in them and it depends what your price point is…

  6. annalisa your description of Taurus (my Sun sign) is spot on. I can “do” make-up well when I’m up for it, but use high-quality skin care products.
    As for makeup: I cannot live without blush. wouldn’t even try… That is my ruling planet (Jupiter; Sag ASC) for sure: I want to look happy and rosy-cheeked and VITAL.

  7. Cancerian in favor of breast REDUCTION. Oh man. I get the practical and ornamental value of breasts for babies and men, but otherwise, big ones just get in the WAY. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I don’t wear a lot of makeup, because I don’t feel I need it — Virgo rising — but I do NOT leave the house without wearing lipstick. Leo moon. XD

    That Paula’s Choice line is really good stuff. I’m also a recent convert to MAC Studio Fix powder foundation. I don’t wear foundation as a matter of course since my skin’s pretty OK as-is, but if I want a little extra polish without using liquid goop, that stuff is magic. I think I got the tip from Shell in a board thread somewhere….

    Another vote of confidence for the Aveeno moisturizers here. *thumbs up* I like that it’s fairly scentless while being a good product, and won’t interfere with my perfume.

  8. Skye, I recommend Oil of Olay original hydrating fluid. It’s a BIT pricey for the amount you get but it lasts forever. I’m pretty picky about my lotions as most of them either end up feeling greasy or just don’t work at all. You can feel your skin drinking in the Olay and it’s light and smells good.

    Virgo rising and I hardly ever wear makeup. It’s funny because my Leo sun, Gemini rising grandma has been selling Mary Kay for going on 40 years and there is no shortage of samples around here. I use a little concealer for persistent pimples but generally, the maintenance required for makeup just doesn’t make sense to me. I’m a Pisces but I generally avoid eye makeup since I wear glasses and I just HATE that mascara because it is so difficult to get off, it runs, it smears. Gross.

  9. Thanks again for this article, Annalisa!

    Your description of Aries and how quickly makeup has to be done is right. Even though I’m a budding professional makeup artist, my makeup has to be clean, easy and very natural. Fast fast fast! However, I barely wear lipstick unless it’s a special occasion (where I wear DARK or BRIGHT lipstick). My eyes are usually the focus – but perhaps it’s because of the Piscean influence of the 12th house.

    Essentials for me is tinted moisturizer, concealer (very important), black mascara, and eyelash curler, neutral eyeshadow and black eyeliner. I use darker plum gloss because it’s so easy to apply (with my pinky, on my mouth).

    And Cancerians and breasts… Hmmm ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a Cancer moon and am quite happy with the size of my breasts… I have, however put makeup on them to emphasize the cleavage. ๐Ÿ™‚ You got it, you flaunt it, right?

  10. Paula (of Paula’s Choice) is also well known for her cosmetic and skincare product reviews. Since I dropped out of the Girl Games for about 10 years, I’ve found her information to be helpful getting caught up. I’ll spend money, but I hate spending it on stuff that doesn’t work well. You can find her writing on the web or in book form.

    Lunalie, I also love my eyelash curler!! Can’t live without it. I’ve had one since age 11.

  11. Good article Annalisa! Saturian here I stick to lip gloss, because it is simple and no hassel. I have Sag and don’t wear make-up. The exception is eye liner and mascara, maybe some eye shadow – I guess this is because I have a handful of planets in the 12th – if it’s night time and I am stepping out. During the day, no matter the occasion, I go natrual.

    No one seems to care if I have a naked face but if I go out without jewelery I get scolded by friends/fam who feel it’s a must for me “At least always wear ear rings it makes a huge difference!” So they say. Is this a 12th H thing too? For this reason, when I do go for the glitter my jewelery tends to be dramatic and unusual but I keep everything else low key, earth tones and so forth.

    At the moment I make my skin care products at home. The only thing I fuss over buying pricy products and being ritual about care is my hair (Leo Moon) but I wear my hair covered most days.(Moon/Saturn)

  12. The Sun Libra with Virgo rising, Capricorn Moon and Scorpio Venus here. I like taking care of my skin and hair,which both a bit tricky type ignored by the cosmetics industry.

    My daily makeup is very natural, concentrating on the eye makeup I need too, since I wear glasses. I’m always in the search of a perfect mascara – for now it’s Max Factor’s False Lash Effect – and concealer to cover the dark rings under my eyes. Other favourites are the powdery mineral foundations which cover my red nose and chin in the winter – I wouldn’t want to wear foundation all over my face.

    For the evening I love the slightly retro styles, especially the 50’s red lipstick and sharply lined eyes with otherwise minimal makeup.

  13. Eleven…funny your remark about the jewelry thing, I don’t leave the house without earrings either! That’s a self-inflicted rule tho, nobody dogs me about it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I read Color Me Beautiful when I was an impressionable 16, in which the earring issue was discussed, and don’t feel “finished” without them, even if I’m just schlepping downstairs in my black sweatpants to get the mail.

    It’s a nice thing to know what your colors are though. Takes a lot of guesswork out of it.

  14. i’ve been blessed with good skin and i take care to keep it that way. might be my virgo. or the chart ruler in taurus?

    but that combined with my aries means i hardly ever wear makeup. sometimes sheer lip gloss. once in awhile mascara if it’s something special (or i’m going dancing.)

    i hate the feel of having stuff coating my face, though. powder is about all i’m comfortable with, if it’s really important (say, i’m working a demo for someone.)

  15. hmmm…I think I’m a mix of all of those. Mercury ruled chart. I like soft, clean “peachy” skin so good moisturizers and light powder. Natural pink gloss for day, and add smoky eyes if I’m going out. Have neptune, and love eye makeup, especially silvery/light green/blue colors! But whatever it is needs to be airy and light, shimmery. Definitely don’t go for anything that’s sticky or won’t rinse off with water.

  16. The doesn’t give grief statement is so true. I hate the fuss of makeup. I can wear it, now that I know how(sold Avon for a year). But I don’t usually want to waste time on something so superficial. Plus, I’m one of those people, I’m not sure how to explain. I don’t use a lot of stuff on my hair either. Even all natural products, I mean I’d choose those over anything else. But I don’t like a lot of products on my hair or skin I feel it’s counterproductive.

    Hey, but I am willing to fuss with makeup and hair on Halloween. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Okay not really my hair, if I have to change my hair I buy a wig.

  17. Gemini with Gemini rising here …

    When I wear makeup, it tends to be colorful but not *too* over the top. I own like five shades of green eyeshadow (I’m sure most people couldn’t tell them apart!) for example. I tend to stick to the same few shades of lipstick (do six reds count as “red” or as six? *chuckle*) but lots of color in the eye makeup for sure.

    Oh, and gold eyeliner. Yes, gold! <3 Love it!

    (to the above RE earrings … don’t get me started! I can’t wear bracelets or rings, and necklaces are tricky so earrings it is!)

  18. Aries Sun, Leo Rising, Sag Moon…. rarely wear anything (although I go through phases) but when I do it has to be FAST and impactful. Never wear lipstick, just various shades of pink and nude gloss. I shower in 5 seconds, put makeup on in 2 seconds, dressed in a heartbeat… no-one can ever work out how I get ready so quick but I don’t understand what takes so long for everyone else!

  19. Cancer sun/virgo rising

    I rarely wear make-up, can’t be bothered. My job is pretty physical and I’m likely to sweat it off and actually hate the feel of “stuff” on my face.

    That said, make up does look good on me and I always get good response when I wear it. Still, I can’t imagine…doing that.

    (Love perfume though and scents/oils of all kinds.)

    (Venus in 12th – hidden beauty yep)

  20. libra, scorpio rising, venus conj mars in virgo : I like to wear a little makeup, have a very precise routine in doing so, love love love wearing bright red lipstick (without any other makeup), read ever ingredient listed on any packaging of any product that I consider purchasing, and of course, splurge on quality (can’t beat the luxurious feeling). don’t have to do much to define my eyes. a little blue mascara does the trick.

  21. Hey everyone, Thanks to those who recommended moisturizers, this has really helped. Im going to check them out. cheers <3. Loving these fashion/make-up blogs too annalisa. So glad you and elsa are teaming up together on the blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Sag sun, Capp ascendant, Leo moon

    Used to never wear anything, but in the last year or two I have grown to love love love it. I read up on tons of beauty blogs and taught myself the skills of blending eyeshadow and proper application. So it takes me, max 10 minutes to get everything done.

    I tend towards Bright colored eyes, glitter eyeliner, dramatic anything. My version of subdued makeup for work is an iridescent lime green or violet with a dark microglitter cat’s eye liner.

    But I don’t wear makeup every day. I normally swing between 3 ranges: nothing at all, a pink lip glossed pout or all out glam.

  23. Eleven, your 12th house explains the eyes and the eyes have it for any Pisces or 12th house sort. Their eyes seem to say it all to anyone who takes the time to look!

  24. Pisces sun, Cancer rising, Virgo moon. I make up my eyes. Having been using liner all of my life. Depending on mood, I might keep it simple or go dramatic. Never wear foundation, yet I get a lot of compliments on my skin. I wear bronzer during the work week.

    However, I would never, never skip body lotion and moisturizer. Shave my legs daily. I am a fanatic about soft, smooth skin.

  25. Virgo rising, Merc. in Taurus, Taurus sun. I’m laughing here because her descriptions for my signs are dead on!!!

    Skin care comes first, gotta have a clean and properly prepped face. Makes the makeup look so much better. I use the best skin care products, but always research them first for the best ingredients at the best price. For example I recently searched for sulfur masks and found a great one called, “Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque,” for $3.50. Love it love it love it. Helps control outbreaks.

    Wasn’t really big into makeup until the past couple years, and it’s taken me about that long to figure out what I like and how to apply it. Of course I did a bunch of research online how to apply different products… “how to apply mascara,” “how to apply concealer,” “how to apply blush,” “how to apply eye shadow.” There are a ton of good videos on youtube! Natural colors of course, nothing flashy.

    Great blog, I enjoyed it!

  26. Put me in the “uh, no” camp!
    Have great skin and don’t wear makeup (unless I feel like it and/or it’s socially mandated). Moisturize and exfoliate daily, compulsive lip balm application, and that’s about it.
    I will splurge on my hair, though. In fact, I just bought some pricey (for me) shampoo and conditioner today and I’m basically broke until next payday. *laughs* Car just blew up? Buy some hair stuff! Yay! ๐Ÿ˜›

    When I do wear makeup, though, it’s very skillful, if I do say so myself. I can do “everyday” face in about five minutes tops, full-on glam in fifteen. And it’s either very natural (neutral eyes, soft pink or red lips) or full-out POW (golds or purples on eyes, dramatic red lips), no in between!

    Cancer rising, Leo sun, Aquarius moon. What the.. ? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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