Makeup and Skin Care Styles Through The Signs: Capricorn, Aquarius And Pisces


A Cappy is great with a face that is clear and enhanced with a bit of makeup. A good routine for a Capricorn is to take good care of the skin so they can wear sheer foundation with a bit of powder. Concealer only where needed is good and that should give them a good starting point. When you present a good face you show you are trustworthy and that is a great message for Capricorn to send.

A good eye for a Capricorn is one made up with natural colors that are in the brown family to accent your face but not to shock. Using black liner with a light hand is important to have a finished look and becomes more important with age. Cappys reverse age so they can have more fun with makeup as the years go by. I think a Cappy should wear two colors of shadow on the eye, one on the lid and to the crease and the other to highlight in the standard way, which is up to the brow. Using a shimmer shadow is fine if you are young but ages you if you are older. A light brown highlighter all over the lid followed by a dash of dark brown or a dark green on the whole lid looks neat and the eye is well-accented. Blend your eyeliner well so you have a smudged look on the eyelashes and to prevent too dramatic an eye. Mascara, one coat if you have dark lashes and two if you have light lashes, after curling the eyelashes will do fine.

Lips should be seen on a Cap so what they are saying is heard but not in a dark, dark color but in a complimentary brown color that works with the eyes. You can buy a product that can be used on the cheeks, eyes and lips if you look in some makeup lines like “Bobbi Brown” or “Nars.” A peachy cheek tone looks pretty with browns and you can apply is in the “3” pattern I explained in earlier writings. This will give you a finished face that is taken as sincere, yet beautiful. I, personally, love this look and it never goes out of style. Cute and sassy is great for a Capricorn and their mind is great so this look is perfect for yours is not to shock but to show up, and that is easy to do with the right products!

For hair, I’ve seen some very cute Capricorns with blunt cuts. A blunt cut does not have to be boring in any way. You can use product to add texture or change up your part to add interest. I think a Capricorn looks great with straightforward hair because it’s neat and they seem to pull this off so well. You can bob your hair in so many ways and lengths that you can get a look you like in this style very easily. To find one just search bobs or blunt cuts until you find one that seems “you.” A blunt cut can be longer in the front or the back and can be left curly or straightened. If you keep it long enough you can wear it up or down depending on your mood and where you go. This style of hair also looks great with straightforward makeup as well! Simple can be lovely, in my own opinion, and I think Capricorn does simple like no other!


For the Aquarius I like eyes that sparkle. Some ways of achieving this are simple like using a white liner in the corner of your eye, on the inside, or a shimmery eyeshadow in its place. Color looks great on you and the watercolor shadows are best for an Aquarius and their unique view on beauty. Watery greens, blues, orange, gold or yellow are great choices. You can look at my description of application of multiple colors under Gemini to get an idea how to apply more than one color in an interesting way but you should experiment with shimmery, sheer color on your eyes to make them dreamy, as Aquarius eyes often look.

There are pools of light in an Aquarius eye and playing that up is a lovely look! I like thick mascara application with this sort of eye and you might try an eyelash primer to achieve thick eyelashes with no problem. Don’t forget to line the eye and I’d use a colored eye pencil to really have the eye show color. There are great greens and blues for example that are in pencil form for eyeliner that will work great for an Aquarius! When you wear a lot of color on your eye you want to go light on the lips. I like gloss for Aquarius because it keeps you in the shimmery family and shimmer can make your lips look full without using things like Botox that can look funky. Try applying a reverse lipliner with your gloss to prevent bleeding into small lines or smudging your lips.

Hair for an Aquarius looks great when it moves. You can achieve movement in two ways. You can have your hair cut in a style that moves and go very light on the product so it moves as you move. This looks great on straight hairstyles and on short styles if they have just enough length on top. You can also achieve movement in the hair when it’s short by having wave and curl in your hair so it LOOKS like it moves. The eye will move all over your head when looking at hair that has wave or curl. If you wear your hair with movement you can wash it less and that is healthy for the hair. Try washing your hair about three times a week and if you really want to wash it in-between try using only conditioner on the hair when you wet it. This will preserve your color and allow natural oils to move down the hair shaft and soften your hair which is helpful if you use hair tint.

An Aquarius should have a style that they can run their fingers through and you can avoid hairspray and gel to get a style that accommodates this. Interest is what I think of when I think of Aquarius and a look that is interesting and creative is great for you even if it is the same look and a “signature” look! I love a signature look when it’s good and you can get to a point where your work on yourself is easy and fast if you have one. Try finding “yourself” by playing with color on your hair as well because you can support some great and different hair color on your head as well! Just remember, the more hair color the less make up you need so don’t overdo the eye if your hair is colored in a wild way! Have fun with it, Aquarius, you have the ability to do so!


A Pisces face also looks great with watercolor colors and light base. Try a light base recipe from the articles before and apply one color that is interesting on your eyelid. Blues are nice as are greens for that color, and make sure the color is sheer and a bit dreamy if you can feel it. Just color the lid from one corner to the other up to the crease with one lovely color and use enough mascara to give you the dreamy lashes that look great on you. A liner on the eye with a watery color is enough for you because the eyes have it for a Pisces! For your face, try a highlighting powder from the middle of the forehead to the nose and down to the middle of the chin. This gives you a shimmery look, puts light on your face where you need it and adds a bit of magic. You should also apply a bit of shimmery liner in the corner of your eye for the magic should extend to your eyes in a subtle way.

Being a Pisces myself, I try to apply the minimum makeup to give me a pretty look and play up my features but not overdo it because Pisces cannot often support a full face of make up if it is dark. Always use a liner and smudge the liner for a smokey look. You can often forget about the cheeks if you use a highlighter on the center of your face. If you decide to use a blush make it a pinkish, natural color that you can find by pinching your cheeks to see what color they naturally blush. Find that natural color and use it on your cheeks in a soft application. Try letting your eyes speak for your face because the eyes have it for you. You can also wear a smokey eye which I describe for Scorpio but looks great on you if worn in a lighter way. Without the cat eye, a smokey charcoal can make a Pisces look as if they have a secret and they always do! Apply the charcoal to the lower lid with a black liner that is smudged and a highlighter color on the upper brow that is white. This look is very attractive on the Pisces that is after character, and Pisces love a good character look!

Hair for Pisces looks great if you go for a cut that has character too. The new Asian cuts that have angles are great on you because you can “become” your hair and present with an interesting look that is yours alone. These are cut so that no two are exactly alike, and that appeals to a Pisces that stays in their own artistic world. You can have your hair cut shorter on one side or bangs that are asymmetrical; even the bottom of your hair can be asymmetrical and you can pull it off! Another good look for a Pisces is dreamy hair that is cut to wave and curl if you have the hair to support it. “Bed hair” never looked better than on a Pisces! You can wear a lot of curls as well as you can wear an asymmetrical look that is straight and funky! You should think of what character you like to play the most and have your hair cut to that style the character would wear! Use pictures to show your hair dresser. It’s nice if your hair “speaks” for you so that you don’t have to do all the talking about who you are! I’ve seen some very creative haircuts on Pisces and they seem to blend with the cut and come out looking exactly like themselves.

As to product, I think Pisces hair should move or have the illusion of moving as I do an Aquarius. The Pisces often likes to hide behind their hair a bit ,or have the option, so you might keep this in mind when choosing a style. Pixie looks are great on Pisces as are long, curling locks that have a “Cinderella” look about them! The important thing is to frame the eyes if you are a Pisces so the long bang looks great on you because it hides you just a bit and still flatters the eye. If you choose a long bang, make sure you learn to trim them by asking your hairdresser how to do so or asking for free bang trims between cuts. Many hairdressers offer this and it is important so that you can maintain the bang just at the eyebrow. The eyebrow should be groomed and enhanced a bit with the long bang. It is both a “smokey” look for hair as well as a “cute” look so you can get your character on easily if you go for long bangs. You can even go for a bang that hits below the eye and is thin so that you push them around to see out from them, and this will look great on you as well. This type of bang is easy to grow out if you tire of them.

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Makeup and Skin Care Styles Through The Signs: Capricorn, Aquarius And Pisces — 7 Comments

  1. Thank You Annalisa !!!

    I have 2 Nieces and i will try to ask them to read all this info so they can see this Great world of astrology !!!


  2. Hi Mari!
    Using a blush brush that is on the bigger side, sweep the color from the outer part of the chin and out, then up and in to the apple of the cheeks, out again and up to the outside of the forehead. This applies color in a believeable way and one that is flattering to the whole face. Remember that you can always apply more so use a little bit and add as you go until you find the right amount. The shape the brush makes is an upside down “3” going on to the chin, out, onto the cheek, out, and on to the outer forehead.
    Hope this helps!

  3. Thank you Anna! (if I may), you are a plethora of knowledge. I am such a bumpkin when it comes to the art of makeup, tho as a Cap, I have adhered to you advice of minimalism. If I put the slightest of liner on my lower lids, I think I look like a ho, yet everyone else pulls it off just fine….

    From what I have been recently seeing in some mags, is that brushes and sponges are a necessity for blending as you also promote, also especially for skin that may have lost some of it’s dewy glow ha ha….

    PS, I was in a Dept Store last week and saw that wonderful military style jacket that you had shown last year. I wanted it! But as I already have one exactly the same that a friend gave me a few years ago, I passed. Whenever I wear it I get compliments. I just want to sing Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band…

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