Makeup And Skin Care: Libra, Scorpio & Sagittarius


If your Libra is shining through, you like your face made up in a nice way that is attractive and, sometimes, “just so.” You usually have your routine and you have tried many products. Since you know your makeup I will just give tips that I think a Libra can use that can make their makeup look nice and you might find one you can use.

I like a Libra look with a foundation for the face that is easy to apply and looks as natural as possible but with almost full coverage. A Libra can pull off a polished look and I like that about them. The easiest way to apply a base is to use either a powder to base formula or a stick foundation. If you use one of the stick foundations it’s best to finish it with a brush to get even coverage. If you use the mineral or powder to base looks I find that finishing with a brush is your best bet as well.

I’ve seen a good eye recently I can relate to Libra if they’d like to try it. This look involves the use of blue, and in the summer blue shadow with gold can look smashing. To get this look you use a regular liner on your eye and keep the line fine under and over your eye. Don’t connect the liner in the inner corner, just the outer. Next use a nude-colored shadow all over your lid to create a base for color. You’ll need a blue that is both deep and bright, and you can wear these colors if you explore them. Use the blue on the lid to the crease and outward to the shape of your eye without making a cat eye or any other different shape. Next take a gold and put it in the crease of your eye and out to the edge on the outer part of your eye so you have a nice gold look that will set it off and make it pop. Finish this look with the blue that you used just on the outer edge of the eye inward about to one third of the lid so you have a darker look there. Just apply a “hook” of it on the outer part of your upper lid to give you depth there. Another way to make this and other eye looks stand out is to get a white eye pencil and apply it to the inner corner of your eye, connecting it to your liner on top and using it right in the middle of your eye on the inner corner. Brush your color over this white so it is not so bright and you have eyes that pop every time! Blend, Blend, Blend, and remember to take your first nude color and blend all of the colors together a bit to have a finished look while brushing the color all the way under your brow.

Eye brows that are finished are a MUST for Libra. You can find a tutorial on YouTube to show you how to do your own eyebrows, or you can go to a salon and have them done. You don’t want too much hair waxed off your eyebrows this season and you don’t want to have to fill in for an over zealous wax job that leaves you with a line instead of an eyebrow. Again, there are great tutorials that show you how to shape your brow. Always brush your brows and trim the long hairs. To trim the longer hairs comb your brows up with a brow comb and take small snips at the hairs that are above your brow line.

When you finish your brow always give it a bit of makeup in a powder form so it looks natural, because this gives drama and finish to the eye that just can’t be beat. Many forget to give their brows some color and make up their eyes, but your eyes look very finished and beautiful with a brow that has a bit of added color. Try using a dark brown instead of a black unless your skin is very dark because using black when you have even black lashes can give you a harsh look. If your skin is dark go ahead and use a black eye color but don’t use a pencil unless it gives a powder finish to the eye brow.

If you are shaping your brows for the first time make sure to do your homework on shaping so you can be sure you are getting the right shape the first time. It is really a pain to grow back eyebrows that have been overdone and they also look very sloppy when you are growing them back! You can also change the look of your face by changing the look of your eyebrows. Eye brows are thicker this season and fuller. If you wear a thin brow try letting some of them grow in for a richer look for your face. A thin line for an eye brow almost never looks good so stay away from that look unless you are going for a unique look that calls for very little eye brows. Buying an eye brow trimmer is also a great bet and you can find one on line for very little money. You can use this trimmer to trim hairs that are not in the line of your brow and are in the middle or above your brow. They are a great tool to get you through between waxings!

For your hair, I like Libra in a few styles. The new side ponytail that hangs low is great for you. It is polished and ladylike. I like the low updo that is a bit sloppy on you too because if you pull it to the side and pin it the look is classy and very Libra. If you wear your hair long I like to see at least two layers to the hair that stand out because it does such wonders for your cheekbones and eyes to have one layer shorter than the other with long hair. You can flip the ends of the upper layer up a bit and the lower layer down or go the other way with them, or you can dry it straight if you’d rather have a smooth finish and all these different ways work with two layers. I’m not so happy with the long bang on the Libra because it doesn’t look that finished and finished is what Libra is looking for. As for product for the hair, use a shine product when it is dry and make sure you apply it to hair ends and the hair near the face to give yourself a good finish. Again, “Chi” is one of the best but any shine product is fine as long as you are happy with it.

Lastly, Libra, there are some great new cuts that involve wispy layers you might like so if you are in a mood for a change I would visit my hairdresser and ask for a different texture on the ends of my hair and change it up that easily! All it takes is a new technique in cutting to produce a new look for your hair and you don’t have to lose your length or your look: really, it’s just an update. If anyone decides to try this I’d love to see the “after” photo! A Libra usually has hair to work with and the fun you can have with it is great. If you decide to try the new side ponytail just take your hair in your hands and put some shine product on it as you smooth it into a ponytail hanging low and to the side of your shoulder. It should hang in front of you right on your shoulder when you fasten it. This look is really one of class, I think, and if you have the hair to pull it off, why not give it a try?


Scorps can pull off wicked looks that are just so much fun! The dark eye is one I love on them and it’s not too hard to do if you’d like to try it. Apply a base to your face using one of the ideas I have put forward already to get your face ready for your dark eye. First take a wide black pencil or a charcoal or black shadow you can apply wet and apply it to your upper lid. You can shape it with your ring finger so you apply less pressure to your soft eye area and blend it all over the lower lid and out to the corner of the outer lid with a finished line that is only slightly “cat” shaped. You can, of course, go for a real cat shape but this is a smokey eye that can be worn all the time. Blend the dark shadow from the inner corner of your eye lid to the outer corner and make sure the shape of your shadow is neat and in the shape of a “<.” Cover the whole lower lid and don’t be afraid of this much color because you can tame it down by applying it lightly or keep it pumped up by applying it in more than one layer and making it very dark depending on how you’d like your eye to turn out. Don’t take the dark shadow above the crease and, again, apply charcoal in a light hand or black in a heavy hand depending on what you’d like to get out of it! Next, line your eye in a liquid liner or a pencil that is sharpened well. If you keep your pencils sharpened you can get a great, even line out of them and you don’t need to use liquid. Remember you can also use a shadow that you can wet and apply with an eyeliner brush and get the same effect. Go for a heavy line if you are into a really dramatic look or apply lightly to get a “day” look that is smokey but wearable.

After you have the shadow and liner applied, don’t forget to line the lower lashes and connect them on the outer corner. Finish your lower eyeliner by brushing a dash of your shadow over the line to soften it up a bit. You can use just a dark line on your lower lash line for an evening look but it looks best if you dust it with a charcoal shadow that will also keep it in place. Next you need a white, light shadow to apply from the inner corner of your eye to just about up to your brow bone, but not all the way. Use a shadow brush and blend this white color from above the dark to the upper eye about two thirds up. Blending is very important here because if you blend the light color into your charcoal you will have a finished look and one that you can wear easily anywhere. Decide how dark you want the crease of your eye to be and apply accordingly. Sweep the white color out to the line you have made with the dark shadow, keeping it on top and only blending slightly with the charcoal. Here you can lighten your smokey eye by blending some white over the charcoal or leave the charcoal dark and use the white for a highlighter. The later at night, the darker the smokey eye, but I’ve worn it during the day with no problem by using a lighter hand with the charcoal. Work with this look by blending.

Don’t forget to darken your eyebrows or at least fill them in for this look. They should be full and the arch should be dark so the shape of your brow stands out. Use some brow powder on the very front of your brow in a boxy shape and don’t go out of your brow line. Fill in your brow at the arch as well so the arch is seen when you look in the mirror. Working with the eyebrow, make sure to apply a bit of brow color the very tip of your brow as well to show their shape in the best way. Finish this eye with a light dusting of white, light shadow up to the brow keeping with the “cat eye,” shape that you started with. Again, you don’t have to go pointy with this look and can smooth and round the edges of the outer eye so that the “cat eye” is very subtle. You can also go full-out and give yourself a cat eye. Applying your liner over your shadow helps it stay on and gives it a kick so use your liner after your shadow for this look. In the end you should have a great eye look.

With this eye I like a nude mouth as is the style at this time. You can achieve a nude mouth by finding a lipstick that is a bit close to the color of your skin but with a little bit of color. The idea is to blend your mouth so that it is not the focal point of the look. You also don’t want to apply blush because you would look far too made up and clownish if you were to have such a heavy eye and blush as well. Keep the face matte and the lips out of the picture. You don’t want to have NO lips but you want a very subtle color or even a gloss with very little color or a bit of brown in it. This look will show off your Scorpio eye in its best light and can be used by the super Scorp or the subtle Scorp.

Scorpio hair should be dramatic and accent the eye. Try a cut that brings out your eyes if you go for a subtle look by bringing your bangs right down to your eyebrow or have a layer cut that sweeps below the eye about to the chin. The new longer bang is a great look for a Scorp because it has its drama and its light side as well. A Scorpio looks great in curls too and I like the new shapes of the Asian cuts. Look in hair books and magazines or online for new Asian cuts and see if one of them pops out at you. Angles look great on you and if you have the feel for it you could get your hair cut into some angles that play on your face and give you a deep look that is a bit daring but still plays with light. My friends that are Scorpio also look great when they pull all their hair back and show only their face. This look is dramatic and is easy to pull of because you simply pull all your hair back and use a gel and a shine product to give it staying power and a sleek finish. I’m not sure why my Scorp friends go for this look but it works for them like none other! Don’t be afraid to go dramatic with your hair cut or your hair style because drama is easy for you to pull off and it shows your beautiful eyes so very well. It is said your eyes are “piercing,’ so let them pierce and be yourself! Slick hair is your hair so don’t be afraid to try it even with the haircut you have now by using product to do a test run on the style!


I love a fresh face on a Sag and most of them like it too. Many of them are sports lovers or on the go and don’t want to spend a lot of time in the mirror. Since I have plenty of Sag in my chart I think I can imagine what one might find helpful in the way of advice. Certainly a Sagittarius needs great skin, for having a full face of makeup can bother them greatly. At times they even hate to be bothered with any sort of base or even tinted moisturizer! Still, getting a tinted moisturizer is best because it’s a one-step process after you wash and exfoliate your skin. Your healthy skin is your best asset when it comes to your face so keeping your skin healthy is the greatest thing you can do to show off your beauty.

Exfoliate when you wash, moisturize, and either try a bit of tinted moisturizer or just use concealer where you feel you need it. A bit of concealer to highlight the eyes could be all you need! When applying concealer remember to apply it only to the inner eye area and blend down the eye socket trying not to apply directly under the eye for it can cause any eye wrinkles to glow and defeat your purpose.

A Sagittarius looks great with a tan so you might consider using a bronzer or a bit of tan blush and apply it in a “3” shape on both sides of your face. Use a brush to sweep it onto the outer forehead, into the apple of the cheeks, out and into the outer portion of your chin. This can be done with any color of blush as well to give you a healthy look and keep your steps down to a minimum when preparing to go anywhere. Your eyelashes should have a sweep of mascara, and don’t forget to apply liner to your eyes for they stand out that way and it makes your face look finished. In your case, Sagittarius, you should apply your liner in small strokes on the very top of your lashes and under your eyes, not connecting on the inside corners and then blending it into the lashline for a smudged look. This look is more natural. You can use a dark brown eyeliner for a natural look or a black for a bit more drama.

Use a lash curler on your eyelashes or they may appear to curl downward a bit and close your eye with a heavy lid. You can forego any eyeshadow or use a bit of brown shadow on your lower lid with a bit more in the crease for drama.

Lips should appear natural as well, and to get that look buy a lipstick or gloss that is in the brown family or a natural rose tint. Apply it with just a bit of lip liner to keep it on the lips and remember to blot the first application. Your face should now appear glowing and natural with almost no work, and this make up can be worn for yoga or any other activity you have in mind and stay well enough to only have to reapply lip tint when you need to. You look best is in natural light so remember to look at yourself in the light of day when you finish your face because faux lighting can cause a heavy hand or a lopsided face!

Your hair can be interesting without a huge amount of work or steps. I like the idea of using your natural curl or wave and applying a curl enhancing product when the hair is wet. You can then use your fingers to wrap your hair into curls or you can just shake your hair out if you have natural wave or curls an let it dry as is. This look is very “beachy” and very attractive right now. If you have long hair, try drying it in this way with product applied to see how you like it, and maybe you can give up a blow dryer addiction! We all get tired of drying out hair so the new looks that rely only on our natural hair texture are great for that!

You can also try pulling your pony tail to the side or try a braid in a new way if you don’t want to braid to the side. You can braid pieces on each side of your face and pull them back, fastening them with a couple of bobby pins and leave the rest hanging loosely. This look is very sporty but romantic and has an appeal for the broad-minded Sag. The braids should hang low on the sides of your face, and you can also braid the top of your hair and fasten it on the side giving you a front crown of a braid. Hair when up is fastened on the side most often now and the look is new and romantic. You can use hair jewelry like barrettes or just use bobby pins and hair ties.

Your hair, if you are Sag, looks great when it looks just blown by the wind so remember to find a style that looks natural. It is better to fasten the hair without looking because you get a casual look, a bit more funky and more “you.” If you have shorter hair try to get texture with a product applied when hair is wet and allow to dry on its own. You are a great candidate for hair that is cut to dry on its own so think about a change if your hair preparation is too long and time consuming. This way you can be active, and your hair can be wet after a shower at the gym or because you just worked out and you should be confident in it when you are through.

To achieve this ease you only need the right cut. Study cuts online and look at magazines for the right length. If your face is round you want longer hair on the sides to even out your face and if your face is more square you can use a shorter cut with no problem. Faces that are valentine shaped look great with a wispy cut that curls around the face. You can find these cuts everywhere and a good hair cut is worth the money. If you are worried about price, just go to a great hair salon once and have another regular hairdresser follow the cut and shape you decide upon.

You may also like to try some haircolor that is a bit bold because the more color in your hair, the less makeup you need! Highlight or lowlights in strong colors shine on the face, accent it and cause you to need less makeup by far. You should look for “cute” and “sophisticated” when it comes to your hair and you will be in the ball park for the right look! Have fun exploring!


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  1. Hi Teri!
    The other’s have already been posted, just use the same title but search part 1 or 2 and you should find them!

  2. Annalisa, there is really something about the “voice” of your posts that is so enjoyable. I imagine you are something like my older Pisces cousin styling me in the bathroom with all the latest tricks to look like a super glamour girl. Thanks for the great tips as always!

  3. I loved this. Felt like I related more to Sagittarius as I’m a Sagi-Rising and do exactly what you said here. Minimal make-up (as in super-minimal), natural curls dance in the wind all the time, and my favorite look is the beachy look.

  4. All beautiful looks Annalisa! I love all of them and will jump back and forth depending on my mood. But it’s nice to read this and get a refresher course as sometimes, especially the Scorpio look, won’t come out as well and it’s most likely that I didn’t take the time to do it just right. Thank you!!!

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