Makeup And Skin Care: Aries, Taurus, Gemini

I thought it might be fun to discuss some of the newer skin care on the market as well as make up techniques available through the signs. When looking at what fits you remember that you might dress for your rising, a stellium in your chart, or even your Venus which has a lot to do with beauty. Your sun is not always your style…


Aries often do not take the time to do much with make up so I thought it might be good to discuss the skin care and some light make up with regard to our fast moving Aries friends! There is much you can do to make you skin worthy of only wearing it and a little bit of makeup if you choose to.

Your skin says a lot about you so if you have breakouts you need to find a way to deal with them. One ingredient that does wonders for breakouts is salicylic acid. If you can find a face wash or a moisturizer with salicylic acid in it and use it at night you will do much to even out your face tone. Retin-A is great when it comes to a prescription and I recommend seeing a dermatologist every time when it comes to your skin and problems. Once you have a canvas of good skin an Aries likes to work quickly so one way to do your face is to find a tinted moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15 to use on your skin. It is important to let your moisturizer dry before applying product so give it a few minutes to set. I recommend facial primers here as well because they give you a glowing and smooth canvas which you can apply your tint to. You can find a primer in all sorts of lines but my favorite is Smashbox because you can find primers for skin of all conditions in this line. Smooth your moisturizer on your face in a “three” pattern by using your fingers to make a “3” starting at your forehead area and entering again at your nose and then at your chin. Blend very well from this and make sure you cover your neck so you don’t show a funky line and look clownish. Really blend your tint. Once you have done the whole face you can go back and look for where you might need concealer.

A good concealer is very important for it can highlight as well as cover places where you might have missed. Apply your concealer from the corner of your eye on the inside area and blending out and a bit down, following the line of the area that is dark around your eye. Less is more so don’t overdo the application and blend very well. When you are finished you can apply a bit of concealer underneath your eye brow and even use it on you upper eye lid for a primer for eye make up if you decide to use it.

Finish the natural face by applying a sheer powder in no color or a slight color if you’d like to have a bit more coverage. Apply facial powder with a large brush and sweep it on the whole face in the “3” pattern blending inward with your brush. You should have a perfect “natural” look on your skin by this stage. Lastly I would suggest a bit of mascara to the eye especially if you have light eye lashes naturally. Use a black mascara unless you are VERY light and apply one coat that covers all your lashes, taking care to cover the outside lashes on each side of your eye. Recently I have heard good things about Benefit mascara so you might try that brand.

You might like a lip treatment at this point and I can’t stress enough to prepare you lips for whatever you use before applying it. Use a toothbrush on your lips to exfoliate your lips and get rid of any loose skin before applying lip treatment. You can also use a lip scrub which is available in many lines. Apply lip gloss or a lip treatment over natural lips for a finish on your mouth and make sure you blot and apply again to make it last. Aries does not often like to have colors that pop on their mouths because they are high maintenance so using a gloss, lip stain, or a treatment is best for them.

When wearing a natural face remember to keep you hair in a natural state to look your best. You can let your hair air dry and keep its texture and follow that with some product to have even more texture or blow-dry your hair with your fingers for a natural look and apply product to pieces of your hair to give it interest. The above is a perfect look for an Aries on the go that says “I care” without taking you over the top and making you look like a clown as some Aries feel when they are in full makeup.


What is fun for Taurus is a face that is somewhat natural like the above but with a bit more color because Taurus has a love of luxury and sometimes their wardrobes call for a bit more of a finished look. I would suggest using some color on you lips and in saying that I mean an actual lipstick that is in a rose color or a brown that brings out the natural color of your lips. When using a rose or brown lip color it is important to find one that shows up on your lips and does not blend into your face. To find one go to a makeup counter and try on as many shades as it takes to find the perfect color to give you a polished look. Don’t let sales staff intimidate you and step up and ask to try many lipsticks until you find your perfect shade. They are there to help you so let them do so and take your sweet time until you find exactly what you like that enriches your look and gives you the best color. Apply two coats of your lipstick by blotting each time so you get lasting color and don’t have to apply all day. You would do well to buy a lip primer that hangs onto lip color longer and a reverse lip liner to keep the lipstick from bleeding into those little cracks in your upper lip. Making a production out of applying lip color helps you not have to do it again all day and so it is worth your effort. Try using a lip brush of any type so long as it is a thin brush to apply color evenly and give you a perfect mouth. Once you have established a perfect mouth you can only re-touch all day to get the look back if you need to.

Hair is a place where Taurus often has fun, and the new looks for long hair are very fun and great for brunettes as well as blonds. We often talk about highlights and blonds on this blog so I wanted to address the brunettes and what you can do to spruce up your hair! Wide highlights are things of the past so if you decide to add highlights or lowlights you want to have them done very thin and so that they blend very naturally into your hair. Make sure you discuss this with your hairdresser before they begin the process. On dark haired women it looks great to have low lights near the face to set off your eyes. You might consider a darker color around the face in the form of lowlights to give your eyes more depth and give you a beautiful look. Lowlights last about four months so they can be a great investment in your look.

Try the braid that goes down your side if you have long hair or the sloppy “updo” that looks great when hooked up on the side in a low position. Having your hair to the side is very new and very attractive in a asymmetrical way. A low and sloppy type bun looks great with hair pulled out of it and braids look new now. If you are young enough to pull off two braids to the side it looks very glamorous now to have them low and to the sides. If yo are older you might want to try the braid to one side that falls to the front of your shoulder. These new braids are a great twist on the ponytail and add an element of class, not to mention give you a new look that can work with your spring clothing.

For the finished Taurus face I like a sheer foundation or a mineral foundation since it is very earthy and they work very well. Apply them over the primers that are available and you have a finished look after you apply a sheer powder over your face. I also like defined eye brows on Taurus since they look natural but dramatic so try an eyebrow powder (applied with a brush) that is close to the shade of your brows. Eyebrows are back this season so play them up with a very light dusting of eyebrow color and leave them at that. You also might find that lining the eye slightly might be beautiful for the Taurus face and do this by applying you eye liner with a thin brush or, better yet, an eye pencil and apply it in small strokes close to your lash line. Take a brush and smudge the eyeliner to give it a natural look and remember to do part of your lower lashes closing the liner at the outer corners. I don’t think that lining all of your eye if you are Taurus is a great idea so leave the inner corners unconnected for a pretty look. You can forego eye shadow but if you are a shadow woman you can use a brush of brown or pinkish-brown eyeshadow across your lower lid with a bit more in the crease. Keeping the makeup light looks great on an Earthy Taurus and still looks finished and like you made the effort!

If you have a shorter hairstyle, which some Taurus go for because they are easy to style, remember the use of product to give it a piecey look. Gain this piecey look to your hair by using a creme hair product like one from Bumble and Bumble or a less expensive one or a hair clay that is a bit thicker but gives you thicker texture when you use it. Take the product into your hands at the fingers and rub your fingers together to get the product to a texture that is manageable. Take your fingers and take pieces of your hair and apply the product to these pieces in places all over your head. Don’t forget to apply the product to lighter or darker pieces on your head to accent them more and make your eyes stand out. Coat pieces all over your head and tousle for a natural textured look that stands out and makes short hair have life. Hair spray has no use with short hair and can make your hair hang flat and lifeless as well as causing the color to fade and look dull on your head. The above is an ideal Taurus look for the new season that gives you options but brings you up to date!


Gemini have a great time with color on their lids so lets do a tutorial about using three or more colors on the eye to build a look! Start with an eye primer to help your shadow stick and keep your eye-style intact all day. It is okay to use a foundation for a primer or a concealer but there are much better products to help your shadow stick. Start with a light color, in this case a shimmering light beige in the corner of your eye and blend it with a shadow brush that is stiff enough at the edges to build shapes to cover the first third of your eye. Since we are building a “mermaid” type eye in this case, try for a sandy brown that has plenty of shimmer to show up since it is light. Next take a darker brown in a shimmery brown/pink to cover the second third or the center of your eye. Just brush sideways over your lid and cover the center of your eyelid with this matching but bolder color. Finally take a darker brown with some purple in it and use it on the end of your eye taking the time to shape the outer edge of your eyelid in one of a few designs. You could shape the edge of your eye in a cat eye look and make a corner there on the upper lid outside, or you could shape a circle pattern and widen your eye by circling this new color on the upper and outer eyelid so it shows that you have a circle pattern. Next take a deeper brown, or a purple would be better, with a shimmer, and apply it to the outer crease of your upper eyelid. Blend it in the crease with a brush that has an edge and can create a line of color. Take the color that you used on your outer third of your eye and blend it down to your lower eyelid area near the eyelashes for a finished look and to give the same look to your lower lashline. Lastly you should take the first color of shimmering beige and apply it over the eye to blend all colors, taking care not to lose the build up of darker color as you go out to the edge of your eye. Just lightly blend all the edges of the colors together for a smooth look. This should leave you with a dramatic eye but it can be built with any grouping of color, even the eye popping oranges and yellows, etc. It is just an outline for your shape that you can apply when you like to use color on your eye and be dramatic with it.

Finish this look with a coat of very dark and very thick mascara that will stand up to the drama of the eye. To get this look from mascara it is easy to use the mascara wands that are not too large to get into corners and also apply more color. You also want to apply a very dark mascara to keep up the drama of your eye. You should add a bit to your cheeks if you are applying more eye makeup so take a peachy or pink blush and if you can, use a creme blush over your foundation and powder and blend with a large blush brush. Use it on the apples of your cheeks and blend it out towards your cheekbones on the outside. Use only a light bit of cheek color since your eyes are dramatic.

You want to apply a light coating of lip gloss or stain to this look because your eyes are so dramatic. You don’t want to put too much makeup on your lips if your eyes are the focal point. Use a pink or peachy tinted lip gloss or stain and then lip gloss to finish this look. Geminis often have great little short styles to their hair or long hair that is cut into a style. If you have pieces in your hair you want to show them off with creme or wax and go a bit wild with the hair look without going too wild. Think of “bed hair” but without the “big hair.” You don’t want big hair taking away from a great eye so keep your hair under control with product or even by straightening it just for this look. Parting on the side and having blown our hair looks great with dramatic eyes as does straightened hair parted on the side so you can play “peek a boo” with your eyes! Geminis like to have fun and carry character so very well that if you are considering a haircut you might try a shorter style with hair shorter on sides and back and longer on top to play with. This sort of “pixie” style looks great on fun loving Geminis and gives them a point of interest as well as setting off their interesting eyes.

If you have long hair you might look at some of the shapes of Japanese haircuts or new Asian cuts that are edgy and cute at the same time! Nothing says “hello” like one of these interestingly shaped Asian styles that are set to show off the facial features and especially the eyes. If you often do up your eyes you might get some hair magazines and cruise them for ideas or go to your hairdresser and discuss what you might do to create a whole new you by just one haircut! I love Geminis with those new and interesting cuts with their eyes the focal point so you might want to research these new looks. The haircuts for long hair are as interesting as those for short hair and are worth looking at! If you normally go to an average hairdresser you might consider going to an upperline hairdresser only once to have your hair shaped and cut so your regular hairdresser can do the upkeep for less money. If you want a new and exciting look your hairdresser shouldn’t mind if you go to an edgy salon for the look and let her keep the cut up for you. You can also do this shopping for different color changes and your regular hairdresser can repeat the look and keep it going. When I think Gemini, I think “interesting” and “fun” for the look so don’t be shy as you seek it!


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  1. thank you annalisa–this is great.
    I’m a Taurus who doesn’t like lipstick’s texture, but Burt’s Bees and Alba both make nice tinted lip balms and are also natural products.

  2. Chrispito,
    I have a pretty busy second house and I love burts bees lip balm too! I use it alone if I’m not wearing make up or over my lipstick if I am and I love the way it feels, smells and wears! Thanks for mentioning that product, it’s great for Taurus!

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