Lying New Moon & Stellium In Gemini- May 22, 2020 – Effects By House

Gemini twins in blue dressesThe new moon in Gemini will take place around noon on May 22nd.  The sun and moon will be conjunct at 2 degrees. Curiously, Venus and Mercury will be exactly conjunct at 20 degrees of the sign on the same day.

This makes the situation exponentially interesting, if such a thing exists. If it doesn’t exist, we can just lie and say it does!  Come on! This is not a normal situation.

I feel the energy is captured in both photographs on this post. The girls are pretty (Venus). The look like they could talk you ear off, in a wonderfully superficial way.  The chart below is another striking representation.

  • You may have all four bodies land in one house in your chart… or may not.
  • Your may have natal planets aspected by this but you may not.
  • You may lie or be lied to but you may not.

I am (not) purposely trying to be a jerk about this.  The fact is, Mars in Pisces will square the new moon. We’re not going to know things for sure.

If all the planets mentioned fall in one house in your chart, it’s going to be hopping. I’m talking about communication of all kinds, most likely short and clipped rather than blathering on and on.

This, unless there’s intent to distract (you or the other).

The whole scene makes me think of a multiple choice test where you’re given a list of statements. All or none may be true. Check your answers.

Those girls are so pretty you may not care if they’re lying, they’re so sweet!

Note the short sentences used here. Dispatches!

new moon in gemini 2020We set intentions under new moons. This should still be done, even this new moon is convoluted or over the top. Here are some ideas based on the house in your chart where the new moon falls.

  • New Moon in the 1st house –  Get out there and chat people up. Provoke or initiate conversation.
  • New Moon in the 2nd house – You probably want a new phone; some communication or transportation possession. A car, a bike, a scooter.  Buy stock in such things?
  • New Moon in the 3rd house –  Juggling calls. Gossip Central, baybee!
  • New Moon in the 4th house – Dial up family members.  Touch base by phone or drive by. Maybe send something in the mail.
  • New Moon in the 5th house – This will be a ton of fun. Keep it light. Clever & playful!
  • New Moon in the 6th house – Conduit used to transfer information in the workplace. Again, Gossip Central. Also, maybe a workout or diet app.
  • New Moon in the 7th house – Lots of talk between you and other. Could be a partner, but just in general, one-on-one conversation(s) abound.
  • New Moon in the 8th house –You subconscious, speaks.  Should be interesting!
  • New Moon in the 9th house – You may blather, but more likely you’ll be talking to MANY about a broad variety of things.  This would also be people who go door to door, talking about religion! Hah!
  • New Moon  the 10th house –  Mastermind communication matrix for your home or business. Maybe some rules around limiting screen time.
  • New Moon in the 11th house –  Talk to many, to any, anywhere, any way you can. You’ve have friends out there, you’ll find by communication, on or offline.
  • New Moon in the 12th house – Converse with God or other ethereal sources.

Where does the new moon fall in your chart?  How will you channel this energy?



Lying New Moon & Stellium In Gemini- May 22, 2020 – Effects By House — 34 Comments

  1. “New Moon in the 2nd house – You probably want a new phone…”

    Haha 🙂 so true! I’ve been eyeing one for ages.

  2. All 4 in my 12th house, Venus/Mercury conjunct ascendant… conversations with the Divine would be welcomed!

      • Me too. I have Vesta getting in amongst it all as well. Looking forward to the divine commune. Should be a lovely balm for these rather urgent times.

  3. your text says 22 degrees, but the photo of the chart says 20 degrees –
    important to me as my sun is 20 degrees gemini.

  4. Neptune at 20 degrees Pisces will be exact squaring the Venus-Mercury conjunction.

    So maybe lies told in the spirit of artistic, creative stories, books or movies to boost the mood following a yucky May might not be so bad, deceitful.

  5. Sun moon Venus and mercury all in 11th house this New moon – I’m having a hard time breaking down this transit.

    If anyone has an opinion on the 11th house that would be great, thank you!!

    Stay safe out there

  6. Ooft! Just looked it up. Busy day.
    Mercury and Venus tightly opposed Neptune and square Lilith
    But trine Pluto and sextile MC.
    Sun/moon tightly square the lunar nodes.
    All in the 8th house.

    I don’t know. Can I hide?

  7. I have asc at 6 degree sagittarius with sun at 5 degree gemini. With the 3 degree orb, everything is happening in my 7th house. Though I m not married but have been in a long term relationship. Mars in pisces is freaking me out since our composite has the signature mars – Neptune square ?

  8. The new moon occurs in H7 and will Sq my MC at 0* Virgo, the Venus/Merc conjunction occurs in H8 right on top of my 20* Gemini Moon and will Sq Pluto and Uranus in H10 which Neptune in Pisces in Opposing at the moment. Energy is neutral until used and im really trying to stay focused on forward progress and life beyond this pandemic!

  9. I’ve got Venus at 16 Gemini. I enjoy Gemini energy. This will all be in my 2nd. Not sure what my intention will be at this point except that I plan to enjoy the day in some kind of 2nd house luxurious kind of way, if possible. Maybe get over to my neighbors house for a chat, too, talk about all the lying going on. ?

  10. This occurs on my birthday. It will be with me all year in my solar return. Mercury-Venus in 6th SR house; Sun and Moon straddling 4th-5th SR house. Mars in 2nd SR house.
    I wanna put my head under the covers and not come out ?

  11. I’ve just had a look at the New and Full Moon lunation charts over the next few months and they all look pretty harsh to me. I don’t think the rollercoaster carriage has quite pulled up to let us all off yet, I have to say.

  12. I wonder.. if Gemini is the twins, why don’t they crave partnership like Libra? Also pisces is two fish.

    It’s more like two or more people within one person. Is it possible to have integrity like this? I think the personality may be an illusion.. people trying out different things with different people.. then maybe everyone has two or more people within. I sound high.

    • I think they all do, but are looking for different things and through diffèrent lens. So it’s likely that:

      Gemini – wants a mirror image;
      Libra – an equal partner; and
      Pisces – someone that mimics them.

  13. I’ve noticed that for me ‘lying’ is bottling up feelings and putting on a brave face, not saying what you’re thinking or feeling. When someone else can see something is up. It causes a lot of anxiety.
    I used to not care if people lied cause I thought there are worse things to do to others, or things that concerned me more. Like to not help someone in need in some way. Then I thought, if you don’t talk to anyone, no one will lie to you. But with Neptune transiting my sun, someone can deceive me and fuck my whole world up, I guess. I’d be worried if an employer or doctor or person with authority and power over my life lied to me, less an equal. I think many employers lie! That would fuck my world more.

  14. 1st house. Venus and Mars there too. We’ll see who’s around to chat up on May 22, I guess! New Moon quincunxes natal Uranus so I’m not gonna try to predict it.

  15. This new moon falls on my birthday! I am excited about it with the exception of the merc/ven square neptune but I will survive :)!

    Thanks Elsa – LOVE your creative posts!


  16. thanks Elsa! what significance would venus & mercury at 20 degree in Gemini have for me, when I was born with my sun in Gemini at 20 degrees? I hope that doesn’t mean my head is going to pop off 😉
    thanx for any insights

  17. The NM will be conjunct my IC and natal Mars. Not only does the Tr Venus/Tr Mercury conjunction square Tr Neptune, Tr Neptune opposes my natal 7H Venus thus forming a mutable T-square. I am currently experiencing lots of difficulties in a personal relationship. Communications are clipped and foggy.

  18. Oh my! This is all opposite my natal Sag AC conjunct Neptune. So my Gem 7th house is a hot spot now. With Neptune involved it always makes me worry. I really hope I don’t have much to do-over. I’m happily married!

  19. in the 1st house, the Sun & Moon seem to trine my natal Saturn, which is itself conjunct transiting Saturn (I’m 58). So a double-dose of a slight easing of being under the integrity microscope?

  20. May 22nd is my Lunar Return day, natal Moon @5deg Gem 4th house. That Ven/Merc conjunction is on my 5th cusp. Neptune in Pisc from the 1st. In the return chart the Moon is in the 7th with the Sun, with Ven/Merc close to the 8th cusp in the 7th, and the Neptune square is from the 4th.

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