Lunar Returns During High Stress Periods

leo moonMy surgery dates are close enough, I don’t expect them to be canceled or further delayed. I know the surgery is serious. Lots of blood loss, I hear. This is fine so long as I don’t have to see it!

Point is, I don’t think I can take my survival for granted. This is especially true with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunct my ascendant – my physical body; my Capricorn spine. That said, I probably will live through it so what might be the aftermath?

I pulled up my post-surgery Lunar Return because that’s where I’d look for insight into something like this.  It looks pretty good, considering the circumstance. It shows me close to home for 30 days (4th) but not cloistered (12th). It also looks like I will be writing fast and healing slowly.

I see something like this and while I know that anything can happen, it really supports the idea, I go in and out with no complications.

I don’t think there is a better thing in all of astrology, to help a person stay in line or in synced with their natural flow. The moon yields.

You can check out your Lunar Returns here. They are really cheap if you buy the full year. I just love a bargain and I love to offer one, nearly as much!



Lunar Returns During High Stress Periods — 24 Comments

  1. Speedy recovery!

    I’m a fan of Lunar Returns too. My current month LR has a kite, knowing this made it easier for me to let things flow as they will, should. The next month LR has a Star of David, and I’ve had this before to know that there are angels on earth.

  2. Excuse me Elsa, but what happened to the little boxes at the end of the blog feature stories, that read 1,2,3,4,5, etc. that you could click on, and go directly to that past page? Did you get rid of it?It was a very handy feature.
    Thank you,

    • To be honest I don’t know exactly what you’re referencing but I do see another error on the site that sounds similar. I don’t know what is causing it. I may need to rebuild the whole site. I was quoted 6k. It’s going to have to wait until after my surgery. Sorry.

  3. I hope your surgery goes great, Elsa, and that it corrects the problems you’ve been having.

    Char, instead of 1,2,3, etc., just click in the box that shows the page number you are on. There is now a drop down list to choose what page you want to go to. There is nothing wrong with the site, that is how its designed.

  4. HUGE social distance hug for you Elsa! So looking forward to hearing from you on the back side of this surgery. Much Gratitude!

  5. May God give you a successful surgery and a quick recovery. ❤
    Thanks for the advice you gave me recently in my consultation. It’s helping a lot.

  6. Maybe to be drinking an achillea tea days before would have it surfing in your blood stream to aid healing
    Also known as yarrow, grows in grassy fields, hot sandy flats
    You got this sissy ;make sure your
    Kids get you a blunt, just in case?
    The long admired and craved ,late summer weather Is coming to help
    I guess a fire cidar steeped with turmeric and black pepper , the tonic you’ll need in place of mad big bottles of drugs.put the mustard on the table as
    It regenerates muscle tissue ,connective tissue and facia ,so quick
    That marathon runners eat them
    By little packet as they run
    Ok and we are all jealous of the power napping you’ll get
    Oh lavender soap and cream:)

  7. Hope the surgery is a success and that your post-surgery recovery goes smoothly, Elsa.
    Good wishes and vibes sent your way.

  8. Blessings dear! You know you have our love and support and are totally grateful for the lunar reports we bought last night to help us stay in the flow (lunar mojo!) as we prepare to move ourselves and our wagon-home.
    xo Moki and Pete

  9. Best wishes for an easy surgery and a speedy recovery. Know that there are a lot of people who are sending positive thoughts to the Universe in your favor!

  10. Elsa , Always in my prayers 🙏🏻 Sending you all God’s Blessings for a successful surgery and recuperation.
    Love💕Light☀️and yes . . . a little fire🔥
    Aries Rising

  11. All the best, dear Elsa.
    Believe in science and “The Good Doctor”.
    Soon (with Jupiter in Aquarius) you are cured and feeling again like in your 20.

    • Thank you. You know, it’s possible.
      I do not recall what it is like to not have crippling pain. It’s been more than ten years.

      I am very curious if the discrepancy between my legs will be reduced. I’d sure like to be able to run… sprint around again, which is my normal way!

  12. My upcoming lunar return chart first house is JAM PACK. Pluto, moon, Saturn, jupiter (conjunct Lunar asc), ASC are occupying it. Natally Capricorn rules my 2nd house. Two people whom I m very close to emotionally (they have been my support throughout my life) has been diagnosed with Cancer.

    I sometimes feel that apart from material possession that we emotionally rely on, 2nd house also include people.
    The jupi pluto saturn conjunct is reallyy shaking it up for me

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