Lunar Eclipse In Taurus: November 19, 2021: Big & Beneficial

taurus blue charmThe full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus will take place in the early morning hours on November 19th at 27 degrees.  People tend to be afraid of eclipses. After watching the effects over four decades, I don’t go along with this. 

Each eclipse is unique. This eclipse looks quite favorable as Jupiter and Mercury aspect the sun and moon.  Mercury is about news and ideas. Jupiter is associated with luck and the truth and the whole of everything. Worldwide.

Both planets are associated with travel. Mercury rules short trips. Jupiter rules long distance travel.  Could we see an event occur in these realms? It’s possible but there is nothing here to indicate something bad.  Matter of fact. Pluto in Capricorn will support the sun and moon. This would stabilize situations.

I’d not be surprised to see the stock market make news but I just can’t see “doom” in this chart. It’s being held up somehow, in ways that are not predictable (Jupiter in Aquarius).  Remember that full moons illuminate things!

If you have planets near 27 degrees of Fixed signs, expect the lights to go up in areas of like indicated by houses affected.  You can also expect this to benefit you.  Faith is a play here.

To be more specific, it’s the kind of situation where you can go about your business, trusting that if there is something you need to know, the information will come to you. What you realize may surprise you (Aquarius) but it will also open doors (Jupiter).

Bottom line, this is an eclipse, not a scary eclipse!

Do you have planets @ 27 degrees of a Fixed sign?

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Lunar Eclipse In Taurus: November 19, 2021: Big & Beneficial — 84 Comments

  1. Loosely to pluto, closer to venus, and very near sun. It’s in my 4th house so maybe it’s an ‘internally feeling good’ kind of thing.

  2. Progressed Jupiter 27° Aries 7th House, Progressed North Node 28°Aquarius 5th House. Expect great things abundance in all areas of life.

  3. My Mars is at 26 Scorpio BUT in the 2nd house. As a Libra rising I do well with oppositions, in my chart (Venus in Aquarius opposing Uranus in Leo) or via transit. The last week was beneficial in terms of moving ahead with new ideas, having tough talks and yes, freeing my somewhat stuck mind. (Mercury in Capricorn in the 4th).
    I expect the eclipse to spur me into action.
    And that’s what I want.

  4. Yes! My ASC is at 27 degrees Scorpio. An ASC is not a planet but it is an angle and it’s opp Taurus. This degree of Taurus is in my 7th House though I have no planets there, Taurus is ruled by Venus, therefore my 7th House is Venus ruled. My Venus is in the 2nd house and also rules my 11th house and is where Jupiter lives in my chart. So the information that comes to me (Mercury) may be at my work because my 10th House is ruled by Mercury. One can end up chasing this all over a chart but you do end up somewhere like a board game. We also have a TV (Aquarian invention) on all day in our work Kitchen, tuned into CNN. So any World News May come through we need to know! How this effects my ASC though is the one piece puzzle here I can’t place (@Elsa? Any ideas?).

  5. so ready for this! I am hoping doors will open for me, for sure. I’ve been with my hands tied, and the pressure of Saturn Uranus beating down yet no movement.

    The eclipse falls in my 7th, with Saturn Uranus on the angles of my chart… Jupiter in my 4th. – work, home, partner, everything has been unclear

    I have been waiting for clarity around the structures of my life with these last Saturn Neptune hell yrs.

  6. 1st house Saturn conjunction sun and squaring pluto mh. Angular so there could be something there. All I feel so far is really cleansed and clear. Pluto can cleanse I guess if I am willing to deal with it. I am not so comfortable yet feeling the light weighted ness from loss of impending doom fear. Strangely, in tandem I have lost quite a bit of poundage from my physical person too. Maybe fat wasn’t the only thing I had stored up.?

  7. And the moon is conjunction natal Lilith that could explain recent acknowledgement of the feminine. I have a sense of Lilith especially when I am feeling free and flowing so that’s what I equate her with but probably will be looking into her some more to see if I can find hone additional info on her story.

  8. Mercury and sun 24 degrees in scorpio 12th house. I do plan on doing some light traveling that day with my pisces step daughter that day. I hope we are safe.

  9. Biden better watch his head ~ he is a Scorpio
    (rolling eyes, so obvious) (Nov 20)

    His Sun will be opposite this lunar eclipse with a legendary beheading hanging theme surrounding him.

    The sun will be tightly conjunct with fixed star Algol which is at 26 degree Scorpio and the moon is opposing it.

    “This Taurus Lunar eclipse will be aligned with the notorious fixed star Algol in the head of Medusa.

    Algol at 26º Taurus is found in the decapitated head of Medusa, which Perseus is holding. This star has a terrible reputation, as you can see from the traditional interpretations:

    “Of the nature of Saturn and Jupiter. It causes misfortune, violence, decapitation, hanging, electrocution and mob violence, and gives a dogged and violent nature that causes death to the native or others. It is the evilest star in the heavens.” darkstar astrology

    Aren’t they called heads of state.

  10. ‘If you have planets near 27 degrees of Fixed signs…’
    Strange, this: My MC is at 2.18 of my Aquarius 9th House. Transit Jupiter is moving towards it. Philosophy, things spiritual, ideologies … that was my home territory for many years, both dispositionally and professionally; they were the only substantives to my mind back then. Am I being called home? That would be nice. I’m scared and lonely in my present nitty-gritty world; I don’t belong here. Or perhaps this is just my post-cathartic wishful thinking. This is very engaging — unless, of course, I have got it all hopelessly wrong.

  11. Hmmm……the eclipse happens, the day after my Progressed Moon moves into Sagittarius!
    ?”All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go. I’m standing here outside the
    “I will take, What is Jet Plane? for $200.00, Alex!”
    I am so ready, for this.

    • Am liking this. The stuff I’ve been throwing up. What to take with me and what to leave behind as I head into an unknown future. Will ask guidance as to direction bound at the next new moon. And away we goooo! You are a breath of fresh air.

  12. A good eclipse? I’ve only seen the down side of them. This thing will have to prove itself to me through others lives.

    The Dec. 4th eclipse is the one I am worrying about. I see another potential set up like last year when my husband’s sister took a direct hit in December and died in January. Only this time, my brother takes the hit. Plus, it exactly opposes his Sun.

    He has already been acting strange as if he knows he needs to get right.

    Time will tell, because I know a lot of people mixed in these next two eclipses.

  13. The Taurus full moon lunar eclipse exactly conjuncts my IC. At that time I will be finally (!) fully moved into my awesome new condo in the building right next door to the cheap but very run-down apartment that I lived in for 22 years.

    The past month or so, I have purged a lot of old stuff, cleaned til my hands cracked, painted both the old apartment and new condo, and moved everything myself and with the help of my trusty dolly cart (except for a small sofabed, electric piano, and large table, which I got a friend to help me move). Mercury in my 9th house. Short trips to move in the building right next door, but it feels like miles away from my old life.

    I’ve lost 15 pounds since I won the condo bid with all this physical activity. I feel great, despite the bruises all over my body from moving my stuff! And I’m sleeping so much better in my amazingly quiet new space. No more thunderous upstairs neighbours, rattling windows, clanking baseboard radiators, old water pipes swooshing, freezing days with no control over the heat… I could go on. Ah, the bliss of home ownership after 30 years of renting.

    Jupiter in my 1st house (so lucky this condo unit became available – the only one I could afford). Uranus conjunct my stellium in Taurus (expect the unexpected – never thought I’d be a homeowner).

  14. Mars in Taurus 1H 27. Opposite Saturn 26. At least in my case, I find it useful if not valuable to look back on the same eclipse that ocurred in 2002 at the same degree. Jupiter was also square (wide) but from Leo; Uranus was at tge point where jupiter sits now. Mercury was ahead of the sun in scorpio (now behind), Venus was already in rx but in libra, to meet Mars which is now in Scorpio. Anyone triggered directly should watch what thoughts/ideas/communication come out when merc goes over 27 Sco, and action to follow once Mars does too. Its definitely about doors opening (jupiter) for whatever was written on in your tau/sco axis from the beginning. Dead weight will be dropped for good and you’re not going to look back. Whatever parts you have that been rotting, you’ll go for the clean cut. Sit with it all. Future is coming.

    • So true for me, fumiga, “Dead weight will be dropped for good and you’re not going to look back. Whatever parts you have that been rotting, you’ll go for the clean cut. Sit with it all. Future is coming.” My residential move is doing all that for me. The future is coming and looks much brighter for me now in my new home.

      • I feel you Niki, and Im sending lots of love and light??
        I dont dare saying what is happening in my 7th house since this new moon ocurred because it’s still in the possibility realm, but it was never even a possibility, but suddenly, that door simply opened without it being any of my doing! So thrilled yet so calm (thanks, saturn) ??☺

  15. Moon in Capricorn 27 degrees
    Third house Leo 27 degrees
    Ninth house Aquarius 27 degrees
    Looks looks like a full house
    Good news welcomed
    Feel the need to stop the
    Worry machine inside, just like my
    Cooking obsession need to turn off
    As I eat less as I get older I
    Live alone no boat full of babies

  16. My sister in law has the sun at Taurus 27, and she’s always worked with the infirm and disabled. Algol heals, which is rarely discussed, and frequently, our Veterans Remembrance ceremonies are conjunct here. My sister in law has a learning disability – also possibly linked to her birth date, but her natural ability to give aid to and understand people who do not have a voice to express, or the ability to use the bathroom or get up and walk, is remarkable. I think it’s her turn to have her name in lights for the unsung work, as many in the family have finally learned to appreciate what she brings to the table.

    • I have mars at 27 1st house, opposed by Saturn. I’ve been said to fight for the underdog, as I’ve been the underdog myself on many occasions. Ive definitely come to attribute my compassion to both the opposition (I know how it feels to be blocked and disempowered) AND Algol, which positive side would be used for purposefully and fiercely defending the weak. And I tell you, I’m no easy fluffy opponent, no ma’am! When the cause is righteous, Saturn can bring all his guns and I’ll still annihilate him with a simple stare! ?
      I guess that won’t be true for everyone with Algol placements, but it is for me. So Im in agreement with you on this, Pat. I hope your sister-in-laws gets some recognition, favor and affection back 🙂

  17. My IC is within a degree of 27 scorpio, and I was just informed that my pay which had been suspended a year and a half ago would be resuming albeit at a lower rate. It is good.

  18. Nice artical…. The eclipse trines exactly my Mercury@27 Virgo and Jupiter Trines my Venus @ 24 Libra and opposite my Rising @ 24 Leo. Am a virgo sun. What should i expect?

  19. Sun @8 Virgo
    Moon @ 9 Virgo
    Pluto @ 26 Virgo
    Mercury @ 27 Virgo
    South norde @ 2 Virgo
    VEnus @ 24 Libra
    Ascendant@ 24 Leo
    Saturn @ 22 Taurus
    Jupiter @ 2 Scorpio
    Can someone tell me what to expect please. What kind of News should i expect if at all something to do with new due to Eclipse and Mercury exact degree?

  20. From looking at my and my family’s chart I have noticed that eclipse works when it makes an exact strong aspect in natal chart.
    I am happy to see you did not mention Algol. I have aries Moon and in Solar arc it will be at that point in two years. So much gloom and doom and I did get worried but then I Would think of all of my friends who are aries and had Solar arc sun move to that point and nothing happened. It is always much easier to talk about the future and say what ever you want then to look back and explain why nothing happend or it was not spectacular as advertised.

  21. my 10th house mars @tau28 will be hit…also the transit Saturn is opposite my natal sun (off and on for awhile) …trying to figure out my hubbys business stuff and hoping an agreement is made! (on a more worrisome note: we travel that day but it seems I’ve been traveling a lot on new and full moons for awhile lol)

  22. I’ve got Chiron in Capricorn at 27 degrees in my 12th house. My healing work has certainly been kicking up on it’s own recently and am working on a new plasma healing pad project.

  23. I’ve got Chiron in Capricorn at 27 degrees in my 12th house. My healing work has certainly been kicking up on it’s own recently and am working on a new plasma healing pad project….. and i get a ‘you are posting comments too quickly….slow down’ ???

  24. Im a bit nervous as it will be a degree orb away from my natal Taurus chiron in 12th house. Anyone give me any insight? I’m hoping this triggers some sort of healing rather than pain. Maybe letting go of some pain for healing. That’s my hope. Im trying not to get anxious about what may happen as I tend to do.

    • How about a new view / perspective (Jupiter) on how you think about your Chiron in the 12th?
      Sounds like you’re fixed on it in a bad way. Perhaps flip that script?

      • Yes! Thank you for the perspective! I know that eclipses are said to bring beginnings and endings; and that all transits are ultimately for our greater good. I know this, but when they are happening to me, it’s hard to remember ha. I’m mercury dominant and tend to be a bit anxious and get carried away with my own “hypotheses”

        • I believe Elsa is on point. I’ll offer my personal experience, as it one of hope.
          Chiron is currently transiting my 12h, back and forth on top on natal venus rx conj merc. Its also sextile natal chiron conj moon in the 2nd house. You would say I’m in pain? I’m healing big time around self-value issues, communication issues, to others as well as self-talk. Transcending the pain behind closed doors, and showing up in the world a new self, the real self, no fear. Chiron in the 12th has been a soul cleansing experience to me. I insisted on revisiting/re-living the pain just enough (and enough would be too much for a lot of people) like one would pop a pimple and squeeze and squeeze until there’s no more pus left inside. Once that happens, the skin is ready to heal, the pain will soon cease, and you learn to treat your skin better, and eventually come to even like the scar instead of hiding it. And it will fade away in time! Sorry if that was too graphic! Have faith in yourself, take time to listen to what your body and soul needs. The mind tricks us, and the truth is that the universe will always provide. take care!

          • I am actually going through a lot of deep healing already this past week! I’m wondering if I’m feeling Uranus already here. My natal chiron is also square my Mercury (conjunct my Midheaven in 10h) and I’ve been speaking about my healing lately, and jupiter has also been transiting my Midheaven. Just a lot of transits that I think together has made me reflect and see the benefit of the pain and how it has made me grow and sharing that perspective hoping to help others. So I really appreciate your perspective! Seems very on point for what I’m currently going through so the feeling of the eclipse will be interestjng

  25. With fixed star Algol involved in the upcoming Taurus lunar eclipse, I think our collective attention will be focused on the inflated cost of gasoline and heating fuel. We (Sun) will all be negatively impacted (Algol) by increased travel (Jupiter and Mercury) and general consumption costs (Taurus-ruled Venus) this holiday season.

  26. About the whole Algol thing:)Stars & planets like everything else have more than one dimensional expression…while the whole decapitation thing is a convenient meme in a culture addicted to the rush of drama, removing one’s head, especially given the whole astrological picture in which Algol sits at the eclipse, could also manifest as moving past the limited, literal interpretation from the Dark Ages, and into a more expansive, multifaceted experience of what the mind inside that head can grow to & be capable of, once one gets past the exhaustion of letting it, & the online world set the whole template for engaging with one’s life:):)

  27. I was born with Sun in 28 deg. Taurus, 8th house. I’m totally freaking out before this eclipse. I was planning to travel that day to meet a dog I’m considering for adoption, but I think I’ll put it off for later, because I’m scared of driving on that day ?

  28. Yes, I do moon on my Mars cusping 1rst,2nd. Squaring Mercury, Venus in Leo. As much as possible I’m staying in my room meditating, contemplating, doing yoga. Relationships,values,my own and others are all highlighted. It’s intense. So to minimize the fallout,to stay in light I’m choosing to be alone. A lot is unravrling,unfolding and I wish not to go belly up.

  29. I did dome reading about boogey man Algol. It seems that it is only a problem if actions are not in accordance with the individual’s higher principles. I think that goes beyond what I want when and how I want it, loyalties, and even old traditions for old traditions sake. So it seems to me like Jupiter (principles) integrated into thinking (Mercury). All part of Pluto clearing out the garbage in the way? I am not suggesting Saturn might not have to slap me in line. That is part of the process to true expression. So I am experiencing the impending eclipse as nothing but wondrous. And of course, looking forward to the new moon in Jupiter ruled sag. I sense blast off. Clear sailing. So far anyway.

  30. No peace for the fixed! I ‘ve got Pallas 24 degrees, Mercury 26.5 degrees, Vesta and Venus 29 Degrees in Taurus 3rd house, they Are sextile to my Saturn 29 degrees Cancer, 6th house by Placidus system.
    This bloody Uranus/Saturn transit mess gives me a lot of hard time. Uranus will be conjunct my Moon l, Jupiter and South Node soon

    • You got me thinking about if planets that rule mutable signs can be trapped if located in fixed signs. I like thought food. I would lend you some of my mutable energy if I could.

      • Maybe you could benefit from the relationship with a mutable type friend? Or Airy type at your place? Joined forces of two contrasting types are very mutable/Gemini style
        ? I got also sun in early Gemini conjunct Imum Coeli. I am both adaptive ( mutable) and stubborn (fixed – most planets plus Ac-DSC) with only natal Saturn and Uranus in water sign…

        • Have been reconciling my Gemini friendships. We can drive each other nuts. They sre such social butterflies. They have all the gossip and get frustrated because I don’t know all the people they talk anout. The funniest one is always going to funerals. I get lost. Like it can be the funeral of her sister in laws cousins uncle’s mom’s something or other. And when they try to theorize and my Virgo sun analyzer wants to kick in, I am learning to just not go there. It’s not fair of me. But man oh msn when I want a read on what’s going on at a job or in the community they are my go tos cuz they get around. They got the skinny on everyone. And I do have pisces and Virgo people in my life too for added mutability. And I have libras and two Aquarian in my life. Only one fire that is a sag and she also has a lot of planets in Gemini. She’s nuts. Goes like the wind. Keeps a calendar so she makes sure to hit her marks. And my tried and true Scorpio buds. I have an old taurus friend that I write letters to back and forth. So what I don’t presently have in my life is aries cancer and leo suns.

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