Lunar Eclipse In Scorpio: Midnight – May 15-16, 2022 – Delicious!

Blood moonThe full moon, total lunar eclipse in Scorpio will be particularly dramatic. It will take place right around midnight. How sexy is that?

The Taurus Scorpio opposition is always taut.  The tension will be enhanced due to pressure from Saturn in Aquarius.

That’s cool, but this really gets interesting when you consider the sun and moon will be supported by Pluto in Capricorn.  Can’t you just feel your blood pumping?

Technically, we’re talking about the sun and moon @ 25 degrees, Saturn @ 24 and Pluto @ 28.  It’s quite simply, delicious.

As to what you can expect, I have this covered!

Dating Dracula

If you like the scene I described, most definitely, plan to get out there and mix it up!

Is anyone else licking their lips over this?


Lunar Eclipse In Scorpio: Midnight – May 15-16, 2022 – Delicious! — 14 Comments

  1. Considering I have natal Mars 27Tau in the 1H opp Saturn 26 Sco 7H… t most def will be something straight out of the crypt! I’ll let you know!

  2. The Sun and Moon exact on my Jupiter, 10th house. Saturn square (from 7th) and Pluto (from 6th) trine my Jupiter.

    I think it will certainly have an effect on my life.

    A positive boost would be welcome.

    Respond, not react.

  3. My ascendant is 28 degrees scorpio and a natal Chiron at 23 degrees Taurus. I’ve got a few medical appts I should make. Pretty sure I have a rotator cuff tear for about six months now from a fall down the stairs. Some stomach issues I should investigate. And now full blown panic attacks when my claustrophobia sets in, this is new. My husband has occupied our time with his medical appts so I just never wanted to add any to the mix. I had a doc appt finally but my son got hurt that day, which ended up being nothing really but I already cancelled my appt. North node transiting my Chiron in the sixth has made it clear I should put my health first but man it’s not easy! Path to the north node never is, right?

  4. I don’t know, this is within range of my Taurus moon and oddly I did my converse progressions and Jupiter is at 25′ 17 Taurus to be exact. I’ve read, heard, nothing but miserable nightmarish ugly and grotesque things about this lunar eclipse. It’s all very confusing. But yeah,I’m a Leo.

  5. This will oppose my natal Venus in the 8th house. The Venus is unaspected with the exception of semi-sextile to Jupiter in the 7th.

    With the Solar Eclipse, there’s been lots of projection, a mediocre annual appraisal, just my self-esteem with natal Pluto in the 2nd house taking a hit.

    So for the previous Solar and this Lunar eclipse, they each oppose the reverse planet.

    I’m not sure what to make of it. But I’m hoping that with this Lunar Eclipse, something leaves my life.

    I hope it’s really good cause I’ve been really tired…

  6. Love the Dating Dracula story — would love a sequel! You are such a powerfully evocative writer. I’m saving this to read again!

  7. 10 days and counting, not sure about this one; yesterday 10 of six in the morning pulling into work mind you nobody is in this parking lot that packs 400 cars and the cook ,I’m assuming , is front of me of course even with no one bothering his parking skills he can’t quite seem to make himself happy about backing into the parking spot so I go around him I guess he wasn’t using his mirror now my parking spot is about 1000 feet away as it is close to this enormous bus lot get out of my truck walking to my bus I hear this crazy man screaming at the top of his lungs of course I took the bait screamed back “ride a bike “ not sure about this upcoming event everyone might be packing a little cuckoo in their back pocket ,you know that old saying about you never see one moron you have to talk moron to a moron so u see two at a time ,Yep that was me yesterday morning , Should have just chuckled to myself

  8. My Moon is 26 Taurus in the 4th house. The solar eclipse in April activated my T-Square, creating a grand cross, Uranus us transiting my 4th, now. My Sun, Saturn conjunct in the 1st, opposing my Mars in the 7th all Squaring my Neptune in the 10th.

  9. It’s all too much for me. This eclipse is right on my Ascendant. This means my Sun is right on my Descendant, right? I know you don’t regularly do fixed stars, Elsa, but right on my Descendant is also this baleful star Algol and I have JOLLY GOOD reason to be wary of her (Medusa’s eye so she’s a she). (Asteroids Moira and Nemesis are there too.)
    Things in my life have been fraught for so long now that I don’t even recall when all the disasters started nor can I hope to come up with a complete list of everything that’s happened. What was I THINKING when I signed up for this incarnation??? (WAS I even thinking??).
    Sorry for all the moans and groans. I know many people are way worse off than I am.
    I’ve noted a person or two who posted above, have planets near Algol. The most positive interp I’ve seen of Algol says she finds it impossible to remain unmoved by anything bad or tragic that she witnesses.
    On the positive side, I read and thoroughly enjoyed “Dating Dracula”. I’m a Leo and I once dated a Scorpio. Best of all, I spotted a little tag there that said “True Stories”. Oh WOW. I’m going to have to give up one of my usual activities while I make my way through THAT little lot!! (maybe sleeping?).

  10. The SUN will be precisely conjunct my Jupiter in the 9th House! So opposite, the Moon will be on top of my natal Juno.

  11. My natal Sun is at 25 degrees Scorpio and natally square to a Moon Pluto conjunction. Looks like an emotional roller coaster is heading my way.

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