Lunar Eclipse Full Moon In Libra: April 15, 2014 – Enemies and Allies Come To Light

transit watch elsa 4The Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees Libra takes place before dawn (in the US) on April 15th.  Besides the obvious intensity of an eclipse, what kills me is the Sun and Moon are in Cardinal signs…along with Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto.   Excuse me, but that’s a little much!

I don’t expect to get through this unscathed. It’s my brother’s birthday.  All his sisters have angles between 23-26 Cardinal.  I acknowledge Jupiter’s involvement  I don’t consider see this situation benign.

I’m sorry. I know that writing things like this scares people but I feel it would be quite stupid to come on here and call this thing a marshmallow. It’s not!

Specific to the eclipse, I feel the lights go up when the moon in full. With Aries and Libra involved, we’re talking love and war.  Expect enemies and allies to be revealed.

There will be a lot of projection with this. Polite people will be angered.  The desire to control at this time is off the chart.  Think “social rage”.

If someone is overly nice to you, they may very well be pissed.  Not that I think this is a bad idea.  You can’t go stabbing people, just because you want to!

Respite can be found via the planets in exaltation, Jupiter in Cancer and Venus in Pisces. That translates to benevolence and universal love.

As for the (Sun/Moon) opposition, try to keep in mind that while you may be mad, yours is only one side of the story. Are you really 100% right?

How do you feel about this eclipse?  Do you have expectations?

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Lunar Eclipse Full Moon In Libra: April 15, 2014 – Enemies and Allies Come To Light — 49 Comments

  1. I object sweet Elsa. This eclipse is not in aries as it says in this post. Its 25 degr. Libra right on my venus Best regards Eva

  2. I’m curious about this one & how it interacts with what’s been going on since mars turned retro in libra.
    Eclipse falls on my merc- planet most assoc w. my career and in my 6th.
    lots of tension has already been building there as I’ve been unable to express a lot of work that has been under development. big important work. frustrated work. Most recently people in my life have been demanding results re this work & I’ve wanted to play the mars retro card big time.
    Slightly nervous about what a lighting strike eclipse could bring to an already tense situation.

  3. It is my brother’s birthday as well. As we are in the middle of probate on behalf of our folks’ estate (a will orchestrated & written at the last minute – 6 weeks before my Mom’s death by this one brother who has never worked in his life = lived off my mother in a co-dependent hell), I plan to stay under-cover and not answer the phone until the month is out. I don’t fear the brother who has done all the bad (too much to list, stuff that could land him disinherited & in jail). I do fear a functioning brother who lives abroad, over island property left to the 3 of us. One property (the best one) was left in Joint Tenancy to me & my bad bro with the other bro out cold (due to his having booted my folks out of house one tense day whilst they were abroad visiting him/his family). My mother returned stateside, bought a beautiful waterfront property & put the title only in my/my bad bro’s names. JT passes outside of the will & Mom did it as backbite & to protect me/the bad one from the unscrupulous one who is, independent of all of this, trying to take control of one of three properties. He does not yet know he is not on title for the 3rd property & his bargaining chips are nil without it. He will want me to be the nice guy & sign him onto title so that we can divide the cabins – not what Mom wanted and would mean a minus to my cash ‘take’ by $75K – a loss already on top of numerous losses I suffered as Mom’s primary caregiver during 3 cancer years. I won’t be signing anything – Mom’s crisis/death put me into debt by over $50K that she intended to pay back plus salary/benefit replacement when I (single mother without other means) could not work. Mom was prevented from paying me back by the bad bro. It is right out of the ‘War of Roses’ or some other epic, ancient brawl. I want to keep my head down, out of sight & sign nothing. As the nice cabin in JT will pass solely to me when my bro dies (he is a boozer & unwell, generally), I will finally be paid back through sole ownership one day. Knockonwood. April’s intensity is like a mirror into my life & I want to minimize its stress & impact by trying not to join the dance at all. Julie

  4. Lunar eclipse takes place past my sun … Sun conjunct mc …but in,9 sn in lib nn in aries what does that mean … Any thing good about it please any one

  5. 25 libra is my ascendant, 25 aries saturn venus conjunction…most of my planets are at 23-26°..
    no uranus/jupiter/pluto/mars or sun squares natally, but moon sq.venus-saturn and ascendant.I’ve been feeling pressured but also pushed forward in deep changes which are no longer delayable.sort of layers being stripped off me very quickly, forcing me to acknowledge,label and order them one by one, or I’ll pay prices I no longer can afford.
    emotional prices, crisis bringing forward early traumas and the energy stuck inside them, but all of this, I’ve come to believe, is incompatible with a Life.I feel like I cannot hide anymore, basically from myself.
    I’m already experiencing anger surfacing all around, more than usual,so I’m working hard to take back my projection but it’s a very challenging moment in personal relationships, I feel like a major turn in my life is on sight.a heavy load of material tasks is on my shoulders from my original family.waiting for medical report regarding my sister’s surgery, in coincidence with mother’s fall and leg fracture.all of them economically broken.a painful separation coming across.oppositions at work and tons of manipulation going around.
    I’m a bit scared Elsa..!!

    • Hi there, babt, I couldn’t help noticing you have Sat/Ven cjn and moon sq them – is that moon natal or you mean the eclipse? I’ve got Sat/Ven opp Moon natally and I can feel your pain. My Sun, Neptune, Chiron, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto all between 23-26 too.
      This eclipse will be exact cj my Neptune (2nd) so I am just going lalalalala until it’s over. Then, the Cardinal Cross will have tr Uranus exact opp my Merc/Pallas and tr Pluto is cj my Mars/NN. Then, the next eclipse will be cj my Moon. You can see why I liken my chart to a pinball game lately.
      About being scared, my Virgo Sun cj Asc got smashed to smithereens back in 2008 by tr Uranus opposition and it’s really only very recently I’ve come around, but something I’ve learned since is that the very worst thing you are afraid of happening is very unlikely to happen, and that even if it does happen, you will survive, and you will be stronger. There is nothing to be gained by worrying about the future, so just try and stay in the present. It’s safe here. And remember, we’re all in this together.

      • very worst thing you are afraid of happening is very unlikely to happen, and that even if it does happen, you will survive, and you will be stronger. There is nothing to be gained by worrying about the future, so just try and stay in the present. It’s safe here. And remember, we’re all in this together.

        thanks sabina!!
        yes, I meant I have the square natally.
        you got to the point.I’ve come to believe that “to stay in the present”is a very changeable notion,depending on how deep are one’s blockages.
        if,somehow, what one feels as “present” is some unbearable pain hidden in the body/psyche(and it can take decades only to understand this).I used to stifle myself on this,demanding that I should face anything coming my way,an the more I excavated,the more I found out why and most of all how I avoid staying in the present, or better said, my present,which very often is extremely difficult to explain to someone else(pisces mercury conj. chiron,trine neptune,opp.jup/pluto/uranus).
        given this forceful, still emotionally charged, need of mine for being acknowledged in a difficult path, I feel uplifted to be reminded that I can survive and be stronger…I needed to be told so.
        so,thank you again!

      • Sabrina, same here with regard to this — “About being scared, my Virgo Sun cj Asc got smashed to smithereens back in 2008 by tr Uranus opposition and it’s really only very recently I’ve come around, but something I’ve learned since is that the very worst thing you are afraid of happening is very unlikely to happen, and that even if it does happen, you will survive, and you will be stronger. There is nothing to be gained by worrying about the future, so just try and stay in the present.” — so I am just taking a deep breath and counting the good things. What will be will be.

  6. If you have no planets or angles at 23-26 degrees, does that mean you will not be directly affected by the eclipse?

  7. I’m actually excited for this. It will square my Lilith but lately I have been learning more about getting angry. 12th house mars is a tough position because its so easy for me to forget my own feelings and acquiesce to whomever is louder. Not being able to express my anger or even my needs, opinions, etc has led to depression and a lot of inner problems. This full moon sounds like I may actually get to see how to form inner and outer boundaries and uphold them.

    The scary thing is I only clearly see my boundaries when I’m pushed to my breaking point. I hope it doesn’t get that bad but if that’s what is necessary for change then that will happen.

    Is this upcoming eclipse related to the last eclipse in November? I’m lost on how to follow those patterns.

  8. My DC is 25 Libra – and my MC is 13 Capricorn. How’s that for a month and a half? 😛

    I’m 99% sure all this has to do with my bully boss (whose Pluto is exactly on my Sun, nicely fitting the T Pluto conjunct MC theme). Tensions have been rising the past couple of months, as I’ve been up for a promotion. He has had run ins with everyone (his staff, even clients and higher ups) and has now focused his bullying on me. I like the job, just not the management. He’s got Sun opp Saturn, Moon opp Pluto, and Venus/Mars/Uranus conjunct in fire. A highly controlling, impulsive and explosive combo. High turnover rate with him.

    I was unable to work for well over a decade due to health issues, got this job by serendipity and enjoy it tremendously if you remove him from the equation. I thought it was a dream job (just like the relationship when T Pluto conjuncted my Moon in the past couple of years…imploded quickly. Coincidentally – or not? – he also had a Venus/Mars/Uranus conjunction, but in water and in fire. Adrenaline junkie, drama addict and commitment phobe). I know Pluto’s scenario all too well by now.

    I think the eclipse is going to be the nail in the coffin, so to speak – it’s about a business partnership and not a romantic one. He’s already making veiled threats, job wise. My only problem is not being able to read his ever changing mind. The boundaries and rules change every day according to his whim. He fits the Crazymaker title perfectly.

    I’m trying to remain centered (not easy) and realize that whatever falls away needs to. Perhaps that job isn’t the path my life needs to take, I have no idea what’s ahead and that’s what I’ll have to discover.

  9. The lead up to this 1st quarter square was very heavy. Nothing in particular so far. I just feel the weight of it. Like pressure bearing down. The cardinal square points are all semisquare my natal t-square. Keeping my self in a good place as much as possible. Spring really helps.

  10. The Solar Eclipse will be on my IC, which shares the same house as my current Saturn Return, which is conjunct my Moon. I live abroad and my Mom is visiting… I’m feeling it! My side IS only one side of the story, perfect advice Elsa. This energy is transformative. Disruptive too… but my perspective on it all is so different than before, it’s really lighting up some changes. Moving on, letting go, healing. Some old stuff is coming out of nowhere too but I’m getting blurps of healing advice and perspective. It sucks and it’s great almost simultaneously. Will anyone else have the eclipse touch their IC? What are you feeling??

  11. I don’t know a lot about eclipses and their impact. This lunar eclipse conjuncts my Midheaven (libra 10th/aries 4th). I don’t work outside of the home right now (so no job) so I’m not sure how to interpret it’s possible effects. It conjuncts my mother’s IC (libra 4th/aries 10th). It conjuncts my oldest daughters pluto (and opposes her moon) (libra 2nd/moon 8th). If I look at those aspects collectively I’d have to predict a change for a female within our family. All of my five children share a common ascendant (virgo). The libra/aries axis lies on the 2nd/8th house in their charts. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. For the last few days, I’ve had this feeling of “something” is going to happen and I’m usually fairly happy-go-lucky most of the time. We shall see what comes about with this eclipse.

  12. My birthday to the degree. I am even older than Elsa, LOL, and I have learned that it is like that song about time – what goes up must come down, and the wheel moves round & round. Just hang on! At least if you’ve been here you won’t be blindsided — Thanks Elsa.

  13. The eclipse will fall in a sextile to my Ur, with Venus conjuncting my Chiron. I’m hoping to get news about a job interview, or something… Need a JOB. urgh. As the next eclipse will conjunct my Venus, I’m trying to think positively, but it’s tough times right now. This damn grand cross will see the end of woes for a while–over a year of its squeeze! Yay. My birthday tomorrow.

  14. I have my angles in 23-26 cardinal as well. O.o I certainly hope my natal Jupiter in Cancer and Venus in Pisces helps during this time. There will be a major event going on in my life and I can see the storm coming unfortunately. Hope I get to dodge the debris and get through it safely.

  15. It’s on my moon in 8th/9th. Oh well. I don’t know. It’s an effort not to be numb. I see Pallas and Ceres are also on the eclipse degree.

  16. I have Venus at 23 can so I guess it’s square to the eclipse. But I’m really not expecting anything good or bad. It’s really hard to know what to expect. I had last year’s May eclipse on my node on the the 10/4 houses axis and I was expecting something career wise instead my parked car ended up getting totalled by an uninsured driver at 3am.
    I still haven’t figured out if I was the victim of somebody else’s dumbass eclipse. Anybody have any thoughts on being affected by another person’s eclipse?

  17. WOW…..all I can say is it sure looks like I am not alone in my current situation as evidenced by all the comments above. I have been having a love/hate relationship with my daughter in law since before she was even engaged to my son. Unfortunately now, there is a granddaughter involved, who I love SO much AND said daughter in law is denying my access. I am an Intuitive Healer so feel everything very intensely. Been trying to stay grounded in my centre but am finding it getting more difficult with each passing day. I wear my heart on my sleeve and simply wish to bring this situation to some sort of resolution but am being forbidden to speak, write or even attempt to clear this mess up. My son finally brought my little angel for a visit this past Sunday but shared that he left with his wife screaming at him that I am not allowed to see her again. My little angel kept saying she misses me and wants me to come to her house (she is 3 so you can imagine how hard this can be). Daughter in law refuses to speak with me which leaves me hanging out to dry. I have always maintained that my loving heart will protect me but have finally resorted to carrying around protection amulets as I realize that this woman is psychically attacking me from every angle. I worry about how this is affecting both my son and granddaughter but the frustration level for ME is getting really harsh. Long story here but am a tad uneasy about all the planetary stuff going on and coming up real soon. I am having stomach issues going on now and feeling like going into a cave which I realize will get me nowhere. Sigh……just wanted to share on a forum where I KNOW I will be received without judgement. Blessings to one and all….Namaste

  18. Precisely right Elsa. But I think the signs that are in the worst of the worst trouble are going to be second decan Cardinal signs. Because that’s where all the action is in the Cardinal Grand Cross. All the planets involved are in the second decan of their respective signs. My two cents, if it even matters, is stay home and read a book or watch a DVD that night. Again, only for the second decan Cardinals. You know who you are.

  19. My Aries moon and libra AC are oh so done with the years of cardinal sign drama. I think I will stay in bed and hide under my covers.

  20. Ugh. I’m scared. What does it mean, Elsa, if this full moon Lunar eclipse at 25 degrees in Libra in my 1H (and I’m a moonchild so ALL eclipses screw me up) is EXACTLY opposite my natal Saturn in Aries at 25 degrees in my 7H?! And my Uranus in Virgo is 25 degrees in 12H inconjuncting all this mess, plus my Venus is in Cancer 26 degrees in 10H. How is this going to affect me? Please let me know. xo

  21. Hello Elsa – thank you for your brilliant website. I’m fascinated to see how it all pans out this month but it feels like walking off a cliff blindfolded… I’m new to astrology so trying to figure it out! This April 14th eclipse falls in my first house, almost exactly on natal Pluto, so I’m thinking that it’s going to involve something about myself that stays hidden, in the subconscious, or a deep fear. Possibly being shunted into the light where people can see it?!? In my chart, Pluto is directly opposite my moon (in 7th) so thinking that might mean a partner/enemy is integral to this – which seems about right with a general Libra relationship theme going on. I am very, very single so at least it can’t be a romantic break up! But could mean I go publicly potty over my fear that I’m going to be single forever and die alone, living in a cardbox box (i.e. if Google published my 3am search engine criteria). Or, best case scenario, that someone I’ve liked for a while will spring forth and ask me out, eclipsing my dark, curdling ‘single for all time’ fears… Is this kind of how it works?!

  22. This eclipse has a lot to do with connecting how you feel with what you think. If you’re still dealing with cynical and skeptical mindset – your jokes or critical remarks can easily back fire, depending on the Ascendant:

    Aries: If you come up with a perfectly innocent joke, your partner will want you to either act on it or understand what you really feel.

    Taurus: Watch out for that coworker who is waiting for your wrong word.

    Gemini : There may be someone who thinks that you plans are a joke and may decide to drill you on that.

    Cancer: Your family may think that your job is killing you.

    Leo: it’s that person on the Internet who will challenge you for being too opinionated.

    Virgo: You disagree with your partner on a potential big purchase.

    Libra: If you’re looking to break up, it may just come naturally.

    Scorpio: You may lose support from coworkers due to your past actions.

    Sagittarius: Your lover and your friend get in a fight. Your friend thinks he/she is sexier than the person you love

    Capricorn: If you’re in love with your boss, maybe take a week off.

    Aquarius : You become obsessed with how limited the human mind can be, and lose the sense of priorities.

    Pisces: Your partner gets ticked off by your spending plan.

  23. Elsa, I read you entry – but don’t the Aries planets lose fervor when they are not conjunct one another nor in the same decan. That’s like being in the same country while one person lives in California and the other one lives in New York. How can they possibly have an effect on each other. As a Cancer, I personally detest Aries. It’s my number one nemesis sign. I never, ever benefitted from any planet even transiting that sign. But it was only worse when it was in exact square to my Sun. We’re looking at two conjunctions here, only. Really far apart from each other. What I think is really doing damage is the Cardinal Grand Cross. That’s affecting second decan cardinal signs, but in a big way. Lunar Eclipses suck in general. But with the CGC, this one might be one of our worse ones. Just as the upcoming Blood Full Moon will be on the 15th. That’s Passover for the Jewish culture. Guess we’ll see how this plays out. But am leaning more toward the approaching Cross than being afraid of four planets in Aries miles apart in the same sign.

  24. Hi Elsa, what can someone expect from this eclipse if their natal Sun in at 25 degrees Libra(6th house)? Could it be good OR bad, or just bad? they just lost their job last week. Thank you!

    • It’s impossible to speculate with such little info. But I don’t think this is inherently bad. They are probably afraid, and Jupiter is in exaltation. There are plenty of people who are faring okay and having good things happen.

  25. aries rising venus 7th cappy 10th cancer 4th my cross has been a big challenge but coming out the other side a better person, also my Saturn return second in scorpio, a big learning curb for me all the best best to everyone.

  26. My husband is libra sun aries moon, I am a capricorn sun cancer moon. So count your lucky stars people 😉
    Just finished watching the eclipse in libra in Australia, only three more to go… in aries libra & aries. With all I’ve been through since 2008 I don’t even feel fear anymore. So bring it on universe I am strong.

  27. I have been trying to buy your solar return and nothing
    has been accomplished but rewriting it again. I tried paypal but I have no password and none was sent. I have ordered before last year but that didn’t work either.

  28. Hello. Love your site. Could you please tell me how this Full moon will affect me? I am a pisces sun, sag rising, Gemini moon. Feeling very heavy emotions, lots of change. But most of all, who can I trust? Thanks Elsa for your help!

  29. Hi Elsa,
    Love your blog and videos for many years now.
    I’m really feeling this eclipse but don’t know what to make of it yet.
    The eclipse falls in my 10th house and I’ve been looking forward to this eclipse as my
    career needs a detox of old energies. I work on-call as a child and youth worker while I’m in transition with starting my natural health practitioner career. Yesterday I completely forgot I had agreed to work a shift and didn’t show up until they called me! This is so unlike me as I’m normally called “the rock” the very reliable employee who arrives on time, hardly ever takes a sick day, picks up the slack when others are sick or absent. I work all over the city at many different agencies/locations/clients so it’s pretty chaotic but normally I’m organized enough to handle it. So it’s very strange that I just spaced out and didn’t go in to work until they called to find out where I was. With this eclipse I’m feeling tired, stiff muscles, and unmotivated to work. It feels like I’m not facing some truth about myself and if I could face it, I’d feel a lot freer and more energetic. Well it’s also Mars retrograde in my 10th house of career so that must be adding to it. It’s time for old energies to get “eclipsed” out of my life. I’m sitting here in my pajamas this morning not feeling like getting dressed and sorting through this work stagnancy and realizing that with both my “employers” (I’m technically self-employed and work on contracts but have to follow all their rules like an employee and that’s sort of fine but I don’t get benefits of being an employee). So I’m realizing now that I’m just a number to them, they take a 40-50% cut from whatever I make and give very little loyalty, job security, advancement or moral support back. Diminishing returns. I’m trying to sort out what the message for me is in all of this. It feels like this 10th house energy, father-figure-authority theme is showing me that I’ve been giving way too much energy and loyalty trying to please bosses, people in authority (did I mention Dad has been verbally abusive as well?) and it feels like I have to stop playing the “good girl” who just follows what the boss/authority figure/father says because the guidance is deeply lacking from these people. It seems like I need to get way more independent to get my own career off the ground and stop getting caught in false promises and illusions of loyalty, protection and security with 10th house people in my life like bosses, father. I also have natal Pluto and Uranus conjunct in my 10th house (Libra) to add to the excitement of it all.

    Any thoughts on this one?
    Thanks and keep up the great work:)

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