Astrology In Love And Relationship: Synastry vs Affinity

That last bit, the 4th degree Knight and the Decoy Catholic is indicative of several astrological themes in the relationship between the soldier and I.

For one, I have Uranus (odd) in the 7th house (partner) and the soldier has Uranus in aspect to Venus which is the same exchange.  We are not interested in relationship with no freak factor. Things unexpected have appeal.

Same energy from another angle, it illustrates how we both allow the partner to be an individual. If the soldier wants to show up in church with a sword, well I assume he has his reasons.  If I want to write our conversations on the Internet… well I guess if you don’t like it, he can always run his sword through you. Why?  Because we are friends. And this is the same energy from a third angle (Uranus rules friendship). So while he defends me with his sword I do the same with my keyboard and this brings me back to the topic I started  on and then abandoned – Synastry.

As I mention in the video, one person’s Sun trine the others Moon only goes so far. In fact I would say this other kind of stuff goes a lot further. It’s as if the straight synastry is flat and this other (affinity) is more robust and three dimensional.

That above is part one of my series on synastry. Part two is here: Painting vs Painting By Numbers


Astrology In Love And Relationship: Synastry vs Affinity — 4 Comments

  1. I love looking at relationship astrology of any kind (libra/Scorp) but I have a fondness for affinities. I have Venus in a exact degree conjunction to Pluto and nearly all my loves have had a pluto venus aspect. In fact my last love had pluto opposite venus along with a scorpio moon opposite venus. Boy did he had an effect on me…hot hot hot hot. To have us both in the room was intense. My Scop sun his scorp moon and both our Pluto Venuses – you could cut the sexual tension with a knife.

  2. I think synastry is more lasting because it means that you are both actively working on it. Although I do think that affinity is more three dimensional. Like when it was discovered the earth was round, who wanted to believe it. No-one. NO the earth is flat… they insisted….. for some the idea of three or more dimensions in the universe is, well….scary.

  3. I’d definitely like to hear you go into this in greater detail… the whole affinity idea. synastry always throws my head into a bunch of loose whatsits.

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